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Some of the teachers were amazing and I'm really grateful for that but some of there were terrible and were not held accountable. Because it is a small school; there are not a lot of AP or extra curricular classes.
Hamilton High School is a small school where everyone knows everyone. It is a nice school to go to a lot of the teachers there are friendly and will help you out as much as they can.
I like that it is a small school and that all the teachers are willing to help you out. There aren't many clubs that I personally found for me but everyone else seemed to enjoy them. We got all the basic sports except swimming which is what I wish we had. Despite the lack of diversity in clubs, there is still an opportunity for everyone as long as we tried hard in what we wanted. The faculty did the best with what we had (the students as well) I appreciate all the teachers there. I truly do.
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Hamilton High School has a caring staff that will aid you and discuss any questions you have about your education throughout you high school years. They help to make every student feel comfortable and welcome and allow each student to express themselves in their own way. Although I do wish they had more elective choices and AP courses, the class choices they have now are great and the small community allows for closer interacts and one-on-one help with students that might need it.
It's a small community where everyone knows everyone. Word gets around easily, however smoking is a major problem at our school.
I would like to have more diversity and to teach the kids about inclusivity and intersectionality. I also think the school should be open to having more facilities for study time or financial aid and better opportunities for kids who aren’t interested in sports. I would also like faculty to take more initiative in bullying and being more open minded.
Gone to Hamilton Schools (K-12) entire school career. Love it and can't imagine going to school anywhere else. Known many of my friends since Kindergarten.
Hamilton High is a very small school located in small town, but that does not make it any less of an amazing school. I have attended Hamilton since kindergarten and I continue to see improvements. The high school facilities are wonderful, especially for sports. We also have great class sizes!
Hamilton High School is a wonderful place! The teachers are friendly and everyone is a close knit family. Most of the kids have gone to school together since kindergarten. It is a wonderful place to build relationships with students and teachers.
Hamilton is located in the mountainous region of Southern California in Anza. It is a small school with a population of roughly 375 students. It is an environment in which everybody knows each other, making it easy to make new friends if you are a new student. The weather is almost always sunny; however, during the winter season it is not unusual to experience a little snow. The teachers are friendly, and since Hamilton High is such a small school, they are able to establish personal relationships with the students, allowing for a more personable education.
This school is rural and to my knowledge there are no gangs.
This is a small school in a rural area. The teachers are dedicated. The area is low income with a high percentage of non achieving parents. However, there are some great families in this school that support and help the school. I would choose this school again for the small class sizes and dedicated teachers and staff.
The teachers I had at Hamilton High School were great. I never had any problems with them personally; they had fair grading systems and demanded reasonable work from their students. Most of them were very friendly and encouraging, and were always willing to help if their help was needed.
Not everything is up to date.
I've been satisfied so far.
Again, student involvement is plummeting
Not everything is peachy clean, cause Bullying has always been an issue.
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I really do enjoy most of my time at this school. But lately, it has been lacking a lot of necessary needs that have yet to be fulfilled.
I strongly do not agree with our food system. Our cafeteria is a weird set up and the food is of low quality and mostly stale due to the shipments.
They try their best to assist.
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