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The teachers, course offerings, and athletics at South are absolutely incredible, however a few different instances within the administraition, such as a ricst incident that was glorified rather than condemned that caused me to not give five stars. I'd like to see more training on differents backgrounds given to the teachers but the student body as well instead of assuming the majority of the class comes from one set of beliefs, backgrounds, etc.
Grosse Pointe South High School is an amazing school with great teachers. I feel very prepared for college. My one issue is the lack of diversity.
Grosse pointe South has always put academics on top. There are many different variations of help centers as well to ensure that you have the tools you need to become an even better student. Grosse Pointe South also has many variations of clubs and extracurricular activities for students to join after school hours. I would like to see more cultural education and possible clubs at south. I feel ny doing this, we will be able to educate the mainly caucasian student body on practices and beliefs of other cultures, so that they may be prepared in the future to be respectful to their peers.
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The school cared a lot about its image and made it really fun for those who attended school events and rallies. However I feel they could have been a lot more involved with students especially minorities.
Teachers are very good and caring. South itself is a beautiful school, the administration could handle things better though.
Grosse pointe South is a great school to attend, the teachers are great and care about their students very much and are willing to help with almost anything as well as just being there for their students to talk to. The sports are excellent with multiple well known coaches coaching.
I couldn't be happier with the 3+ years I've experienced at Grosse Pointe South. The educational curriculum is setup for such a wide range of opportunities that I was able to find all the classes that were right for me.
All the opportunities and educational boosts in the world cannot erase the racism that bleeds in through aspect at South. As a woman of color I cannot stress this enough, this school is not a safe space for minority students.
Grosse Pointe South has amazing teachers, academics, and athletics. School spirit is not as great as it could be, but we are working to improve upon that. As for diversity, our school is mostly white, and is not always the most welcoming to people of color, which is something we definitely need to fix. Overall, it is a great school but there are of course things to improve on.
Grosse Pointe South is a great school for education. All the teachers push their students to do well in class and expand their knowledge of various subjects. The school does a good job of preparing kids for college through the academics.
A very good school with a lot of different clubs and activities for students to get involved in. Also, the staff is fantastic and very kind to everyone.
While high school proved to be laborious and painful, it brought forth the important aspects of life. Whether it be through extracurriculars or in the classroom, I came to realize that each day spent at school had allowed me to better myself, my teammates and classmates, and my future. I was able to use my knowledge and transform myself into a leader that will challenge the future in every aspect. The lesson that has stuck with me throughout my four years of high school was when my principal challenged my peers and me not to be the best for ourselves, but to be the best for the world. As I reflect as a senior I understand why my principal challenged us with this task. The world is not in need of individuals who only care for themselves, but needs those who will cross the boundaries and strive not only to better themselves but the entire world. I believe that Grosse Pointe South has prepared me for the task ahead.
The Grosse Pointe South High community is welcoming, accommodating, and involved. The student body is rather homogenous, with only a few black students per grade and barely any asian or latinx students.
Some notable points of the academics are a superb ceramics course, a dynamic history and social sciences section, and a comprehensive and attentive math department and faculty.
Overall, South's academics are nearly on level with some private college preparatory schools, though they do miss the mark with some aspects of that type of scholarly experience. For instance, many teachers assign copious busy-work in place of meaningful, intersectional assignments. Though, this is not entirely the fault of the teachers; it is unfortunately rare to see students at South with drive and/or a genuine passion for learning.
In order to fully enjoy the opportunities presented by a school such as Grosse Pointe South, an open mind, responsibility, and ambition is needed.
I had a hard time in high school. Don't get me wrong, the school is beautiful! But inside the people are not. I would like to see GPS offer more trade school programs. They encourage people to prepare for college, not prepare for the real world.
Overall the teachers are good and the people are nice. There have been a few incidents that are concerning, but they are typically addressed in a timely manner by administration. There's great school spirit and successful sports teams.
I am currently a senior at Grosse Pointe South High School, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school. All the teachers and administration have really prepared me to move on to the next level of my education and have supported me as an individual. My high school experience was wonderful, but there were racist incidents that occurred that make me uncomfortable. I wish the administration had handled them differently, and had made the situation something we could all learn from instead of just sweeping it under the rug. Nonetheless, my four years at Grosse Pointe South were fantastic and I will always remember my time here.
South offers a great academic experience, but a poor experience to racial minority students. While I have learned book-smarts, I often feel that the social education of South students is lacking. This causes ostracization and attacks on black students.
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I have really enjoyed my experience here at Grosse Pointe South. Here at South we have phenomenal teachers that are always giving us opportunities to learn more. We more than enough resources here to make each day a new experience. We great athletic teams and over 100 clubs to join. Our school also offers AP courses to help get a head start on college credits. The students at GPS make it a safe and friendly learning environment for everyone almost all the time. The only thing I can complain about is the shortened passing time from 7 to 5 minutes. It has been somewhat of a challenge to make it on time to classes on opposite ends of the school even without any distractions.
The curriculum in the school really prepares you for college and all the staff pushes you to do your best every day.
The staff at GPS is great for the most part and the education especially that for AP classes is incredible
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