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Hall Kent Elementary School Reviews

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There are 3 Elementary Schools in Homewood, and Hall-Kent is the best.
Any child in Homewood with limited in abilities comes through this particular school and it shows in our kids. Our students are compassionate, accepting and patient. The other elementary schools can't say that. HKES is also has the MOST diverse student population in Homewood. We make great citizens of Homewood that grow into great adults.
The level of teaching/excellence severely fluctuated from class to class. The janitorial staff was very rude. However, there are some teachers that really cared about how well the students did.
Many clubs in which the students can participate.
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I believe it's the best elementary school in Homewood, for the very engaged parents and PTO, for the curriculum, for the Enrichment program, and diversity.
Amazing teachers - particularly those in Enrichment.
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