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Excellent if you like sports, but that's basically any high school. Fine arts programs don't get much priority but the teachers genuinely care about the success of their students.
It's a small school with teachers who care about seeing students succeed. They will work with students and help them out when they need it and if they request it. I wouldn't only say that I got an education but I also got a family.
My high school experience was like what everyone said it would be, it was dramatic and exciting. The classes I took were amazing like all the self-picked classes, but some of the teaching styles were odd and hard to follow. I will be taking mostly college classes the coming year and some of the classes I took prier didn't quite get me ready for the more complex classes. I had to take it upon myself to fill in all the blanks some of my teachers didn't fill to get me ready. But my overall high school experience couldn't have been any better for me.
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Don't feel the teachers really care if you succeed, they just want you out of their class. Another thing that I don't like is the other students within the building.
There are a lot of sports for a school this size. That's it. There are a lot of sports. The school is very small, so there are small class sizes as well. The school food is alright. Teachers might be the best part of the school.
I love this small town school!! Every staff member knows both of my sons and has a relationship with them. Also, there are many opportunities for my kids to get involved in athletics and other activities.
What I like about Halstead High School is how everyone knows each other. Everyone knows your name and everyone is nice. I think that what could change is how people treat each other. there is always those couple people that are mean or get caught in the wrong crowd and it would be nice if they didn´t have that.
Halstead is a small town with lots of support for the schools. The teachers and administrators have given me lots of support and have helped prepare me to transition to college. Halstead offers the standard sports (football, basketball, track, baseball, etc) and has several clubs/organizations to belong too, so there is something for everyone.
I love my school. Everything about it makes it home to me; from my teachers who are more of mentors than teachers to me, to my friends who make the experience more memorable.
We don't have a ton of security measures because we don't need them
Its great, if you like sports, because that's all there is.
Its a small school. Everybody knows everybody and their dogs -- literally. Means there's both drama and an odd feeling of community.
I've clashed with a few, I've loved a few. Its really individual, and there's no way to lump them all together like that.
The teachers were my personal favorite!!
Were in a small town so we don't really have to worry about bad things happening.
I have had a great experience at Halstead High School.
The food repeats itself. It's the same menu every week
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I love our teachers. There isn't one teacher that I have a problem with or that I don't like. They all act like they care about me and how I do in school, and always help me out anyway needed.
I am not involved in a lot of clubs but I know that their are tons you can do.
Most of our teachers are awesome and genuinely care about the students.
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