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I have had a great experience at Harding Academy! I attended this school for 9 years and all the years were amazing. The teachers are very helpful and all the students are super nice and caring. I will definitely send my future children here. I loved the buddy system and how we could get to know kids in other grades. I participated in sports and the theater program and they were both amazing! I created life-long friendships at harding and I am still close with several.
I love it. I will send my kids here I love it so much. It is pretty great. I love the teachers and students there. They were all so kind and I made many good friends while attending. I am still close with some to this day.
Harding is a really good private school. The children are challenged but learn to grow in a safe environment and learn to truly love learning. Teachers are very attentive to student needs. They have a lot of events for parents where they bring in speakers.
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Harding is an amazing school that prepares you immensely for highschool. I miss my grade at Harding Academy and I have many great memories from this school. The teachers are very good at pushing us to our highest potential and the community is very welcoming. I am beyond grateful I got to go to this school. It is worth every penny.
Harding is a pretty good private school. There aren't a ton of minorities, only about 15% are Asian or black. A lot of kids there are in the top 5% income of the country. Most of the teachers are nice, but there will also be those mean\boring ones. The kids are smart and mostly nice, but there are some troublemakers and outsiders. Not a lot of bullying. The lunch is OK. Sports program is fairly decent.
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