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Hales Franciscan High School Reviews

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I'm so glad I choose Hales for my son. I love the fact that it is center around engineering and entrepreneurship. The class sizes are small and they put the boys in front a lot of people in those fields. They do a lot of community based field trips. I just think they are sending them in the right direction to be competitive in the future.
We have after school activities that some students go to. There are a lot of students who do athletics than after school programs.
I was able to do and meet people that I would have never thought I would. I was able to join a robotics team that got me to go to the White House Science Fair and meet Barack Obama. I have made connections with people my age and older too. I wish I would have spend all my high school years at this school.
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The teachers truly care for all the students, even though some students don't like or hate them. They give us a chance to make up and do better on exams and quizzes. They help us with work during class, lunch, and after school. I feel comfortable asking them for help when needed. They care for me when i look like I need help.
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