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I enjoyed the friends I made at the school. It was a relatively pleasant environment, however there were many discriminatory people and there were so little minorities that there was virtually no diversity.
Harrison High School has the usual issues of most high schools; cliques, poor facilities, questionable food, overly strict rules, etc. My time there was simply average. I had a lot of issues with administration throughout my time there; lack of organization, not responding to emails, lost transcripts, etc. To improve their college readiness, I would suggest they advertise the Dual Enrollment program more, which is hardly known about; I only found out through a friend, and it was the best decision I've made for my high school and college careers. I learned so much, earned college credit, and found my transition to college much easier than that of my peers'. The band program was also a great opportunity to be a part of.
Harrison High School is a very friendly place. It is filled with good teachers and students. I really like Harrison High school. it's a very good school and I really enjoyed my time there. The teachers are very nice and helpful. The peopel at Harrison are open and friendly. I never really had a problem there except with the online text books they provided. Sometimes act glitchy and it can be difficult to use but other than that Harrison is a great school.
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I love Harrison High School home of the Hoyas. The counselors have personally helped me when i wasn't able to get the resources I needed for school.The teachers always make time to help me with test and HW. The school is always clean and welcoming.They make sure each student feels safe in the school.They always offer help and even have a number to call for help in school.the students around me always make me feel welcomed even though i'm black.The school culture is really strong every football game is one to save in my memories forever.The sportsmanship is excellent and we always try to cheer each other up even if you don't know them.Harrison has raised me to be the best person i can be and taught me to make the best out of very situation.I am so proud to be a Hoya because i have made the best memories there.
Harrison was like any other wannabe white-boy prep school. It's parking lots filled with brand-new Jeeps and Mustangs (Daddy's money) with spoiled kids behind the wheel. Aside from the majority of the student body, the teachers are a hit or miss as some care and go on to inspire college degrees and masters while others make whatever subject they teach, the worst subject to have ever been discovered. 3/5 stars
There was a multitude of available clubs to get involved in. The teachers were always friendly wanted to see their students succeed. There could have been a better preparation in the science and math departments as these were lacking. Overall, the high school prepared me decently for college.
Harrison High School is a great school for Academics and Sports. Since they moved to AAAAAA, their sports have become extremely successful. Since entering the school, my academics improved tremendously and I moved up significantly in class ranking.
I had an overall good experience at Harrison High School but I would like to see the arts programs receive more attention.
Harrison High School strives for greatness and is very involved in students lives. They push for better academics and they want to see their students pursue careers after high school. There is not much diversity within the community and staff is biased when it comes to students.
Harrison High School has been a great time. I have met some of my best friends because of the school. I am in the Orchestra program and it has been an amazing experience. I am so happy I had the opportunity to play the viola with so many great people and have had two amazing teachers in the past four years. Most of the teachers are amazing and really care about each students success. They are very caring and strive to do their best to make the kids feel safe. The administration cares deeply about the needs and wants of students, whether it is scheduling or they need to take their finals later then usual, they do everything they can to make the kids comfortable.
Harrison High School is an academically and athletically inclined school. Known for many aspects of success, Harrison is known throughout the country. The environment is friendly and there is a place for everyone to succeed while enrolled in this school.
Overall, harrison is one of the most highly rated schools in our district, and I believe that is accurate. The academics and athletics department at our school are incredible, and i’m honored to be able to have access to that. However, our school could use more effective teachers that understand their students and aren’t overly judgmental, when they could help their students succeed more successfully.
Harrison High School is overall a very well-rounded educational institution that offers students the ability to excel academically, socially, and in their sports/music programs. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure that their students will be successful as they go onto new and more challenging courses and eventually into college. A majority of the students who attend challenge themselves by taking rigorous courses through the vast array of AP and Honors classes offered. Students also have the opportunity to help the community around them through a variety of community service programs such as Key Club and Beta Club. Overall, Harrison prepares students for success while building upon their talents and sense of community.
Harrison is a great school and has the most amazing teachers. Our fine arts program is really amazing ,students are very kind.
I loved the community at Harrison. I felt like students were encouraged to follow their passions and teachers encouraged a love for learning and for community.
Harrison High School is a great place to receive an education. From the teachers, to the activities there is a place for is currently underway which just shows that a Harrison is growing in both advancement and number. The administration is one of its weaker areas, but the students and their family’s make up for that lapse in quality. Definitely a school to consider. Also, the football team is good and gets better every year.
Harrison High School is honestly a amazing school that every parent should strive to bring their child. The courses are rigorous and challenging to the AP level to even on level. The only discouraging point in the whole school is the diversity on race, I being African American, and learning in a environment like that. Learning to overcome is only just another challenge of high school that you will be able to get over.
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It’s a very welcoming high school. Great teachers and counselors. Good coaches and motivates students to study more and achieve our goals.
Harrison is a safe learning environment, and there is an area for all students, regardless of academic ability or field of interest. The educational demands serve as challenges, preparing students for college.
The teachers are amazing and very dedicated to lead students to there full potential. We have highly competitive athletics and an amazing communtity.
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