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Hammond High School is like any other high school. You get out of it what you put into it. My high school offer various AP courses and extracurriculars that many student could enhance their high school experience with.
What I liked most about Hammond High School would be how teachers are so involved within the student activities and how teachers and staff provide excellent learning material so that each and every student can be successful.
The diversity is great to be around and friends are good to. I attended Hammond High all my 4 years of high school and I can say that every year was different from the other.
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The best part of Hammond High is the few teachers that put in the extra time to contribute to your future education whether its from a letters of recommendation to advice on what decorations for your dorm room will look the best. My favorite part that I will never forget is the JROTC program it has to offer. This program has allowed me to grow a interest in helping others by giving me community service opportunities and taught me values that have help me use in everyday situations. The big change I would like to see at Hammond High School is the recognition of the students and teachers who bring light and change to overturn this outlook on Hammond Highs label as ¨ghetto".
It is a hit or miss with Hammond high, I liked some of the teachers that I have gained over the past years. They all made their effort to contribute to my success during school. The food is subpar and could be better, if you are not an honors kid they will show less respect for you in general.
I love going to the school because people said it was not a good school. So I wanted to help make a change in the school and prove people wrong. Some teachers help you with the real world and guide us in the right way.
Hammond High has taught me to become a great leader for those younger than me and a very positive person for the future. The eagerness for teacher's to teach you is amazing. The officers in our school make us feel safe and the warmth of the administration is home- like.
I like the way the teachers try to help all of the students not just the ones they are close too. However , the administration make promises to students and never stand on what they say.
The students at Hammond High School are very close to one another, and mainly everyone gets along. Going here reminds me of a family because of how close everyone is. The courses that you can take will definitely prepare you for success in college.
They tried they're very best to make a great learning environment despite all the negative factors. Petitions to have the school torn down did not stop them, the professors and administrators continuously strived to keep the students in line by being well disciplined and by helping them with whatever they needed academically.
Hammond High School is a great school. It's very diverse & the administration is always on hand & ready to assist the students. There's a few things that could change such as how they prepare us for school.
While Hammond High School might be on the lower part of luxury, the people are kindhearted and are able to excel than most if they put their minds to it. The food most definitely needs improvement.
i loved going to hammond high this school is so all about school spirit
we wear are white purple every day . I remember when i was in gym and the gym teacher give me an locker.
I liked some teachers I had there. Some teachers showed great emotion and care for us. What I wish they would improve on is their faculty. Overall much of them showed no interest or they just weren't qualified to be there. Numerous times I encountered teachers who put teaching off to the side and talk to fellow faculty members. The school lacks structure and discipline overall. They must improve these areas if they are ever to become a well known school for academics.
I liked that the classrooms were smaller so it was much easier to get one on one with the teachers about your issues and questions you may have. I would like to change the way they enforce the rules. Too strict.
I graduated from Hammond High in May 2016 and it was a great experience for me. I transferred there in my junior year and I was nervous attending a new school but it was the best decision I made. It was an awesome experience and the teachers were very helpful. I would suggest that more emphasis is given to help seniors who may not be want to attend college but possibly a trade school upon graduation.
The teachers are always after school to help out with any questions you'll have
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People are always talking to you and saying hi in the hallways
There's lot to do and get in to
It was a lot of fun and I learned so much from it
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