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Harmony Science Academy - El Paso Reviews

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This was a good school, but it did lack student activities that other high schools have to offer. I enjoyed the environment and if are interested in STEAM, this would be a great school.
I like how at Harmony everyone gets a chance at graduating high school and making sure every student is college ready.
This school certainly needs more improvements especially when it come to the liberal arts. There is an enormous lack of extracurricular activities that are not related to robotics. In addition, administration always seems to have a problem with the organization of events which often disrupts much needed class time.
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Harmony is a good school. I have attended since I was in fourth grade and to be honest I always complained about how much of a small school it was and how they didn’t have much to offer. Looking back as a senior, about to graduate, I enjoyed my time at Harmony. I feel confident in the education I received there and the morals they taught me. I also believe that because it is smaller it is easier to connect with teachers and make friends. As for what they have to offer, the school has grown so much in the years that I have attended and with it the horizons on what they offer. I believe that almost anyone can feel welcome at Harmony!
This school has allowed to grow and prosper through one on one teaching. The size of the school is perfect but it lacks sports and better communication.
What I truly loved about Harmony Science Academy were the teachers. They dedicated their jobs to help us students understand the topic a bit more than needed and gave personal advice when a student needed help.
This school had something special that many large public schools don't have. For starters, the dedication that all the teachers put into their work surpasses all others. I loved that all the teachers memorized everyone in all of their classes. This trait made learning a little more personal for us all, improving our determination that we'd put in our work. Plus all the staff and administrators also knew us personally. They were always keen to help and usually went out of their way to assist us in hairy situations. Finally, the budget they had to buy us engineer students' machinery had no limit. I learned how to operate so much machinery at such a young age, that seniors had to ask me, a sophomore, for help. Many opportunities were given to me by this school, and that makes me so grateful.
I like that there are many different options for classes. I would want there to be more class options for Seniors.
Personally, Harmony is a good school. It meets state requirements and has a very good academic environment. Harmony also lacks a little bit in after school activities. The AP courses and On ramps courses offered by them are excellent, and help you out a lot in college since they offer the majority of AP classes.
I have been in Harmony since 6th grade. Overall, it is a great academic school. Very good environment to concentrate in your education. Here, you learn, because you learn, simply you will not succeed in this school. Also a lot of help is provided, so there is no reason to not make it.
the teachers care a lot about the students and encourage us to learn. the passion felt when the teacher are instructing fuels the students to try their hardest and continue to strive to be the best
The overall school is okay. The school could use some more organization and better programs. I was in GT but never did anything for it :(
While the school does teach its students how to do math problems and more academic issues, the lack of organization sometimes leaves everyone confused on how to go about their days.
i have been at harmony science academy since kinder. The school has changed a lot of discipline rules and become more strict over the years. the school is small so classes are more interactive and teachers can focus more on students. Harmony is excellent when it comes to science, technology, engineering, and math, but when it comes to sports or other electives it doesn't offer very many. the school has had problems with cafeteria food, having to change their cafeteria staff several times in the last 4 years. harmony has very few activities and only one gym. when it comes to college readiness harmony does an excellent job at pushing students to apply for scholarships and helping students get on the right track.
I started my middle school experience here and it has been nice. There are few people here allowing you to make close friends and creating an accepting environment. They have a great robotics program as well as science olympiad and rocketry. The only problem is that the academics can be rigorous and scare off students with a weaker work ethic but the teachers are supportive.
Although very sound at an academic level, everything else like sports is a bit lacking. It's not unbearable but it can be disheartening for those wanting more than schoolwork or science fairs.
Language barrier from the Turkish instructors makes learning difficult at times. Very limited extra curricular activities. Few sports. Teachers are invested in students.
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I have been at Harmony Science Academy for five years now. This is my first high school year and I cannot describe how I am so happy I chose Harmony. The AP choices are amazing and what they offer is nothing compared to other schools. Harmony this year has been getting more athletic involvement and more extracurricular activities. I cannot wait to see what Harmony will get me in the next three years!
The teachers are all caring and try to do whatever they can to help you in anything, whether it is homework, classwork, or even social interaction.
Harmony Science Academy is by far one of the best schools I've ever attended my whole life. The teachers are very passionate about their work and what they do, they're very amiable towards their students and are willing to help and answer any question without hesitation. The school also cares about their students even after they graduate, they help them by helping them find ways to get a scholarship and a great school opportunity. Overall, amazing school, great environment and good for expanding students' horizons.