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Hackleburg School Reviews

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Hackleburg is a great school, that is supported by all the people in the community They are dedicated in sports and education to be successful.
We do not have as much of a variety for extracurriculars as I would like.
We overcame a lot as a school throughout our rebuilding years after the 2011 tornadoes.
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Most of the teachers are awesome to work with at Hackleburg.
I have enjoyed my experience at this school very much. We have went through hard times together, especially after the tornado. These experiences have brought us closer together and we have a unique bond that no other school has.
I like the teachers at my school. We are very small school and they all know us by name. They genuinely love us as students and want what's best for us. They also teach us lessons of life.
It was hard going in trailers due to the tornado.
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