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Homer Hanna High School gave me experiences I will never forget. The welcoming staff and student make my high school experience easy and fun. The teachers were so helpful and did anything they could to be there for their students.
When I first started high school at Hanna I immediately regretted it. I knew nobody, everyone had at least one person they knew while I was the lost,new girl. I lived and still live in Los Fresnos and at that time I had no plans of moving schools since all my friends were in LF and I wanted to go to high school with them. However, my parents had different plans for me. They insisted until I had no choice other than to go to Hanna for my high school years. Freshman year was obviously a little hard for me yet, I got through it. Starting my second year of high school, my mentality changed. I joined the soccer team and that is where I met some of my best friends. Its strange how you can know somebody but don't really "meet" them until y'all share the same hobbies. Being at Hanna for almost four years ready to graduate, makes me happy that I gave Hanna a try and ended up changing my point of view of various things in my life.
What I liked about hanna echs is that it tries its upmost best to get the students involved, make school fun, and try to have as many activities so we enjoy going to school everyday, while also emphasizing academics and rewarding their students for achievements in any area of accomplishments. Although, i do wish they offered more clubs and sports for students to be involved such as, boys volleyball, lacrosse, waterpolo, etc. This would give the students more activities to explore and add to their resume for college applications to show they are involved.
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Hanna ECHS was one of the best high schools in Brownsvile Tx. They cared for their students, and the faculty and staff made sure to communicate well with us.
Hanna is a good school but not the best. There's a lot of potential for the school to improve and I would start by paying more attention to school clubs rather than just focus on sports. Teachers are good but should be more professional when dealing with students.
I liked it a lot, but I feel like not all teachers are passionate about the class and its students, and the food isn't that good either.
Love the attention they give the students. Teachers are very involved in day to day activities and extra curricular.
Hanna provided a rich environment where I feel student felt they belonged. I never felt or observed anyone being bullied in our campus. Pretty much, students mind their business and keep to themselves. On the educational aspect tho, I don’t feel teachers are preparing us/students for college. This was evident when students were taking summer courses at the local community college and having to drop courses because they couldn’t handle the work the professors were giving. They were doing ok in the basic courses such as psychology, art, music, etc..., but when it came to the governments, and economic courses of sort, students could hack it. Hanna is lacking rigor and higher expectations. Teachers are very complacent with their jobs and are not setting higher standards for their students!
I liked how Hanna High School was able to adapt to the new problems going on with school. I feel with new principles has improved the school.
I loved the public school experience. Made a lot of friends. There was never a moment that i felt unsafe in any way. The only thing I would change is how the school chooses to deal with Tardies. Tardy round-up is not the solution and honestly needs to stop.
Hanna Early College High School is a very interesting school and there's many things to like about it. The principal cares about every student there is. They put enough attention and the faculty cares in having the best school in the district.
The fun activities the principal does. The kind and helpful staff. I love how the care about is and prepare is for college even though some give them a hard tome they still try to help us. They never give up on us and if we even need help we can go to wait her the teachers, counselor, staff anyone. During Christmas the principal gives us hot chocolate and cookies with a raffle of gifts. On charros day she gives us a party where we all get to socialize with everyone and enjoy the snacks and food they give us while having fun activities.
Hanna is a safe school that provides a diverse learning environment for all students. However, I find that some teachers have gotten very complacent and could improve their teaching style and help their students prepare better for college.
What I liked most about Hanna ECHS is the attention the teachers give to the students. In my experience, my teachers were always incredibly easy to work with and offered a lot of help. What I wish the school offered was more information about college readiness and enforcing the review of resources. It felt like little effort Was made for the graduating seniors to fully understand life after high school.
It’s my first and final year in Hanna and it’s not too bad. The school is pretty big and the teachers are pretty good. I don't really have any complaints.
Hanna High School is a very safe and good learning environment, but very boring and has very few school spirit. As high schoolers we would like to have fun, and do things with our classmates. Having more student life involvement would help make the high school journey amazing.
Hanna high school is a very good school. I am not saying this just because i attend it right now but in all the teachers and faculty are very good with students. Our teachers may be difficult on us but this is to help us be ready for college. They help us by proving a lot of work and tests to learn. They are very picky with our work but to make sure we understand when we are wrong and right. I would recommend students to come here to get a good education with teachers and faculty that help us. They have prepared me for college and thanks to them I am taking my next step in life.
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Having the privilege of being able to experience my education with Hanna high school was amazing. The education system provided me with and an amount of knowledge that can be resourceful in today’s society.Being part of a very successful high school taught me about the importance of responsibilities. Not only did I learn about responsibilities I also learned how to manage my time for school and sports. The diversity at Hanna high school from hispanics to whites, and blacks culture enhanced along with influenced my educational experience.
Hanna E.C.H.S is very involved with sports, education, and giving their students a better opportunities for their futures. There are so many unique programs, and ways to improve ones talents, and further their education.
It’s been a nice experience so far. What I like most is how helpful and nice everyone is. What I’d probably like to see more is student attentiveness. A lot of the students don’t know how good they have it compared to other high schools and sometimes it can get annoying listening to them complain about minor issues. Dress code, phone, and tardy policies are fair and not an issue to people who actually care about school.
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