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Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School Reviews

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Horrible experience.
The academic classes were fine but the entire school is full of cliques. If you are part of the minority who's family is not wealthy you really don't exist in the school's eyes.
Teachers and staff are blind to cliques and bullies.
It is very sad.
Amazing theatre program. Very good honors-level class teachers. Not very diverse, but a good place of growth.
Attending HW Regional High School has prepared me well for college. I know that the curriculum, although difficult, has made me a better student.
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The high school is a public high school but the education is closer to a private school education. The focus is on the student's success without the stress. Atmosphere is very friendly. Sports and clubs are all inclusive. The school is located in an area not very diverse but all children are welcome.
The School is small making everyone know everyone this is good so we can be closer as a community and help others however the school has no privacy for students making everyone know who you date and embarrasing things that happen to you everyone knows about.
I enjoyed my experience at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School. It more than adequately prepared me for college; I attend a rigorous liberal arts school and find that my workload is more manageable at college than it was at HWRHS. The academics are challenging but the teachers are great. There is a lack of diversity but that is most likely due to the demographics of the surrounding area.
Pretty great school, but there are definitely some things that could be better. The food that is served is way overpriced and usually not very good. It is not a very diverse school, but nobody really complains about that. Most of the faculty and staff are great and really care about the students and their education. The sports are great with at least one team going to tournament almost every season. This might be one of the safest schools in the country, being in such a nice community with emergency services close by and ready to respond in the rare case of an emergency. The facilities are pretty well taken care of and the custodians are pretty cool. I can not imagine going to any other high school.
We learn a lot and the education is one of the best in the state but it gets really really small after a while
Teachers could do more to engage the students and encourage enthusiasm, but overall the teachers prepare us well and we learn a lot
The vast majority of teachers I have encountered in 4 hears at Hamilton-Wenham have been fantastic. They are enthusiastic about their jobs, like teaching, and devote time to their students. Of course, there are teachers who aren't great, like at any school. But again, most I have encountered have been extremely dedicated and helpful.
Hamilton-Wenham is a very accepting school. Almost no bully occurred at the school while I was there. Everyone is very friendly with everyone else even if they aren't friends.
The extracurricular's at Hamilton-Wenham are great. The drama club is very successful and regularly competes in competitions all over Massachusetts. The college bowl team is also very good having won the competition in Massachusetts my sophomore year.
The four years that I attended Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School were the best four years of my life. Everyday I was excited to go to school, see my friends, and go to class. I was heavily involved in athletics at Hamilton-Wenham and due to that involvement I have made many friends who will be friends for life. The school community was very close together throughout the whole school. Everyone was friendly with everyone else and it was small enough so you got to know everyone pretty well. If I had the opportunity to go back to high school again I would choose Hamilton-Wenham every single time.
The teachers at Hamilton-Wenham were some of the best at their job. All of them were very knowledgeable in their respective fields and they were very invested in our success as students. By the second week of school all of the teachers knew each individual student and I was able to develop some great relationships with teachers that I had classes with for multiple years.
I loved this school because I knew all the teachers on a personal level.
I have had many different friends from many different friend groups. They really prepare you for the outside world. I am involved in the drama program and it has been Amazing. The teachers are great and are always looking for new ways to engage students.
Some offensives get a lot more discipline than others
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I mostly brought my lunch. I don't really know
I have some teachers that i really loved but some I really did not like. Its more of a personal thing
It is okay. There are a lot of options but we have really large fees to join both clubs and sports teams which prevents people from joining multiple clubs
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