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I should give this school 0 stars. The food is freezer burnt. In middle school, hast was such a great experience but once I got to high school it went downhill. WE ARE NOT A FAMILY HERE. If they were our family, they would not give us expired pop tarts or kick us out of school but it’s freezing cold. The kids are racist, WITH NO CONSEQUENCE. I barley learn here. I understand, sometimes kids are bad, but there is no reason for the teachers to use inappropriate language when talking to us. I HATE IT HERE. My parents pay too much of a high tuition for my work to be missing when I go to a technology school. The WiFi be shutting down. I’m done.
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It’s pretty fun here when we are connected and are able to enjoy ourselves with our peers. The only thing I would want to see as a change is to expand the school.
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HAST is a new school. It sure does show in the planning and structure of the school. The curriculum is supposed to be rigorous, but it is just stressful. Most teachers are very unqualified. The student body is a cesspool of depressed, overworked children. On top of that, They don't provide much help to students with mental illnesses. People claim that HAST is a family, but it feels like it's every man for themselves.
At hast everyone knows each other and it is a very small school. If people like smaller classes Hast is definitely for them. I would like to see it exspand a little more and offer more electives.
Middle school is the best but once you get to high school it’s like everything is so disorganized and teachers don’t communicate with each other well and a lot of times teachers don’t seem to actually teach well.
Hammond Academy is a widely recommended school. The experience you get is like no other high school. Especially one that is well diversified not only in people but cultures. We all listen to each other, we set examples for the grades lower than us. It feels like a family within a little community.
No African American teachers! Also some undertone racism against young black male students. MY child transferred from this school to public school and to my surprise was way behind as far as academics.
Although new, the sense of closeness between faculty and students couldn't be compared to anything else. However, the change of teachers every year is a bit frustrating. My graduating class lost 3/4 of our teachers during sophmore year and I didn't get an Algebra II education and it didn't prepare me for precalc, but mostly calculus. However, I feel like I am slowly getting better at calculus.
I liked the project based learning. I liked the student-led conferences. I did not like the frequent turn-over of staff. I hated the fact that they didn't have a football team and had no plan to add one.
The school has only been open for 5 years and is slowly building itself up. The clubs that they have are ok but I look forward to them reaching new students and having more clubs. After school tutoring is big and well attended.
There is a good sense of community at the school and everyone is welcoming. Teachers are very willing to help students.
Teachers are friendly and always available to help.
HAST is new and still needs time to establish extracurriculars
If you want a traditional high school experience don't go to Hammond Academy.
The Teacher's at Hammond Academy are great.
At HAST everyone is just like a family, not just in each grade, but throughout the seven grades and staff. Being a HAST student is quite unique, you get a small school with a big education.
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The teachers at HAST are willing to help other students quite often, however, typically a student will receive some form of a negative attitude with certain teachers. The grading is always consistent, if two students put in the same amount of work both will receive that same grade usually. The teachers here do not always have the best communication when giving an assignment and explaining the criterion. I'd say that all of the teachers (besides a few permanent substitutes) know exactly what they are teaching.
This school is one of the newest ones in the region of Northwest Indiana. It is also a very tech savvy one, as for its first two years the students were each given their own MacBook laptops, before being given iPads instead. It doesn't have as much activities and clubs as the older schools do. On top of that, because of its lack of funds, the gymnasium and cafeteria are in the same room. This means that injuries from students in gym class playing volleyball or basketball are not uncommon. Be that as it may, I must say that most students get their required attention from the staff due to the relatively small class sizes. So overall HAST is a halfway decent school, it promises to give your child a unique way of learning through technology rather than textbooks. But there is much more room for improvement.
In the three years that I have been going to my school have been really meaningful. Everyone is welcoming, students are friendly, and no one gets left behind. Our school is VERY different from others and everyone should attend here.
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