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My son has been at Gulliver since third grade I agree with commentary on spotty leadership including Bostik and Martello. Thankfully the board and new President have fully changed out that team. They were extremely unkind and judgmental.
My son is now thriving and doing honors classes next year. The sports programs are also awesome for kids as well as music and chess program.
Having participated in many different educational environments and models, I have to say I am thrilled with Gulliver. Yes, students are asked to tuck in their shirts- they are also asked to think, question, grow, and excel. There are some amazing teachers and a sense of school pride that is refreshing.
No school is perfect and never will be, but Gulliver is a great place to navigate your primary and MS years- no question.

Many schools cost more or equal and offer way less.
Everything About Gulliver is Great the best thing is the food teachers and classes and the people are very nice people at Gulliver
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This school is a phenomenal school. They teach students discipline and important life skills. I am impressed by this school. Go Raiders!
As an alumni of Gulliver I am horrified at what the school has become. My son attended from 3rd thru 5th grade. It completely changed his personality. After being bullied for a couple of years he learned to fight back. He learned that cursing and talking about sex and drugs was “cool.” There are fights in the hallways. Kids are constantly getting their cell phones stolen. This has turned out to be the worst decision we’ve ever made. Do your child a HUGE favor and send him to Riviera or public school. It cannot be worse. Once they are exposed to the Gulliver environment it is extremely hard to reprogram these behaviors.
I loved gulliver academy. I moved to a new country and felt welcomed in my new schooled by teachers and classmates.
Moving from the New York Area, my experience with this school was disappointing to say the least. They expect perfection out of children even as young as 3, and regularly expel very young children for minor behavioral issues! If your child isn't "perfect" they harass you into using various school-connected therapists who they likely get kickbacks from. My daughter did so much better at her new school. Teachers are very hit-or-miss, the administration is unkind, pushy and judgmental. Children are viewed more as products than individuals--anything but progressive. If you want a highly rigid, snobby and oppressive environment, this is right for you. Otherwise, run for the hills!
I would've been what you'd call a lifer, but I got out after 8th grade. The amount of work is so damaging. In the 8th grade a friend monitored his sleep on a FitBit and averaged 6 hours of sleep a WEEK. Children shouldn't be treated like this. My middle school nightly routine was making a pot of coffee to take with caffeine pills in the morning and waking up at 3 a.m. to finish homework on the floor of my bathroom so the tile was cold enough to wake me up. I was sleep deprived and developed severe anxiety about school. It's only now that I can recover from years of toxic schooling from the age of 5. You are brainwashed to believe that your future rests on everything you do. In the 4th grade I almost failed math and had a panic attack in the bathroom. Please don’t be pretentious and send your child here because it’s “one of the best schools in South Florida”. And if you decide to do that because that’s the parent you are, at least wait for middle or high school. Please.
Moving our son to Gulliver has been the best decision we could make for him. We decided to make the move in 5th Grade. At Gulliver, 5th graders begin to learn the ins and outs of middle school life. They change classes, have lockers and even change into PE uniforms for PE.
This move has been such a positive change for him. He has gained so much confident and is learning in ways we never imagined. All of his teachers are top-notch. They are caring and inspire him to push his skills. He has embraced the diversity of classes and classmates Gulliver has to offer. If we had to make this decision all over again we would!
Go Raiders!
I will echo other parents in saying that the school is incredibly oppressive. They treat preschoolers like middle schoolers. Children who don't fit into a perfect box are counseled out or thrown out. It is not progressive in the lower school, and kids are viewed more like products than individuals. Many parents are stressed out by constant pressure by faculty to use school connected therapists. The best thing I did for my son was put him in a new school where he is thriving. Environment is pretentious and not nurturing for young kids.
Went their for 5-ish years before moving. Great academics, but incredibly oppressive environment. Didn't have a "G" on your trousers/shorts, indicating you didn't go to the overpriced uniform store to buy your clothes? Detention. No shirt tucked in? Detention. No belt? Detention. These were 30 minutes long during lunch. And they confiscate phones and don't allow them in class, claiming they "harm learning", which my new school doesn't do and I've seen most of my peers get better grades. Less restrictions, less stress, better learning. Clearly they didn't see that here.
Since we started our Gulliver experience at the Academy we were very impressed. The Academics, the music program, the sports program and the quality of teachers and staff make our family feel we cannot be in a better place.
We have a daughter in 7th grade. She came to Gulliver in 6th grade and was received with open arms by the other kids. The environment is wonderful and the support she got from the teachers is fantastic.
We were definitely impressed by the academics, but we were equally impressed by the quality of the electives. Our daughter is in the orquestra and loves it!
It’s clear to us that the school can accommodate kids with different interests and different levels. The school did a wonderful job tailoring a curriculum for our daughter that corresponds to her interests but at the same time puts her at the highest level academically that she can be. That made us parents happy and gave our daugher a sense of ownership of her on education.
As a parent of 3 children at the Academy, I can attest that Gulliver is right for my 3 different learners. They have each felt supported since they were young and although all have taken different paths, are all thriving in their own way. The student council member, the drama artist and the quiet reader all love their school and that’s the most gratifying to an independent school parent.
From the moment we arrived for our admission interview, I felt that my daughter was treated like an individual. They asked her relevant questions to learn more about her and her experiences. Academically, she has been challenged and pushed to do her best and succeed. I was worried about her coming into Gulliver in 6th grade and making friends since the school begins at PK3, but she was welcomed immediately and made a group of like-minded friends. We are so happy with all aspects of Gulliver, that we are moving our younger daughter to the school as well.
As an 8th grade student at this school, I think my review is somewhat important. The programs here are very diverse and open our minds to new things. Sure, it might be pricey, but I think it's worth it.
Would choose this school again, if we had to do it all over. Although it is expensive, my children had a great education since day one of pre-k. The primary and lower school teachers are amazing, very caring but will definately teach the children in class. The kids learn and it's a great environment for all.
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