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I enjoyed my time at Hampshire Regional HS, attended from 2012 to 2016. I was impressed that education was such a high priority for both faculty and students. Hampshire Regional is located in a very rural area and serves as a regional school for five fairly close towns in western Massachusetts, but lacks diversity.
I’m a senior currently at Hampshire regional. Overall I would like to say the curriculum is competitive, great teachers who will give students a challenge 100% of the time. Now socially.. that’s a different topic.. if you have not grown up within the district don’t play sports.. it’s simple you won’t fit in. To be an “active student” who has a good social life and gets good grades.. mainly you have to play a sport and kiss up to the teachers. But if you don’t care as much about social aspect of the school then it’s a great school. But make sure you know what you are doing because guidance counselors are useless.. and I’m talking about one.
Awesome school! The teachers are great! The academics are great! They have lots of extracurriculars for you to sign up to do. It’s just an awesome school!!
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Overall, Hampshire Regional provides a positive experience for students. Although it is quite a small school with little diversity, there are opportunities to engage in a variety of activities with a responsive administration overseeing them. However, my favorite aspect is the teachers. As with any school, there are duds, but the vast majority are engaging, patient, and passionate about their career. They are very caring and can offer guidance in both their subject area and in navigating life. I could not have achieved what I did without their constant support. In conclusion, Hampshire Regional deserves a "very good" rating of four stars.
Hampshire Regional truly prepares its students for college and life outside of high school. Faculty and Staff truly care about the students and make the effort to form bonds and connections with them throughout their years of attending.
This is a good school with a strong community. The academics are very good and the teachers are great!
Small school with lots of parent involvement. Well educated teaching staff. Lots of extracurricular activities for students to get involved in. Great communication between teachers and parents
Hampshire has a very wide verity of sports and clubs, there is always good class trips to go on, and the curriculum definitely gets all students ready for college!
I have had a good experience overall with Hampshire but I sympathize with my friends with disabilities who feel that the school is not accommodating to their needs
I think that Hampshire Regional is the best American public school possible. That may not be a very high bar, but we get it done. It's high school, so a lot of stupid stuff goes on, but everyone I've met here has made me a better person in some way. The concept of a regional school, despite being necessary because of town populations, is very beneficial to growing up because it allows you to know and understand people from different backgrounds. That being said, there is not a single African-American student in my graduating class of 120, so... that's kind of a lot. I think the statistic is something like 95% White. However, I still think Hampshire does a great job, at least in academics; they over-prepare you for college-level writing and really expand your thinking in Language Arts. The history department is trash.
I attended Hampshire when I was around 16 and was still in 10th grade. I have dyslexia so, I had an extremely hard time learning in certain areas such as math and english. when I first arrived there I felt welcomed into a new environment and was treated like I have been there for years. For those children out there who have dyslexia just know your just as smart as anyone else you just have to apply yourself more than the others but, in the long run you could be even better than you've ever imagined yourself being. also for the parents don't let private schools convince you that your child can only go there because thats not true. all it takes is the right group of teachers and supporting environment and your child will soar. I highly recommend this school if you are near or in the area it's a great school and your child will love it. just like I do.
I've had a great experience at Hampshire so far! Most if not all of my teachers have been dedicated to their students' education and general well-being. With their after school hours, teachers are easy to talk to and reach out to when you're struggling. The school does have a few problems, mainly with the administration not responding to some situations, whether that's a problem with administration or communication I don't know. The lack of diversity is also hard for some students, but it's such a small community that that can't really be helped.
I had a great experience at Hampshire Regional, all teachers did a great job of preparing me for the next year and the future overall. I enjoyed most classes I took and appreciated the freedom the school gave me, for picking classes I’m interested in. The environment the school had was safe and teachers were always available to talk to.
The teachers are very caring and enthusiastic about what they teach, which really makes classes enjoyable.
This is completely personal. I hated that school. I was bullied constantly, none of the administration did anything about it, and the learning environment was too fast.
Leaving Hampshire Regional was bittersweet. No longer did I have to deal with kids vaping and doing who knows what in the bathrooms, or hearing monthly stories of who overdosed on what. But at the same time, I miss the simple, monotonous ring of the bell that droned on every 54 minutes. Analytical essays were crammed down our throats, which I hated at the time but it really did prepare me for college.
Great school. A couple teachers that lack "bedside" manner, but overall is absolutely wonderful.Teachers are great about staying after school with kids and giving them the extra help!
There are so many clubs and sports and extras activities, there is literally something for everyone. My 7th grader loves the fact that she gets to play with the high school team and compete at that level
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HRHS is a good school with good extracurriculars and advanced classes offered. Many students, however, are unmotivated and students rarely go to competitive colleges. For a small school, there are good resources and great teachers.
HRHS is an exceptional school.The only reason I give this a four,is because they didn't have a wide variety of classes.I wished there were more art classes.I don't digress,the art classes they did offer were amazing classes with amazing teachers as well.Apart from that,the staff at HRHS make it well known that you are in good hands and there is always someone to talk to if you're feeling down.The counseling staff here are nothing short of phenomenal and they always make the guidance office a safe space for anyone.The teachers always have days during the week where they stay after in case you need any assistance writing that tough essay or understanding a hard math question on your homework.Some teachers even offer you to retake tests if you didn't score decent As you near Junior and Senior year,the guidance office offers a variety of courses that actually last a week where you can learn to write college essays and meet college representatives who talk to you about a certain college.
Hampshire Regional high School is a very small school, but it is very close. We have grown up with the same group of people, so we are all very close together. The staff and teachers genuinely care about your success and college-preparedness. It is a safe place, with plenty of trustworthy people.
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