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Academically my experience at HTPA was very good. Teachers really know how to teach there and overall have great ways of teaching. The environment is quite good, you know you can talk to staff if needed.
I love the closeness, a very small school so you really get to know your peers and teachers. Best English department! The algebra 2 teachers isn’t the best but the other teachers are great! Really prepares you for college but some teachers do favoritism. Other than that awesome school!
Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy is by far one of the best schools in LAUSD. The staff consist of wonderful and thoughtful adults which help guide us students to success. The teachers work hard to prepare us for college by giving us various strategies to use in different situations. Although HTPA is a great school, there are some changes that could be made. HTPA is a rather small school so it would be fantastic if they increased the size allowing more space for the students. Other than that, HTPA is an amazing school that helps students achieve their goals.
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The school offers a few privilege that can make school life a bit better. We often in the later grades have open periods where we have no classes. Teachers are OK at best. Many are very open and rude and there are lots of forced school operations on Saturdays and after school. The positive about the school is the opportunity for free community college.
The school offers many enriched courses which can help pave the paths of many young students. By enrolling highschool students in College classes throughout their entire journey, it helps them build a feel for the environment. Being on the same campus as the Los Angels Harbor College makes attending my college classes easy and shows me what a daily life for a student in college may consist of. The only changes I would wish to see were a greater number of staff members and more teachers to teach one subject.
HTPA was a good school that prepared me for college. Yes, there were cons like frequent detention or only 400 students but I began to appreciate the school more once I left.
The school is great as one has a smaller environment to learn and study. A small size means greater relationships and connections with teachers and other students. One of the greatest aspects of this school is the fact that with perseverance, one can be on track to receive one or more associate of the arts degree. These degrees can be UC and CSU transferable and May even knock of two years of college–saving time and money as the books are provided by Harbor Teacher Prep.
Great School! I feel safe and is a great supportive environment. Staff is great and the education is worth all of the stress it gives me. 100% would recommend to other prospective students.
What I like about Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy is how diverse the student population is. What I admire most are the counselors who are really set in seeing you go to college and will help you find scholarships as well as get you set on your career path.
What I liked about harbor prep were its teaching staff and college preparedness. Students are expected to take college courses as soon as they are enrolled in high school courses. what I didn't like about the school was the promise to build a permanent high school building while I was enrolled. sports were not emphasized or prioritized at the school either, and I feel as though attending htpa robbed me and many of my peers of a true high school experience. a lot was expected of us from the moment we walked in to the moment we walked the stage, but whether those expectations are good or bad is up to your own interpretation.
My experience at this middle college high school was incredible. I was able to graduate with my associates degree before graduating from high school. It got really ahead in my career and believe this high school can influence students in only a positive way.
What I love about Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy is the acedemic challenges that the school offers. With this I am able to graduate with my high school diploma and my Arts and Associates Degree from Los Angeles Harbor College. The school prepares their students to become “college ready” by actually allowing them to take college class on an actual college campus. In addition, the school itself is very supportive and will help student Perdue whatever his or her desires to do.
Its a small school so you get to know almost everyone in your grade and alot of the tecahers. The classes are very rigorous but the school holds activities that are fun like a lumpkin conteste, lipsinc battles and other stuff.
Harbor Teacher Preparation academy is by far the best school LAUSD can offer. It just opened its new campus and it is beautiful. The school definitely readies you for college and has a variety of sports and clubs to chose from. The students are able to eat at the LAHC cafeteria which offers many wonderful goods. This school definitely beats out the competition.
Its an amazing school and there's great diversity and you get to take college classes and earn your AA degree.
Very good place for prepping kids for college. Focused on academics where students are forced to learn time management and fill their resumes with experience throughout the four years, if they survive.
First year was challenging but finished strong with a 3.8. Looking forward to 3 more challenging years to prepare me for college.
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I have a great connection with my teacher but there has been times where s one teacher state their opinion to a point that make me as a student feel uncomfortable.
Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy was an interesting school to say the least. First and foremost only go to this school if you are going to college. You will go through very rigorous coursework and will most likely only get around six hours of sleep daily. It was a pretty small school and you got to know everyone which has its pros and cons. Overall, I'd sum it up to just being tired all the time and if you're one that values their mornings I highly don't suggest you attend this school.
Harbor is a very good school for people who are trying to prepare for college and are serious about college. Although I may not have the best experience so far at this school, I would defiantly encourage anyone who wants a challenge and is serious about their future to apply here. At the end of the day the opportunities given at Harbor are not given at all regular public high schools.
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