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This school has the greatest environment of any school I have been to. It's very clean and all teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful. The students have very good integrity - a person could leave their wallet on the cafeteria table and find it in the same space or in the lost and found with nothing removed from it. The classes are very rigorous, but very fun and fulfilling.
I like the challenge and the opportunities, many people say it is difficult and they are not wrong but as long as you study and put effort into what you do you will do just fine. The lack of sports and the diversity of clubs and after school activities needs some improvements, but because this is a newer school they are still progressing. The homework is also too much especially when you have a test or quiz the next day you need to study for or an after school activity, it could just be because there is a pandemic going on right now but still they need to lesson the homework.
the school is incredible! the staff are super intelligent and aren't afraid to lend a helping hand. the people are super nice as well.
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As a school, it functions well. The course selection is great for anyone pursuing a STEM career. The teachers are generally hard-working and you can tell that they genuinely care about their job, although some are occasionally out of touch with the priority that their specific class might have in their students' list of responsibilities. One glaring issue -- though I feel trade-off would be a more appropriate term -- is the apparent lack of any sort of traditional high school experience. No sports teams, no parties, no running out with your friends for lunch. It's just work. Always. Because what else should a teenager be doing with their life in their fleeting years of freedom. Enjoying themselves? It might sound melodramatic, but after hearing for the fiftieth time about your friends at your home high school going to a football game having a fun homecoming while you're completing the hours of homework that have been piled onto you, it begins to grate on your sanity. I'd add, but char
The environment and the fellowship between students is great. This is a very vigorous school and the workload is very heavy but this school is a very safe bet that the students that stick with it will be prepared for college.
The teachers are amazing and are able to teach high level courses in a manner that is understandable to the students, allowing the students to gain not only knowledge of the material but also its applications.
For someone who stayed at this high school for all four years, this school is worth it. You have to be mentally strong and know your goals. Plan out what you want to happen and make it happen. If you get behind, take your free time out and get back on track. It's extremely hard but also doable. At this school, try not to get discouraged when you don't get what you want. Keep your head up and keep moving. This school cares about your success if you care about your success. GSMST is meant to push you if you push yourself. You might think you don't want to stay at the school, but that's just the negativity talking. You'll amaze yourself with what you can do.
The school has many positives such as providing students with resources and connections for internship opportunities. It is also very academically rigorous; there are many options for students to choose from when it comes to classes. However, clubs and activities are limited to academic clubs which prevents students from exploring their personal passions and background. There is international night, but students want to be more involved in their communities. Students tend to be very stressed due to the rigor and school rules that don’t seem to apply to any other schools in the county. The school is small, but most students find a group they click with.
I graduated year of 2020 and attending the school was my biggest regret throughout high school. The school is majority minorities, however the administration does not reflect this at all. My junior year of high school, the administration shut down all clubs that do not pertain to academics. All cultural clubs were cut. All this school cares about is rankings and numbers; they don't actually care about the students at all. In fact, when students do try to take a stand against this issue, their parents are called to quiet them down. The school offers plenty of resources (laptops, internships, etc), but the mental toll it takes on you is not worth it all. Students fight each other to get the best grades, most awards, etc. It is an unhealthy environment that fosters stress and self confidence issues. The workload is completely unreasonable-- one time I recall sleeping a total of 3 hours the whole weekend to complete one assignment. The school environment and culture is incredibly toxic.
GSMST is an amazing school. It is number one in the state for so many reasons. They really really prepare their student for the future. They prepare them for college but also for the work force. They set the students up for opportunities that give the students advantages for their future: from multiple internship opportunities and rigorous work, college drool over GSMST students. The students AND teachers put in a lot of effort to make this school amazing and it shows.
GSMST is a great school that gives students the opportunity to experience a unique school environment. Some of the most staple components of other high schools, such as sports activities and related events, are not a part of GSMST's experience so you must be comfortable early-on with facing different encounters than your peers from your home high school. Although the high academic level may seem impossible to attain at times, know that each student is going through the same experience as you; thus, you can develop a dependable support system with peers in order to thrive. Likewise, the teachers are reliable and passionate about the subject they teach, so it is also feasible to reach out to teachers when I feel overwhelmed by assignments or content. I feel that attending GSMST has shaped me into the person that I am through facilitating my love for science, leading to friendships, and inciting academic rigor to meet the standards, which will ultimately influence my future positively.
GSMST does an amazing job with college readiness. The workload can be challenging at times, but the work itself is engaging and teachers do not assign busy work for the most part. The several required AP courses challenge students to apply themselves and it is more than recommended that students take the exam. The AP courses selected are specially selected to give students a headstart ahead of their peers in their freshman year of college
The school has great students and teachers, but a very rigorous workload. Students devote a significant amount of time to school work. One change I would like to see is the addition of more cultural clubs.
The diverse culture of the school is definitely the best thing about it. Gwinnett is one of the most diverse counties in the nation, and this is shown at GSMST. Our international night is considered one of the best in the state, and other school events highlight different aspects of student life. Unfortunately, a recent change in administration resulted in nearly all cultural, religious, and other non-academic clubs being removed. This really affected the culture of the school, especially for students of color. The nature of a high-ranking STEM school creates an incredibly competitive atmosphere for students through testing, extracurriculars, and coursework. Unfortunately this takes a damaging toll on students' mental health, often leads to an epidemic of stress at the school. Most of the teachers are very engaging though, and the courses we take look good to colleges as long as we do okay.
The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology undoubtedly pushes students to become the best that they can be. There is a lot of pressure and a large workload, as well as advanced coursework and competition between students. However, all these things add up to create a strong mentality. Students learn to become persistent and hardworking, characteristics that are very useful for college. Also, there are many ways to get help if your workload becomes too much at times. Speaking with your counselor or teacher are both great solutions. There aren't any sports, but there are so many other clubs that can spark your interest. The student diversity and life are also lively and vivacious. GSMST teaches students to become resilient and adaptable and provides one of the best education systems to high schoolers.
GSMST is an excellent school. It has state-of-the-art technology and does a great job preparing its students not only for college, but for graduate school and beyond.
My experience at GSMST has been amazing thus far. It has really been the opportunity for me to interact with my community in a more meaningful way. For instance, there are multiple community events not just within my school but also to get others in Gwinnett County involved such as International Night. International Night is put on every year at this school and it is truly a beautiful experience to see how cultures all over the world interact.
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The school is amazing. I love how they Prioritize learning and academic success. I think stress and amount of assignments could be handled better.
It is an amazing school where you can meet new people from all over the county and learn so much. I love the hard-working environment where everyone is serious about their studies and helping each other out.
The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology is the best school in the state of Georgia. Not only does it prepare students for college, but it allows them to be in a diverse area with people who came from around the world. Students are able to celebrate their culture on a special day called International Night, the biggest event of the year. Two things that could be changed are the administration and the workload. This school gives an unnecessarily large amount of homework and the staff are not lenient toward student situations. They care more about the school rank than the students' well being.
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