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The school is small and low funded. The teachers and staff are rude, they don't care about the students education or future.
Hallandale High School was different from the other school i had attended but after all this four year with Hallandale I came out of my comfort zone and became a different person. I had friends that were with me the entire time even in my rough times. I would have never in a million year think I would become the person I am today. As a matter of fact I'm proud of what I became. Even though my time here in Hallandale is coming to an end I will always remember my memories in Hallandale High.
I have been at Hallandale High for 3 Years now. These past few years the school has been good to me. They have improved over the past few years as a school. The teachers here are willing to help you succeed. They offer tutoring after school, bus transportation to and from school, a magnet program, duel enrollment, sports and much more. The counselors even get you graduation ready and they also help you apply for colleges. They help you find scholarships and help you apply for student aid. The school lunch could be better but over all its pretty good. It lacks some school spirit but that can always change in the future. Over all its a good school and i do recommend it for everyone else.
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My experience at Hallandale High School has been great. Like every school, it isn’t perfect. We have had issues but lucky lo with our amazing staff team every issue has been resolved peacefully and mindfully. For the past three years I have been blessed with amazing teachers, who care and nourish our education.
I enjoy the teachers engagement with their students.I admire the way our counselors and administrative is so easy to talk to and excessively helpful.
My experience at Hallandale High school wasn’t at all what I dreamed it would be . In my head I thought of school as if it’ll be like High school Musical but to figure out it had way more drama , violence, etc. The school I attend currently has its ups and downs but it made me into the person I strive to be everyday . In my activity , in my academics and in my other work studies . This school may have a bad reputation but it’s coming around quite well and I love it .
I really like the school. The environment is comfortable. The administrators and teachers are nice and get students ready for college.
My experience at Hallandale High was very superior and very intense. I can say that i learned a lot from the teachers there. And i love their sports especially their track team. Hallandale taught me a lot, getting me ready for the real world so i will not fail when i get into the real world. Hallandale has made me into the women i am today.
My experience at Hallandale High School was pretty good but it had its ups and downs some days . They try to make it a better place but sometimes they dont let us have fun . But don't get me wrong I love going to lunch playing the games with everyone . We have amazing teachers and would try there best to get us what we want to be in life .
Hallandale high school is a very much averageable school. This schools helps with acdemic success and prepaeration for the future a head of us. As a student who goes there i have recieved help from my peers, teachers, guidance counselor, and Brace Advisors. Hallandale have many clubs. For example entrepreneur, JROTC, Athletics (Basketball,Football,Soccer,Baseball, and more.)Drama Club, Accoutning Club, Tv Production, Best Buddies, and more. My school really has spirit. Let me explain. This week is homecoming week and we are doing spirit week. Monday was , Tuesday was tacky tuessday, there was school school wensday, thursday is jersery day, and friday is our annual prep relly where seniors wear black, freshman where white, juniors wear yellow, and sophmores wear blue.
This School All Around Has Potential And Can Be The Best a School To Attend As Far aaa Academics , We Have Lost So Many Resources As Far As Engineering, Mechanics, Art, Foreign Languages , And It Sucks.
What I like about Hallandale High School is all the clubs. The thing I would say I dislike about Hallandale High School is the students that go there.
It was a good experience at my school. A good environment to learn in. I didnt have no major problems with no teachers or no students. It was a peaceful place to learn in. Only issue i had was the food issues but othet from that the school was a good one.
My experience in Hallandale high school is great that I learnt a a lot of things since my first year that when I am currently in my senior year I become more smarter , because it has a good teachers who encourages at least student who want to study and the best opportunity I can made to succeed , so every time and every year changes as going forward in progress , so that what I always like from school and I am so proud of it.
Hallandale High is.... interesting. But if you look past some imperfections here and there, you’ll see hidden gems if students that are truly trying to change the world and make an impact. The school provides them with a platform to express themselves and be who they were meant to be.
I studied at this school for four years. I have something to say. The change in this school occurred incredible. Enhanced student security. Attentive to the dress code. Lead a lot of talk about education. The teachers relate individually to each student. This school is changing, these changes are visible. But I still can give this school four or five stars, because I see something to work on.
Not as many extracurricular activities as I thought there would be. The school doesn't accommodate the needs of all their students.
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To be apart of Hallandale high school has been a life changing experience. From grade 9 through 12, I've learn a lot about myself. I hope as the years goes by more Students will also have life changing experience attending Hallandale high.
The teachers are here to ensure you pass the test not to ensure that you retain the information being taught.
What I liked about Hallandale is the teachers, but I wish is that they focus on rewarding students on academics than sports
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