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In my four years at Carl Harrison High School, I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and had been heavily involved with the Marching Band. The overall culture was diverse as everyone could find his or her niche in the school. As a racial minority, I did feel at times like a minority in the sense that I would often be one of 2-5 non-white students per 30 white students in my classes. Despite this, I found myself groups of friends and never felt isolated. The teachers, for the most part, do their absolute best to prepare students for college by way of fair but challenging expectations and assignments. The school administration consists of noble, kind, and virtuous individuals who uphold the school and county policies fairly and do not show any bias or favor toward specific groups of students.
I have had a great time my last 4 years. My education was great and so were my teachers. They did their best through Covid to make it easier on us. I’ll miss this place.
I have loved my years of high school here. It is really easy to make friends here, because the students and teachers are very accepting here.
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I personally like Harrison. It is an amazing school and provides many opportunities for finding one's interests. I would like to see the school's counselors be reevaluated as the majority of the time they are absolutely no help in answering questions.
Very good school for academics. They are starting to diversify their student body. Fun football culture and games. Good athletics and very nice and supportive teachers.
Harrison is a great public school that excels in academics and athletics. There are also many different pathways students can take academically that caters to individual interests.
Harrison high school is a very good school. Their academics are good, also their sports are too. Most teachers are nice, sweet people that you can get comfortable with. The down side is that the school focuses more on their sports then the academics. There is also hardly any diversity in this school, and as a Latina, I don't feel comfortable all the time. But overall Harrison is a fine school.
I loved the cross country and distance track coaches. They were amazing people and really awesome at coaching. There were so many people in cross country and track, and it was a lot of fun. I was in JROTC, but Harrison didn't have its own JROTC program. We had to take a bus to another school in order to go to JROTC classes. Harrison should work on making their own program.
In my opinion I would rate my high school experience a 4/5. I had a lot of fun meeting new people, working with sports, and in NJROTC. What I liked best about Harrison High School was the teachers. They were always willing to listen/ help.
the school spirit is what makes it amazing! everyone always participates for spirit weeks, football games, etc. its an overall amazing environment!
Harrison is a great high school. Most of the teachers put in 110% to ensure that the students get the education they need. Advanced classes are prevalent and students are strongly encouraged to sign up. There is a multitude of electives to take which helps with college/ future career readiness.
I had been to several high schools but Harrison was my favorite. It is a fairly small school which is one of the reasons I loved it. I always struggled with fitting in but at Harrison I felt more relaxed and blended in.
I honestly really like going to school here! The teachers are overall really helpful, and if you can get your work done in class, there is usually very little homework. The only thing I would want to change is the class size, which can be pretty large: about 30 kids in one room.
The experience I had during my high school years were not terrible. High School, depending on each individual may very. The school in which I attended, took steps to consider most students needs and concerns. For any business, corporation, or faculty managed building it is impossible to make every person in correlation of such. But Harrison with amazing efforts succeeded in making their school academically, friendly, safe, and clean learning environment. There's always will be small outliers that break these small surroundings, but what Harrison High accomplished exceptionally well on was going forth and addressing such situations. They kept them friendly-faced, with concerns of both students, faculty and parent. Overall to conclude the Cobb County School is an excellent high school with great academics and students and teachers that follow.
I graduated from Harrison High School in 2017 and currently attend the University of Georgia. My experience at Harrison totally prepared me for the academic challenges of UGA. I always comfortably challenged, listened to and safe with my Harrison family.
Harrison High School is a place like no other: its where I ate my first high school lunch, attended classes, and met some of the best people in my life. My high school is unique because of its support for a variety of endeavors: clubs, sports, and the student body as a whole. School spirit is huge at Harrison because many people realize just how great Harrison is. I count myself lucky to have attended this school for the past three years and I am very exited for my last year at this fantastic school. If I could change anything about Harrison, it would be that more people would realize just how lucky we are to go there.
Harrison is great! A few of the teachers can be a little bit biased sometimes, but I’ve only had that experience once and I’ll be a senior in the 2020-2021 school year.
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Harrison is a very well rounded school. The teachers for the most part are understanding and helpful. teachers take the time to provide extra help to students who ask. The administration program and counselors are very helpful and care lots about the students well beings. The sport side is outstanding, there is something for everyone here. The one thing I could see change is some of the policies for absences. People who are sick but do not feel the need to go to the doctor should be counted as excused and able to make-up work missed.
I love my high school! The teachers and other staff members are always friendly and I feel the class size is big but small enough to have the teacher know who you are personally.
They have a great AP program and make sure that students are successful, however if you are looking for a STEM program, this is not the school.
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