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Hale Center High School Reviews

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the only problem is how much time is spent in each class room. If there was a block schedule for this high school then it would mean more time in the classrooms which mean more help and probably better state testing results
I liked the clubs and activities the school offered. They made my high school experience fun and worthwhile. I liked how I got to meet new friends and meet new people. Academic-wise I also thought it was good. I did learn a lot of things whether it be about math, science or history.
Hale Center High School was not a bad school, but with it being a very small school, there were limited resources especially trying to take the next step at a school such Texas Tech. With it being so small though, everyone knew everyone. This was sometimes good because of the relationships with the teachers and sometimes bad because of the relationships with the other students.
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It's a great school, teaches students respect and responsibility. Great for families who are just starting out.
This school does everything to keep this school safe.
Hale Center high school is a good school. The parents help participate in activities and students are somewhat active in activities and people are nice here!
The teachers give us help but also want us to learn.
The school allows you to do a variety of things.
Everything is so healthy, it tastes bad.
Our basketball teams always make it to playoffs, the rest of our teams are alright.
The teachers always have their doors open for anyone to come get help.
Most of the people here don't go to college or further their education.
The administration is very one sided and will not compromise.
People don't really like to get involved with anything.
Everyone is a follower and no one wants to make their own decisions.
The guidance counselor helps when asked, and involvement of staff is pretty regular. They attend games and are involved regularly in class competitions. Attendance and dress code are standard.
The school facility and building is poor. They built it very cheap and very plain. The technology that we do have hardly ever works. The college prep resources however, are relatively decent. We have a decent amount of help finding colleges and resources we need to prepare us for college.
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This school does not help with anything that needs to be done, whether it be for college or just grades and the teachers are hardly worth talking about.
I think there are plenty of resources available to students. If you ask for tutoring you will not be let down unless you ask at the last minute. The air conditioning is good, maybe too good. It is always freezing in the school. The facility its self was not built well at all. The walls are cracking, none of the projectors ever work, our PA system still doesn't work, and the building even shifted so one of the doors is dragging into the floor. The counselor is okay. It doesn't seem like she ever has much time to sit down and talk to students. Parents can get involved if they would like to. I would't say the school either encourages or discourages it.
There are several extracurricular opportunities at out school. The one most people are in I would say is UIL. The administration really supports us and makes sure everyone knows about our success. The art teacher has an after school guitar class which i do not participate in and we have just recently started a spanish club as well. I would say I have the most fun in my UIL event even though at the beginning I did not want to participate, but my teacher knew it would be good for me so signed me up. Little did I know I would actually enjoy it and be good at it.
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