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Hamilton County High School Reviews

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They had Chattanooga Police officers on campus at all times, so I always felt very safe.
They really wanted all the students to take part in extracurricular activities. It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other and give back to the community at the same time.
Everyone was so nice, and the teachers really went to the moon and back to help the kids. I would never choose another high school.
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The teachers are amazing and will make sure you succeed!
Being here there wasn't much distracting with drugs or alcohol use. Students would leave the drugs in the car or wait till after school.
Being at Hamilton County High School is the best decision I have ever made. I was at a public school before I had gone to Hamilton County High School. My experience here was amazing. The students here can be rude and mean but once you get to become friends with them they are not as bad. The school doesn't have sports so its easier for the students to focus on their school work.
The teachers are amazing. They are always willing to help any student that needed it. Not all the teachers have the same teaching styles as the other. Each teacher in the school has their way of teaching their subjects. The teachers always love to interact with their students so they come up with ways to interact according to the topic of what they are teaching.
Every teacher i had while attending Hamilton County High School was wonderful. They were willing to help any student that was struggling. They were willing to show up before class or stay afterward to help ensure that they help a student graduate.
Each teacher taught us something that we use in our life. Even though we may not have thought we would. I'v gone a long way since I have graduated, because i have taken so many positive lessons and advice with me.
The staff was great, and willing to help you any way possible. Their goal was for you to graduate high school and get a diploma. They were very strict when it came to policies, no violations were acceptable.
The health and safety is excellent
this schools grading base is easy for me, may be hard for others
Opportunities are very good at this school
The driving is safe and enough space to move around
As a student I never really ate at school. But when I did it was moderate
My overall experience with this school is very good.
At this school, I feel very safe, and that helps me with my grades.
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There is a variety of students here. And i believe the majority have a part-time job.
As long as the computer gives you internet access and it helps get the work done. we're good.
Yes, because its giving me the opportunity to graduate early so i can go to college.
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