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Hanover High Shcool in a good school overall, however, it does lack diversity and resources. I only feel semi-prepared for college.
The teachers are not very good, but the school itself is beautiful. Our standardized testing scores are awful, specifically because of the poor teaching. Anyone is allowed into an AP class, and most of the "college prep" classes don't really prepare students for college. I don't hate my school, because most of the people there are kind, but the diversity is nonexistent, and there are many closed minded people.
HHS so far has left me feeling 60% prepared for things like the SATs and life in general. The school could definitely put more emphasis on test strategies. I'd also like to see more education on different cultures. But overall, most of the teachers are very good at what they do and helpful. There's a good sense of community and pride.
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Hanover High School is a school that offers many social and academic opportunities for many students. The school has many amazing caring teachers who strive to see you succeed. While there are many of these teachers, there are some teachers that seemed bothered when teaching and when students ask questions, like this isn't their job. I also wish that the guidance counselors would have helped more in the college process and applying for scholarships.
Nothing special, nothing awful. Could use some better teachers, but there's some amazing ones who don't get enough recognition, not a lot of diversity, not a lot of bullying, mostly focused on athletics. Best part is the people but worst part is also some of the other people.
Recently, I've moved from many towns to different schools over and over again because my parents got divorced. I moved here my freshman year and i'm currently in my senior year and i love the school system here. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and very close to one another. The teachers here are very nice and respectful towards the kids. Overall i'm very happy with the move and the new friends i have.
Overall I had a decent experience. Most of the teachers are pretty good, but I recommend reading the textbooks on your own to prepare for each lecture.
There are many benefits to going to this school. People are average but most of the teachers are very good at their job. The food there is not the best because there are limited options restricting me from eating the food there. Another problem is that the food is served on styrofoam plates which will cause problems in the future. Overall the school is very good culture-wise and their music program is run by the best teacher in the school.
HHS has been great for both my children! The teachers are extremely approachable as well as the administrative staff. Both have had success on the sports fields and within clubs. The guidance department has been a wealth of knowledge in terms of preparing our entire family for next steps.
I’d like more focus on personal growth in areas of interest for individuals. The school focuses strongly on sat scores, taking APs for college apps, and pushing students to take classes only to get into colleges. AKA nothing for students interested in learning to learn or to grow as a person. If what you want is to get into college this is the place for you.
I liked the fact that all the kids we grew up with were who we attended high school with. I also liked how Hanover high was an accepting community for young adults. I would like to see Hanover high have a better way of preparing kids for college rather than just passing us to pass us, in the future it will rally help us as students and in the real world.
The school is great, being brand new it is a beautiful building that can easily house all students, teachers, and faculty. The sports and curriculum offered here are exceptional. I would highly reccomend attending this school to anyone else I came across due to it's attention to detail here at Hanover.
Hanover High School is a great place, what I love is the clubs that are inclusive to the special needs community, the school is all inclusive, I love seeing everyone involved and being treated fairly. There are many learning tools that are on hand ready for students, we are very lucky to have chrome books and other learning tools on hand and ready to help.
Hanover High School has been a wonderful school, offering the best education and guidance to succeed. There is a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs, truly something for everyone!The teachers are awesome, so helpful and knowledgeable. I have had so many wonderful teachers who have truly made a positive impact on my life, and I will be forever greatful. Hanover is a wonderful town and I am proud to have grown up and gone to school here!
Hanover High was a great experience overall. There, I made friends that I have kept through college and experiences that landed me my first internship. The educators at Hanover High are really amazing. They support and guide their students. A great experience I personally had was when a friend and I started the first ever fashion club at Hanover High and reserved an overwhelming amount of support from all the staff and locals.
Excellent staff and a multitude of academic resources; the students are friendly and the food is about as good as you'd think a school lunch would be. Sports teams excel and are constantly winning. I feel as though I am ready to go off to college and start life after school as well.
There is a lot of student involvement. I found that most of the teachers are helpful. Sports are a big part of the school, but they also have lots of clubs and drama.
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Here at HHS we care about the students health and safety. To be honest I've been bullied only 3 times at HHS and a few other times at the other Hanover schools. The faculty took care of it but not really at the same time. The nurse is great she will give you anything you need, all you need to do is tell her what's wrong and she will take care of you. She will even let you lay down in a room with a bed! That is awesome! From a scale from 1 to 10 to say how great HHS is I would say an 8. Hanover High School is the place to be.
Hanover High has amazing extracurricular opportunities. they offer student council, robotics club, drama club, art club, etc. I can go on forever. The amount of sports and athletic clubs are insane. In a good way. Now HHS is offering a dance team in March which is really cool. I love to dance so this is something I could take under consideration.
Hanover High School is a school that I would recommend to parents to bring their children. My favorite experience her at HHS is that they offer classes that most schools in Massachusetts will not offer. What makes this school unique is the diversity of the students and teachers. They care about your education and care about what makes you happy and safe. I would choose to come back here all over again because of the faculty, and the education you get. Hanover schools are amazing and I would totally tell every parent to bring their child here.
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