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i enjoyed my 4 years of high school there. made lots of memories and friends. so many programs and oppertunities. really is a great big family
The atmosphere of this high school is like taking a step back 20 years. Football is a community sport, no matter the age. Most of the teachers are coaches and if you play one sport, you play them all. I transferred here going into my freshman year and I absolutely love it. It is so welcoming and a truly amazing community.
I liked how everyone had the best school spirit when it came to sports. Our football team made it to the State Semifinals and the amount of support from our community was inspiring. However, I hope to see a few things change: some teachers don't take their job as a teacher very seriously and that may be because some teachers are just focusing on being coaches.
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I love Greenwood with all my heart. Greenwood is an amazing place where everyone can find their group of friends. Greenwood has shown me so much and I am glad to say that I am a greenwood ranger. I’ve gone to Greenwood all of my life and I can’t say that i wish i went to another school. I am very involved with the school. I am in the Band, I am the mascot, I am a student council officer and I am in their theater program. The school has a lot of opportunities for everyone and even if you don’t like to do activities there are someone and groups for everyone. I love greenwood and I don’t know where i would be without this school or the environment. The community is so strong, and stronger than most. In times of need people come together and help each other and I love that about greenwood as everyone should. I know my opinion might be different from other people but I know i love this school.
A very disciplined and respectful school. The teachers make sure your doing your work and passing. Our sports are very good. For example our football team got pretty far this year. We ended up making it to state semi-finals. Our sports here in Greenwood are pretty important to us!
Greenwood has lots of positive things about it. I think overall we are a pretty elite school that people want to be apart of even though we are a 4A school.
I loved the community that stood behind the school. Everyone in Greenwood was involved in some way and I always felt like I had someone supporting me. One way Greenwood High School could improve would be to get a soccer team.
Greenwood High School gave me some of my best friends. It opened me up to things and people I never thought I'd open up to. Some of my friends, I never thought I'd ever talk to. This school really opens you up and welcomes you.
My experience at Greenwood High School was fair. One thing I want to change is the dress code. Over the years, the dress code has become stricter and, in my words, quite unnecessary. Don't get me wrong, academic-wise, the teachers at least try to help each individual student success, which is something I praise about the school. However, another thing I would change is the diversity. The school mainly has two races: White and Hispanics. The school lacks culture from others as well. It's too strictly focused on the "old-fashion" ways and that's something I also wish would change.
My experience at Greenwood has been life changing. I’ve been there for twelve years and I can easily say it helped shape who I am today. Greenwood is a very welcoming and positive environment. It does it’s absolute most to get the community involved and help with those in need. I would like to see more money going to greater needs than football or other sports and be used to make our campus better.
Greenwood was a very advanced high school. They also have many opportunities to grow in any career you decide to go for.
I like how the Greenwood community is so close, and how we can all come together and support each other in times of need. However, I'm not so happy about some aspects of this school. First of all, just two weeks ago, a black student was almost kicked off of the football team for having braids. I found the issue racist, and although the school board decided to let him keep his hair, I believe it was wrong for him to be targeted in the first place. Another issue with this school, in my opinion, is college readiness. I've had some less than helpful teachers in my high school career. In English, I had two teachers who "resigned" mid-year, after not doing a very good job of teaching. Of course, it's not easy to find a new teacher in such a short amount of time, but their replacements did not do a sufficient job of educating me either. Therefore, I feel very behind on my education and I honestly don't even know how to write a proper essay.
This school overall is great and shaped me as a person. I learned to strive for my goals and had lots of wonderful support at this school. I had great goals and accomplishments while attending Greenwood. My senior year was full of these such as being, homecoming queen, cheer captain and being involved in the great program called shattered dreams.
Band was great but I've heard that it's gotten bad. Shame, because that was the only good part about going to school everyday/
Some are amazing, while some are far under par.
Just mostly white, straight students, but this is west Texas.
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Could have been more prepared
They could have more extracurricular
The food isn't great and there aren't a lot of options
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