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Hamilton high school is just like any other high school in the US. One thing I would like to see change is for the administration to care more about the actually education of the students instead of focusing so much on sports. One thing that is good about Hamilton High School is that most of the teachers really care about the learning of their students. I do wish however that Hamilton provided a more relaxed and inviting environment.
Hamilton High School has a terrific reputation of making sure all of their students reach their full potential. Teachers are always willing to stay after school to offer extra help to students who are behind and/or are confused. The teachers, along with the principal and vice-principal, work hard to create a strong relationship with all the students. The counselors make a noticeable effort to support students who are financially unstable, have a poor home life or are simply stressed out. The office is always kind to the students, parents and other visitors and will try to give as much information as possible.
Hamilton High School provides an involved and rigorous learning environment that allows anyone to thrive.
There is a solid amount of AP and Dual Enrollment that can provide an opportunity to earn college credit and be challenged to think at a higher level. There is a balance between STEM and Humanities subjects that ensures a well-rounded education.
Along with academics, HHS offers a wide variety of clubs and activities that involve vast groups of the student body. Clubs include the normal student government and service groups, but also have other clubs like a GSA and Women's Group. The music, art, and theater departments are highly active in the school.
The teachers and staff genuinely care about students and take the time to get to know them. On many occasions in my four years at HHS, teachers have gone above and beyond to help kids learn.
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It's a nice and clean school. Most of the teachers are great and care about you. The classes are not very challenging and do not prepare you for college level courses. The music program is great though!
At Hamilton high school I really liked how the teachers cared about their students and how nice everyone is. One thing I did not like was when you didn't understand certain teaching methods and they could not explain differently.
The teachers and staff are very dedicated to making kids future possible. They push you to be the best of yourself and help you when you need it. There are plenty of fun sports for girls and boys in both spring and winter. They are committed to students excellence and achievments.
Lots of classes, and activities to choose from. There's countless little clubs, with some activity going on nearly every day. We have Band, Choir, and many different sports going on all year. Numerous AP and Dual Credit courses are offered, which gives you a jump start on college. Great place overall!
I’ve lived my entire life in this town and have always gone to this school district. I’ve always had bronc pride to the max. With all of these great kids around me cheering on our school it’s an amazing experience. To feel like you’re apart of something bigger than yourself it’s a fulfilling feeling for lack of a better word.
Hamilton High School has an incredibly upbeat social environment. They have an abundance of clubs and organizations, everything from Women's Group to Trivia Club. Not to mention the entire staff works hard to keep to school clean and inviting. The teachers are not only great at what they do but they are also inspiring to students. If I had to change one thing about the school it would be the lunch food, I wish that it was fresh and not all packaged, but what high school had amazing lunch food? Overall the school is awesome, especially for being so small.
My experience at Hamilton high was great! I always felt safe and and welcomed. The teachers were friendly and understanding and always pushed me to do my best.
I loved the school spirit! Majority of the teachers were very kind and helpful. When looking back at my high school experience I have happy memories. The only thing I would change is to tell some teachers to keep their opinions to themselves
The facility is beautiful, we have a college caliber gym and wonderful performing arts center. The teachers are wonderful, especially in the English department.
The school itself is really nice and the gym is great for basketball games. I also really enjoyed most of my teachers that I’ve had and they really try to help you succeed for graduation. If there’s questions about college, the councilor is great at giving advice and clearing up confusion topics. I gave it 4 stars because the place is far from diverse and lacks some school spirit.
Pretty typical high school experience. Some really great teachers and some not so great ones. Definitely a pretty good school.
Fantastic school with a quality teaching staff that is available to students before school, lunch, and after school for addition help! The vocal music program is spectacular! Wonderful extra and co-curricular programs. One of only a handful of schools in the nation that has the AdvancED Accreditation!
I really enjoy attending Hamilton High School. I moved to Hamilton from Sandpoint, ID, where I went to Sandpoint High School my freshman year. The switch was pretty easy except for the usual challenges that come with moving. I really like my teachers and the classes the school offers. I also love the open campus option for lunch for everyone past freshman year. One more thing I like about the school is the option for two senior releases which means you can have two fewer classes. However, one thing I would change is the counselors, and how they focus too much on those who don't seem to try in school. Overall though, I love Hamilton High School. GO BRONCS!
Hamilton Highschool is a good school, centered in the bitterroot valley, which makes us unique! There are many things to do outdoors and one of my favorite things about going to Hamilton a Highschool is the amazing opportunities that field trips provide. There as always been amazing resources when it comes to class field trips.
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Hamilton Highschool is an encouraging environment where students and teachers develop a good understanding of the curriculum they are relevant to.
We can all talk to each other and have valuable conversations.
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