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Hamlin is a small school and it feels like we are all family! The counselor is great getting us organized and ready for college.
I have liked the small town feel of Hamlin. There's not a whole lot of kids so you feel like you know a lot about most of your classmates. I also feel very connected and comfortable with my teachers. I feel like I still have opportunities even though I go to a smaller school and that I have been pushed academically.
I really like the teachers at Hamlin High School. They are all helpful and want the best for the students! The school has a fun environment that allows students to thrive.
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A small community sort of public school where close relationships are easily found. Teachers are very accessible and welcome questions.
I'm still in High school, but I've been going to this school since second grade and I could ask for a better one. Everybody is super kind and they are really good about helping you succeed.
I like that Hamlin makes challenging classes available for students. Hamlin also supplies students with computers and other resources necessary for education.
All of the teachers are very passionate about their work.
The opportunities for athletics is great
Not everyone gets a fair chance at oppertunities
The dress code is reasonable to me. No spaghetti strapped tank tops or skirts that come above your index finger when your hands are by your sides. The only thing is that we don't like is when we get in trouble for having holes in our jeans above your index finger. Bullying policy is if you get caught you have to apologize and either get detention or ISS.
A lot of the teachers are younger. They can be casual with us and not seem to uptight. They know how to keep us in line most of the time when vacation isn't knocking at the door. Some of them try to keep their lessons creative and fun, while others like to pile on big project. Grading is consistent mostly. Some teachers like to favor athletic kids.
The athletics are good. The school just redid the track. The football field is in good condition. Our school spirit is pretty lively for football. A lot of people attend. Basketball has its fans. Golf and track not so much. Weightlifting is offered along with P.E. Our teams are good for having lost a lot of good players due to graduation.
Nothing is really spectacular about my school. We're very small and we all know each other. I've gone to school with the same people since I was four, adding a few new ones in between the years. We don't really have different races but a few Hispanics. I wouldn't want to go back really because of the fact that my school lacks all the clubs and organizations that look well on an application.
The new cafeteria is nice. Variety doesn't really exist, you get two options, both greasy and small portions. Each meal can only be 800 calories which makes it hard for kids in sports since they can't eat again until after practice, which some go until 6:30 P.M. There are no special dietary accommodations, if you cant eat what's on the menu you bring your own lunch. No snacks in class for high school students.
The teachers at the school are great. Most of them are willing to help if you need it. The curriculum is okay, easier for others than for some. The schedule process is a disaster. Registering for classes is very hectic in the last month or two of school. Student are offered a few AP classes such as AP English and AP Physics. Band and choir are also offered and up to Spanish III. Math goes as far as calculus, and biology is up to Advance Biology. The work load isn't terribly awful but sometimes you receive homework in every class due the next day.
The extracurricular activities are slim-picking. The school is too small to have many options for student. The school has a few clubs like NHS, book club, SAAD and that's about it. After-school activities are sports. Not everyone can participate and we have few being: basketball, football, golf and track. The administration supports all sports and encourages the teams.
The school's nurse is only thee half the day. People are allowed to walk in the doors without being questioned why they're there or who they are. Bullying isn't very severe but taken care of. No police or security really except cameras and alarms at night. Some of the doors are locked all day.
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