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Overall, I think the school got me prepared very well for a rigorous college curriculum. The people I met there are some of the most important people in my life, and I'm very grateful for the opportunities the school provided me with.
My family moved to Haddonfield when our child was in 7th grade. The school facilities are very old and not up to date; especially for the taxes we spend yearly. The culture of the school is horrible. If you and your child are not sports fanatics, I would consider living elsewhere. There are almost no students of color and my child has told stories of often hearing other students making racist comments. If your child was not born here, don't expect them to be welcomed. The culture is very cliquey and petty. We made the decision to leave the town for another school district that was much more open and welcoming.
I had a great experience, loved my coaches and teachers, although I wish I was given more resources about college expectations. I'm they have the resources but they were not given to me, so definitely inquire.
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a good school but no diversity and hard to make friends w people who have known each other since before kindergarten, can be hard to fit in if you are not excessively wealthy, but overall a good school with good academics and teachers
Haddonfield had a school culture of appreciating those who worked hard and did well in school. Haddonfield celebrated its students, and the teachers were well-qualified and cared about their students.
Hmhs is a great school to study with a lot of discipline, hard work and commitment. Teachers are passionate about their work and truly inspire students to pursue highest levels of achievement
Suburban high school with great overall academics, but could use more computer programming courses, and additional world languages.
Haddonfield over the past 4 years has helped me grow to the person I am today. The teachers give so much time and effort into making sure we get the best education possible.
Overall, my teachers made my high school experience the best I could have asked for. In each of my classes, I had a teacher who was passionate about the subject, my education, and was excited to help me learn. Knowing that there are people who genuinely care about my education and dedicate themselves to help me succeed makes going to school enjoyable. HMHS also implemented many activities to help create a stress free environment, such as wellness day and arts in the courtyard. I love going to a school where my health and experience are just as important as my grades and success.
Wonderful teachers, academics, and overall environment. A student's ability to become close with teachers, explore a certain subject, and have their own freedom makes for a great learning and growing environment. However, this closeness between staff and students can lead to favoritism and consequential isolation. Regardless, it's a great place to go to high school.
Haddonfield is known for its strong academics and sports programs, and for a good reason. The sports teams regularly win championships and overachieving is common amongst the students. If you're basing a school on how many people get into Ivies, many students do get into these prestigious colleges at Haddonfield. What sucks is that the music department is lacking in many areas. As a current student who is extremely involved in the music department, the difference between the amount of support for the music department and the sports department is obvious. Also, the amount of diversity in the school is dissapointing. However, besides these, the school is good at what it does.
Great teachers and a great learning enviornment. The athletics here are unbelievable considering the sports facilities that host them.
This school is excellent for students who want to be academically challenged. The accelerated and AP classes have fantastic teachers who are always willing to help with the rigorous work load. There are plenty of clubs, and sports are a top priority for most students. The students, however, assume cliques within sports and based on their parents's friendships(most are alumni), and this creates almost a superficial atmosphere. Also, the teachers and environment of CP classes are not on the same level as the harder classes. Attending this school has been an overall rewarding experience, but I do wish the students were more inclusive of those who do not play sports or have alumni parents.
Haddonfield is one of the top schools in the area, both academically and athletically. Although there are some exceptions, the teachers are great and really care about making relationships with each of their students. It is a relatively small school which some people may not like, and my biggest complaint would be the lack of diversity.
School offered a wide selection of areas of study. This allowed me to explore many areas of interest for higher education and my career. The clubs and activities also provided a wide range which again helped for a full experience.
Haddonfield Memorial High School has consistently great teachers in accelerated, honors, and AP classes; they are accessible and want to help students succeed. Diversity is scarce in this predominantly Caucasian, upper middle class town, so learning about different cultures and through processes doesn't happen here. Make sure you keep an eye on your guidance counselor and make sure he/she is following through on tasks; some counselors are great and others need improvement. Administration makes effort to promote positive school culture and students contribute to this effort by standing up for their peers as "upstanders and not bystanders". If you're a dedicated, ambitious student with academic goals, HMHS is the place for you.
My guidance counselor is one of the most valuable people at HMHS. Mr Holman is always available, patient, helpful, and full of resources. I honestly don't know how he has time to do everything at school with a smile on his face. I am so impressed & grateful for his help and guidance.
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The Haddonfield Memorial High School has provided me with such an amazing experience which I'm sure will help me excel in college. We have so many options for classes and an exceptional athletics program.
The teachers here are great and do a fantastic job of preparing students for college. The class options are vast and there are different paths you can choose. There are options to take harder classes if you would like to challenge yourself.
The school is not very diverse, but people are accepting of each other.
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