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Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School Reviews

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Going to Hamilton-Wenham was a good experience. Teachers were dedicated to students, curriculums were rigorous, and the school environment was one of support with an adherence to scholarship. With that being said, there are still ways in which the school must improve in order to provide a better quality of life for students–this resides mainly within its facilities. HWRHS is very old and out of date. Bathrooms have not been updated since the school was built, pipes have burst during my attendance, and many areas of the school need to be redone. This stands in stark contrast to other school districts on the North Shore with completely renovated schools. Beverly and Manchester Essex stand out. Furthermore, the lack of racial, economic, and religious diversity in the school lends to a unified experience that does not benefit students. While this is largely the fault of town demographics, the school curriculum could do more to teach diversely, such as, including more voices of color.
It isn't a large high school that helped cultivate a positive and happy environment for learning and living. Everyone knew one another, including the teachers, and as a class, we had a lot of fun together. There are a lot of things to do outside of class and we all cheered each other on throughout the year. It's a great place to learn and grow as a person and student. Highly recommend!
My Experience at Hamilton Wenham was awesome. The school was great and the teachers were super super awesome. I enjoyed my Principal there and my class of 1989 was the best. I enjoyed all the activities the school offered and I enjoyed the dances. The food was great. I enjoyed all the sports offered at HW and the school mascot was really cool!!!!!!!!!!
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Like any school, there are good and not so good teachers. If you are in the honors program, the classes will be a bit more challenging -- but honors is more of a club than a program. You have to have parents advocating for you or the school will just let you pass on through without much concern. If you are not a 'gifted' student the teachers and administration will pretty much ignore you. If you are shy, poor, or awkward good luck, your on your own. Schools think diversity only means race or sexual orientation -- but it should refer to kids that are not cookie cutter and kids that are middle class or poor additionally. This is a school that is fine for kids that would be fine anywhere.
Some things that i like about HWRHS are the teaching staff, the school spirit, the academics, and the sports. however, every school has its faults, and while HWRHS has very little, it has its fair share of faults, such as the small size, the below-average food, the lack of a turf field, etc.
The school system has a very strong academic system but has very little diversity. I think that if the local schools would put more effort into community outreach and access to the schools, then they would be putting themselves in a better position to grow their student body. The area is very beautiful surrounding the school.
There is a bit of a “clique-y” enviornment here among students. However, all the teachers are wonderful, engaging, and care about their students. They all want to see you succeed and they push you to succeed. They don’t make it easy though!
Hamilton-Wenham is a safe and caring community that offers rigorous classes and positive school culture. The teachers are very supportive and go above and beyond to meet their students' needs. The district, however, lacks diversity. Also, because it is a small high school they can't offer as many clubs and classes as bigger high schools can. Overall, Hamilton-Wenham is a great high school.
It is a great school, with a lot of great teachers and counselors. There are always teachers willing to help. There is a lot of school spirit and support for the athletic teams.
My class size is only 140 students which allows opportunity for everyone to get involved. Most students play at least one sport, the artists are active and there's plenty of extracurricular activities. If I could change something it would be to have more resources so students did not have to fundraise for sports and other extracurricular activities.
Food is made from the corpses form Myopia Club and they just got rid of all the vending machines son no food after school. There’s no dress code so you see some HOT chicks cause they all rich basic girls. The school roof almost fell in a few years ago and the building looks like it’s out of the 50s. But it’s basically impossible to get in trouble because the admin doesn’t really care.
This school is the best in the area!! I have a great group of friends and we have great teams! The school it’s self needs a lot of upgrades like AC that works but otherwise everything is takin care of! There is not a dress code and all of the school are rich white preppys but yea it’s a great school!
Great school! They have amazing staff and AMAZING TEACHERS! The admin is pretty good a little to strict no senior privileges. Very safe! Unfortunately there is little to know ethnic or economical diversity( most kids are rich white kids). The building needs some attention, parts recently upgraded( library gym history rooms, but the other parts like most classrooms, auditorium and shop need some upgrades especially the cafeteria. The sports teams are pretty good and there are really good coaches. They definitely need to add A/C to the whole building
The program is okay but the entire building is ready to fall to the ground. I attended this school district for all 13 years which included the 4 years at the high school and I honestly can say that because the overall population of the school has begun to drop the program of the school curriculum has been better applied for student use. Honestly the iPads are a waste of money and they should just be using Mac books for all the students instead.
I would like to see more diverse staff and teachers as well as cultural sensitivity and diversity inclusion. It was isolating and challenging to navigate the school culture as one of few ethnic minorities at the school.
I just recently arrived in Hamilton Wenham Regional High School, and I love it. The students are so welcoming, and the environment is very safe. The clubs/activities are very good, specifically the Mock Trial team. My only critique is the sports. Softball gets very little funding, and is basically forgotten. The softball team is only 5 years old as it was stopped in the 80s due to lack of interest. As a result, the softball program for middle school and high school has less than 50 girls while baseball has 350 boys. So, almost all of the funding goes to them. Other than that, the school is a wonderful place.
excellent school, great students and staff all in a lovely location. the school itself could use a little updating, such as adding a second level, or renovating the cafeteria or auditorium. it is a small school, with only 2 towns full of high schoolers. academics are excellent and teachers are helpful and encouraging students to strive in their learning and making sure they get all help necessary to succeed.
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Horrible experience.
The academic classes were fine but the entire school is full of cliques. If you are part of the minority who's family is not wealthy you really don't exist in the school's eyes.
Teachers and staff are blind to cliques and bullies.
It is very sad.
Amazing theatre program. Very good honors-level class teachers. Not very diverse, but a good place of growth.
Attending HW Regional High School has prepared me well for college. I know that the curriculum, although difficult, has made me a better student.
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