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Teachers were nice and helpful, I enjoy the memories I have made. Great education I've gotten for college.
It's a great school, and always engaged in learning and looking to higher expectations. The sports teams are great. Haleyville has very many talented young men and women.
I like the fact that I am excited about going to school because of the staff. They are always welcoming and very helpful.
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I attended Haleyville High School for 11 years. I quickly made friends and the teachers were very helpful. All of the teachers, staff and administrators go above and beyond for the students. Many memories and friendships were made there and I will forever cherish them.
The teachers at this school are the most amazing, caring, dependable people I have ever met. They have a sense of equality to them. They treat a 4.0 GPA student just the same as a 2.7 GPA student. The principals give everyone the same opportunities and push us to do our best in every aspect of our education. They help prepare seniors for the college life and give us multiple chances to apply for scholarships. Haleyville High School is overall a wonderful school for all ages.
The school clubs provide opportunities to volunteer, express their religious beliefs, and continue discussion involving the trade school classes.
My school tries to bring excitement to the mundane chores of everyday classwork. For example playing music over the intercom, weekly full school attended pep rallies, extended break time for celebration of the end of the week.
The teachers at my school incorporate fun and interesting examples to questions for example in chemistry. The teachers also use exciting and educational videos to demonstrate scientific and historic information. Some teachers also go beyond the call of duty to insure our safety and understanding.
The school needs to have more security measures in place.
I love all the extra curricular activities that are available to us.
Some parents just care about their kids.
Most of the teachers go beyond to help students.
Staff and teachers are very supportive of reaching the goal of preparing our young people for their future.
Overall I think our school is safe. I mean if someone would come and attack us there are many ways to get into the school.The bullying is probably no worse than any other school. It's mostly jealous girls trying to cause drama.
There are the basic clubs available at my school. I don't have a lot of time for them because I play three sports.
The school itself it great. The teachers are good and coaches are excellent. There is a lot of drama at the school with girls. They do have some bullying issues they need to work on. Over all its a great school, as with anything there are problem areas.
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