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Hannibal Senior High school provides many opportunities for their students. They offer a variety of classes and dual credit for upper class-men. They have many experienced teachers with a wealth of knowledge. The administration is supportive of the students and staff. Extracurricular activities such as sports or clubs are available to meet all student interests.
As an alum of HHS, the teachers went above and beyond to prepare me for the college experience. Caring, supporting and willingness to do whatever it took. Opportunities were there for everyone and it was up to us as students to grab them.
It was ok it had alot of cool classes to take like votes landscaping shop class psychology ect it was a good experience and I miss highschool
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Good school but overall not as advanced as other schools. The teachers are awesome and we have a good campus.
The teachers are always amazing and very accommodating to the students! If you ever need help, they are willing to stay after or answer emails about any questions that anyone has.
I absolutely enjoyed my time at Hannibal Senior High School! I learned so much from all of the teachers. I am SO grateful for Hannibal High School and everything it has done for me!
They only really take disciplinary action if you are late to class, other than that I think that discipline wasn't handled very well. The GSA did get brought up and some students where heavily criticized about who they where. Next off comes the staff there was only really one class that I really enjoyed, I was never put down because of my mental stability. a lot of the teachers and staff could care less about you, they are really just in it for the money. All we are really known for is football and its not really even that good, a lot of kids just go to hang out with their friends and barely watch the game, i also think that is is very inappropriate to call a student out knowing they really aren't mentally stable, basically saying that they are psychotic just because they have anxiety. what really irks my nerves is the fact that people get harassed every day and teachers see it, and they don't say or do anything about it.
The students aren’t very invested in the learning process. Likely, at times the teachers don’t seem very invested either. It almost feels like as everyone is trying to only pass instead of actually learn. However, there are some perks such as having a Technical Building and a great choir and band. Also, the athletes are extremely dedicated to their sports. Although, the school doesn’t offer AP classes for students going to college.
It’s a good school, but not many people get involved with the stuff that they try to do. The school has tried to do so many different things this year and no one wants to do anything.
Its an alright school. But I would love to see more involvement with the parents and teachers and students. It has out standing technical classes.
Hannibal High is overall very competent in its policies, course materials, and teachers, but is consistently plagued by minor problems in areas like scheduling and attendance. The vast majority of the teachers are good at their job, amicable, and very knowledgeable, and the administration's handling of most issues is efficient and reasonable, albeit out of touch at times
It wasn't bad I guess I just hated some of the people and you can tell who gets treated differently meaning if you're popular or not. I liked some of the teachers and enjoyed it somewhat. Now that i'm gone I don't really know what needs to be changed or fixed.
My experience with Hannibal Senior High School has been very good. I've learned a lot throughout the years; I've decided to continue on with my education and go into nursing with the help of my teachers and guidance counselors. Whenever I didn't understand something in class, I would stay after school and get help from my teachers. They were very understanding and gave me that extra help I needed. Something I liked about High School was the extracurricular activities. I played many sports throughout high school while still being on the A Honor Roll. If I had the chance to change one thing about the high school, I would change the school lunches. I would give the kids more options and not chicken every single day.
While the school provides many educators opportunities, the building is old and many aspects of the building do not work or are falling apart.
My experience at Hannibal Senior High School has been very good! The staff is very kind and helpful. The teachers are always willing to go out of their way to help you learn if you will give effort. As I walk down the halls many students will hold the door open for me and others and it is very nice. Hannibal High School is a great community of people!
I really enjoy the spirit we have as a school. It’s wonderful to see fellow peers and community members getting excited to participate in school activities, and events. Everyone is different in their own way, and diversity is huge in our school. There are so many clubs, sports, and etc to be a member of! The facility is very outstanding! You can honestly tell they love their job and care for their students education and well being. Hannibal High so far has made an enjoyable experience for me.
Teachers are awesome. The school focus to much on MAP testing but isn't fault of teachers but school district. School needs to focus more on getting students ready for college.
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Overall, HHS was okay. I don't think there is a lot of problems that a lot of other larger schools don't have as well. As most students would say, the lunch could definitely be improved. Also, they really need air conditioning in the main building. However, HHS offers so many programs related to several different careers. I liked this because students were able to focus on classes that were directed toward their career interest. For example, I am going into the medical field and I was able to take medical related classes from sophomore to senior year!
I found that in terms of academics, the school did a terrific job. Students have plenty of resources to ask questions towards teachers and faculty, including Remind101, e-mail, and the official high school website. Administration was always very helpful, wanting every child to be as prepared as possible for college. I remember that lunch meals were never diverse. The teachers were always willing to help students, inviting them to come after class for extra help. I found that school spirit was lacking, with hardly anyone participating. Safety at my school was very poor. Fights would hardly ever be dealt with. Student parking was a literal nightmare, with hardly no traffic guards to keep the flow of traffic at bay, with several wrecks reported in the student parking lot. I felt as though my school was too involved in sports.
For starters, there's no air conditioning in a majority of the classrooms. The building is too old, and it would be too expensive, even for window units donated by people outside the school. I do not think I've been adequately prepared for college, especially considering I will be attending college in a large town. Students are encouraged to go to a college not too far away, and then to return to the town of Hannibal to fill positions.
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