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Harper Middle College High School Reviews

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I love being able to complete my high school classes along with college classes through cpcc for free so I can obtain my high school diploma and my associates degree at the same time! (At no cost to me or my parents).
Great school with awesome teachers who care about you as a student and a person. All of the students come together easily even with coming from different schools. It is an overall great program.
Harper is a really great school. I wasn't looking forward to a small school, but it genuinely is a great place to learn and have friends. The teachers are awesome and most have close relationships with the students. This school helps students develop a sense of independence and responsibility. It's really great.
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It offers a lot for students, not just the aspect of attending college early. I wasn't happy at my home school but Harper was a great change for me. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for something new or to save money.
The experience at Harper Middle College was one of the best public school experiences I've ever had. I switched over from Olympic High School to help pursue my dream in becoming a Physician assistant in dermatology. Harper helped me complete general education classes at Central Piedmont Community college for free covering textbooks and tuition. They've helped me prepare for my future plans. The staff is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your voice is heard and that you'll become successful. The environment of the school is awesome; you'll become independent, mature, successful and motivated. I would recommend anyone to take this early college program if you have the chance, it's totally worth it.
I love the diversity of students at Harper and the learning environment. It was a huge upgrade from the atmosphere of my previous school.
I loved that I could earn college credits in high school so that my time spent at the university will be cheaper and shorter. If I could change anything it would be the time schedules for the high school courses to accommodate more of the college ones.
Harper Middle College High School offers great opportunities for juniors and seniors. You get the opportunity to take college and high school classes for free. The school has great staff and students do very will with supporting each other.
I loved it, was a very freeing and independent experience. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get out of the regular high school scene.
Very helpful program, very useful. Give a lot of opportunities for each student and a great head start to college.
So far, my experience at Harper has been really well. The teachers are nice and I am really close with the school counselor. I think that the school is lacking more events like dances or rallies. This is probably due to sharing a campus with a college, but the students still deserve some fun at times. There are also a lack interesting clubs to join as well as school spirit. The school is very good at preparing for college and offers a lot of courses to take as well as advising.
This school has changed my life for the better. Before transferring to this school, I wanted to drop out. There was never safe and supporting help at my previous school. But here at HMCHS, I got that and much more. They allowed me to opportunity to explore career choices and take college courses that can be transferred. I would have never thought in a million years I could be able to attend college because of the cost. But this school has paid for everything in my college career from the class, fees and textbooks. I absolutely love this school and the staff that make it feel like home!
So many opportunities are offered at this school! You get the chance to get many college credits out of the way, saving you time and money for when you move on to a 4-year University. All the teachers and staff members truly care about your well being and success. It is truly a caring, creative, and safe environment that enables everyone's ability to achieve anything.
Harper is an excellent school. The student base is quite small which allows for more time with teachers, while simultaneously being more friendly. The teachers make an effort to get to know you and help you both as students and as people.
Middle college is the best decision I have ever made. This school has really allowed me to grow in many ways and prepare me for my future career in college. There are many opportunities and many different resources as well. I love the last two year of my high school experience because of this school!
I love that the school gets us ready for the college level and also sets us up to have an excellent college educational experience
Harper Middle College is a great high school program for those students who want to push themselves beyond they boundaries by taking college classes at Central Piedmont Community College to either obtain their Associate's Degree or to receive college credit.
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My experience here was very smooth and a massive bonus for my academic career. Here is where my college career truly started and where some of my best connections.
Harper Middle College High School is an institution that bridges the gap between high school and college. By partnering with Central Piedmont Community College, students are able to finish their high school credits early and begin taking college classes. Overall, I've had great experience at HMCHS! The students here have a shared interest in their education and an unwavering confidence about their futures.
Being at this school has changes a lot for the better. It has allowed me to be my truest me and allow me to be very independent and responsible. Going to Harper was a big change, but it was a change for the better because it allows me to be ahead and saves me so much money.
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