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Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School Reviews

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They have a bullying problem, I think mainly because they are not willing to classify bullying as bullying when it keeps happening. The policy is just something that looks good on paper. To me they empower bullies because there are no real consequences I've seen that actually work. The bullies continue to bully.
Trash, must better than elementary, but still trash. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From the community's perspective, we see students who are very poorly managed outside. There is constant profanity of the most vulgar kind at high volumes throughout the day, after school, and at student events. This occurs in the presence of staff, administrators, and an Oak Park police officer assigned to the school. Students play on a concrete field they call the "prison yard;" they and the balls run into busy traffic. The reports from inside the school that we have heard match much of what we see outside, and more increasingly over the past ten years. If your children are considering attending, it would be best to observe the school during different times of day, both inside and out, and after school. The lunch time is the worst, from what we can see. Our rating is based on what we see daily, and have heard from others who have attended.
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Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School is a decent school for sure. The teachers are very dedicated and the academics there is good. One complaint I have is that there is a lack of discipline. The hallways are very chaotic, and the administration doesn't seem to care about the misbehavior of students.
I was bullied a lot.
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