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Hamilton High School offers a variety of classes with experienced and qualified teachers. The staff is very kind and ready to help whenever needed.
Hamilton High School has teachers that care about their students. The facility has improved greatly since I graduated.
This is a school in a low income area and they need more resources: books, technology, arts programs, more sports, etc. It is sad that we have to have a snack bar to have toilet paper and other supplies. HIgher education is not important to many here. They focus on technical schools and jobs rather than 4 year college resources.
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I think Hamilton High School is an average school that does somethings right but could use improvements in other fields. The teachers are top quality and eager to help you succeed and make you college ready but the school comes up short for other aspects such as sports, diversity, and facilities.
Hamilton is a good school in a small town. The faculty and staff are great, and they do the very best they can with their limited resources. They always fight for their students and for the improvement of the school.
Hamilton is great high school with exceptional opportunities. We have many programs that spark the interests of all students. From engineering classes to education and training classes, we have it all. We even offer a career tech program that is sponsored my Bevil State Community College in Hamilton.
Hamilton is a great school full of wonderful teachers and other students to be around. The only downfall of the school is the size. It is a fairly small, one hallway 4A school.
This is a great school. I’m thankful to be able to obtain an education from this facility. The faculty is made up of kind, helpful individuals.
It is a very good school. Very challenging environment and teachers expect you to step up and learn the material. Some of the best teachers in the state.
Proud alumni of school. School has good reputation when enrolling in college. Very political social structure based upon traditional socio-economic status to its negative aspects, however, graduates have succeeded in spite of those factors in the past and present.
Hamilton High School has one goal and that is preparing its students for the future. At Hamilton High School, the faculty and teachers are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential. Our Principal cares about each student and tries to encourage everyone daily. Hamilton High School has had many successful graduates and also has had many students that have tested with a 30 or better on their ACT scores. Hamilton High School is ranked high among schools in our area for academic achievements. HHS comes from a long history of proud alumni. The staff at the school takes safety seriously. We have drills and also hold assembly to discuss safety concerns. We feel completely safe at HHS.
I love being a Hamilton Aggie. It is rated one of the best schools in the state. It's a small town school with 500 people in it. The teachers love the students. I would like to see it grow though.
I like how this school works the teachers are nice and try to help others when they can. But since I have just moved there from a school that is small than Hamilton I have realized that they do not have a lot of classes compared to my old school. But overall they are a nice and friendly school.
I enjoy Hamilton High School! I wish we had more clubs specific to certain interests, and I wish the clubs met more after school. The teachers are great here! The school is mostly white. I feel very safe at HHS!
The teachers are always looking for new ways to help students learn . And are always keeping students engaged and focused.
We have a great Principal that takes pride in our school, is an amazing disciplinary, and also motivates our children with a very positive attitude. Most of our teachers are supportive and great role models for the kids. I would choose Hamilton High School for me and my children all over again. It is wonderful to have good teachers who are there to stay the course for a better future for young adults.
If I had the opportunity to restart high school, I would definitely chose to still go to Hamilton High School. The teachers are great, and the class sizes are not too big so the teachers can have a real connection with each of their students. Great relationships can be built here in Hamilton. If i could do anything different, I would make people that have moved here from other schools feel more welcomed. Since Hamilton is fairly small, there are many 'cliques' because they've practically known each other their whole lives. We, as a school, just need to be more welcoming.
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As stated in a recent review, the football team is very involved. They make an active effort to do the best they can. Many years, the football team has almost been declared state champions. The atmosphere at the games are like no other. Te community is so supportive of all of the athletic teams, including the band. The basketball team has made an amazing effort to be where they are today. The community has recently asked the band to perform as a pep band at some home basketball games. The student body is very involved not only with the team but with the rivalries within the area. The spirit of the student body definitely gives them the drive to be successful. Hamilton also has a weight lifting team that wins many awards during competitions. Hamilton also holds a competition in its campus. the funding to the facilities come solely from donations and community support. Without their love and support, the athletic facilities would not be what they are today.
The good is okay. The options at snack are very good because there are many options at a reasonable price. The lunchroom has an okay selection and they do their best to make the food as appetizing as possible, but with the current lunchroom restrictions this task is sometimes difficult. It isn't their fault though.
The teachers at this school are excellent. They are very knowledgeable and push you to succeed beyond points you thought you were capable of. They encourage going to 4-year colleges but also encourage students who want to know pursue a 2-year education. Technology is very important in the classrooms because so much of society today is technology based. Many of the teachers, especially in the English and Science departments, are still pursuing higher education at local universities to help grow their knowledge so they can share it with the students. Communication is very important in the school. Class discussions are brought about every day and the teachers really listen to the student's ideas and opinions. The teachers go at a pace that the students can handle but also put them to greater limits. The principle is very active as well. He goes with us on trips to visit colleges. The counselor is very adamant about advertising scholarships, working with students on resumes, and will go to the school no matter what time or date to make sure you can send your applications in to meet deadlines. The librarian ha her masters in English and will not hesitate to help you write and essay that will make someone cry. She allows the library to be used by the students for meetings, homework, studying, or for anything that needs quiet. Overall, the teachers, faculty, and staff are amazing and deserve the respect from every student and parent of Hamilton.
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