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Groton Dunstable Regional High School Reviews

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I have loved all of the teachers I've had in my four years at this high school. While some may be a little challenging, I always feel that they have genuinely cared about how I'm doing.
Groton Dunstable is a great place to be, everyone is so opened to each other, and cares for each other, all are willing to help each other out and treat others like a family member, because the school, and the community is one in whole together
The teachers are very involved and classes are challenging. Student involvement in sports and clubs are very high. The school provides many opportunities for students to be part of the community and prepares them for college. The chamber choir is internationally recognized, and travel opportunities are available for students.
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This is one of the safest and most inviting high schools you can find. There has not been a fight or a teen pregnancy for many years. Most of the teachers are very good, and extra help is available to those who need it. Although we do not have much racial diversity, no one is treated differently for their skin color, and on the rare occasion that they are, the administration responds quickly and effectively. The class diversity is impressive, although the block system scheduling stops some students from being able to take every class that they desire. There is a school council that brings student opinion into how the school is run. Overall, it is a place that I would like to send my kids when I am old enough.
Groton-Dunstable Regional High School is a place where students can find a place for themselves and pursue their interests before even turning 18. With the wide variety of courses and course levels, students of all abilities are able to challenge themselves in the classes they enjoy being a part of.
My school has given me many amazing experiences. The teachers are helpful and really care about the students who attend their classes.
GD is a good school with great academics, teachers, difficulty of classes and college readiness. However, it is lacking in education in technology. The only technology or coding classes are electives that don't teach students very much and are not taken seriously The math department is amazing with a wide range of difficulty in classes and a great group of tight knit teachers. The science department is good as well with lots of subjects going up to AP and most teachers are very good. The english and history are pretty good, most teachers are amazing but there are a few that are not good at all. Finally, the spanish department is great and has a cool program emphasizing speaking over memorization and exams. Most elective classes are lacking in difficulty and purpose. They are only time fillers or graduation requirements and don't teach anything meaningful. But overall, the teachers are amazing and truly care about their students and go out of their way to help in any way that they can.
Small School close community. Wish there where more resource for college help and athletic facilities need to be updated
At Groton Dunstable Regional High School the academics are great and more teachers care about their jobs than not. Socially, as it is a small school of just under 900 kids, there is definite cliques and most everyone knows everybody and something about them. This can create for a close community but also drama. Students are generally respectful however enjoy talking about others. Sports teams do fairly well. Heavy focus and big push for students to go to college. Got a new lunch system in 2019-2020 that serves a great variety of options...that is not to say they are delicious but they have improved.
I love the community at Groton Dunstable. The teachers and students help create a nice high school experience. The classes are tough and make you work hard to succeed. Like any school, what you put in is what you get out. GD definitely has the resources to be successful if you want too.
You will be bullied if you don't fit the mold. The people who say it was wonderful are those who fit the mold, who know no other way of existing. The school is not deserving of the spectacular teachers. I had little to no help in the college process. Everything I did to become who I am today was either accomplished on my own, or with the help of the excellent teachers. The administration did nothing but hinder this progress.
I loved the level of commitment shown by a select few teachers. The teachers who taught AP level classes, especially in History and English, were incredibly dedicated to the success of their students. The same can be said for the music program. However, some of the teachers who taught less rigorous classes were not as dedicated.
I would not say that I enjoyed my time at Groton Dunstable. What this school lacks in diversity, only adds to the existing race issues that this country is dealing with as a whole.
I have had an incredible experience at GDRHS. Students take only four classes a semester, allowing them to dive into any number of subjects the school provides. This includes: An award winning mathematics program (offering classes up to BC Calculus), a Choir (which preformed at the 2012 Olympics in London), and physics courses taught by a PhD graduate. The school provides varied after-school activities, from Drama Guild to Robotics. While the town of Groton is not particularly diverse, the school district is very excepting, especially to the LGBT community.
Being a student at GDRHS has truly opened my horizons. Before, I didn’t have many friends, and I wanted nothing to do with my peers. But after joining the high school, I found myself through there large selection of after school clubs. I joined the robotics, mock trial, debate and dungeons and dragons club. Now I’m a lot more social, and my mood has increased drastically due to me having a social role. I’m always so glad that this is the school I go to.
Groton-Dunstable is a very upbeat, supportive community of students. The teachers are very personable and want you to do your absolute best. The level of difficulty certainly prepares you for college
I love the staff at the school. I think that they are all very welcoming and close with the students. They do not treat students as only students, but as friends as well. They are very accommodating to those who have disabilities or special needs. I do think they are a little too nice to those who have broken rules or hurt other either physically or emotionally. I enjoy all of my classes and I think that the curriculum is very well planned and thorough.
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While the academics are very strong, I'd like to see more engineering and STEM focused classes. The teachers are, for the most part, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subjects.
I like the academics and college readiness aspect of the school. When I got out I was not worried in the slightest about college or anything to do with it because GD prepared me well in that area. The teachers were also very good at GD. They were very nice and would always be there to help. One thing I would change about GD would be the diversity. There is barely any diversity and that can be a problem for kids in the long run.
Got me well prepared, received a lot of support, had all the resources I needed, awesome environment that helped me thrive and ejoy my experience.
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