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Most teachers are kind and want the best for you. Many areas for you to get involved in. Sports and Drama are the best in the area.
Excellent and very dedicated teachers and administrators and devoted community. Great foundation supports the school with grants. Great teacher student ratio.
I have had some very outstanding teachers at this school. Unfortunately however, I’ve had a handful of not so outstanding teachers, especially in the science and history departments.
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Since Haldane is such a small school, it’s easy to know almost everyone. That can be a good or bad thing. I saw it as both. The positive side of the small school atmosphere is that teachers are always available if you need extra help. Also, it’s easy to make your voice heard. The negatives of the small school is that there isn’t much opportunity to expand your resources.
There are some awesome teachers, and there are also some who suck. But the ones who are awesome: they are really really good.
Haldane has a great collection of teachers that really care about their students success and will do whatever they can to help you get to your best. Along with the great teachers, the school has a great athletics department where the coaches don’t only are about winning, but making the students better people.
Haldane is a safe environment with many options in education. I'm able to take a wide range of AP/ college level classes with teachers who care about my success.
Haldane is so awesome because it's a blue ribbon school now. The thing is, last fall we just got our new principal and he resigned at the end of March, and we thought it was a prank! (Because it came out on the day before April Fools.)
I loved being a student at Haldane. This is a school where everybody knows each other, no one is a stranger. These are people you have known your whole life and that's special.
Haldane High School has endlessly supportive teachers who really care about the curriculum which they are teaching. Most to go out of their way to make the curriculum engaging and to ensure that everyone understands the lesson. They expect greatness from you, but that's because they truly want you to succeed. As far as the community, most students are friendly with one another and it is not difficult to get along with most kids. The main focus as far as extracurricular activities go is on sports and theater. One of my complaints would be that the majority of the money went towards investing in the sports teams and equipment which benefited the athletes, while often the theater kids received only minimal funding for their projects. With that said, my time in Haldane drama has been mostly positive. In addition, there is an incredible abundance of student run clubs, so it is not too difficult to find one that interests you. Overall, I have really enjoyed my last four years here.
Haldane is a great school. However, the administration is not very transparent with the community. One good example was the recent firing of the High School Principal, done over night and without any justification to the parents and/or community. That is not acceptable. Also, the school has become in recent years like an episode of Big Little Lies, with niche driven parent groups, such as the Haldane School Foundation pushing liberal agendas and school changes (such as start times for High School).
Haldane is a wonderful public school with a homeschooled feeling. You really feel like you're part of a community, and that the people who work there truly care about you and your success.
Haldane High School is a very small school, about 70 or less to each grade. Despite our size, there are tons of opportunities for everyone. Students are encouraged to participate in activities, to create their own clubs, and to join the National Honor Society. Recent popular clubs include Women Empowered and a Shakespeare club. We are a Blue Ribbon school that has a high rate of students who graduate and are accepted to college. The administration cares for its students and everyone knows everyone. This makes the environment personalized and inclusive. Most parents become involved with the Parent Teacher Association, which makes fund raising for school trips easier on the students and allows there to be more resources available. We are very well protected, as our school has an School Resource Officer to protect us if anything should go wrong. In case of an emergency, everyone follows procedure. The only thing I wish I could change is to add more racial diversity.
there are many different after school activities available for every kind of student
The experience is good because it is such a small school so you really know everybody and have more oportunities than you do at bigger schools
the teachers at this school really help the students learn by having fun lessons and some one on one time with them as well
I have never felt unsafe at school. Haldane has added a student resources officer who directs traffic and is present during school dismissals. There has never been a prominent issue with bullying or outside threats. The school nurses remain helpful and calming when you are in their office. If i ever had a problem i know that i can turn to our guidance consolers without second thought to help me work it out.
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At Haldane, we have an optional tenth period in which majority of the teachers and students stay an extra hour everyday to help with school work or studying. On top of the tenth period, every Tuesday and Thursday there is a heart program where students and teachers stay at the school for up to an extra three hours.

Sports is a strong value at Haldane and my fellow students are very dedicated to multiple sports. We enjoy attending sports events just as much as we enjoy playing in them!
I feel Haldane is great learning environment, for i have never encountered a teacher who did not strive to educate their students to the best of their ability. My teachers connect with me and create a safe learning environment in which i feel compelled to interact with the material at hand along with the students. Haldane also has a student body with a strong diversity of thinkers and learners who help create a better a unique learning platform.
The cafeteria is a medium size. Many students eat in it due to great lunch plans so students only need to know their id number and then pick what they want. The food is decent and in the past few years has become better with new options some such as the new salad bar. The other unique dinning option are the stores in Cold Spring. Juniors and Seniors are allowed to leave campus for lunch and enjoy an array of food shops in the local town. Since everything in Cold Spring is a short walking distance this option is available to all students regardless if they have a car or not. It is a unique opportunity that many students take advantage of when they are allowed to do so.
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