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Greenway is a great school with some of the best teachers. I learn a lot there and enjoy my time. I feel like the people there make the campus what it is, the Greenway campus is clean, friendly, and all-around a very positive place to be.
It's a great school with growing aspects every year. There are some of the best teachers I have had that teach at that school. I was even a part of the school Orchestra and got the highest award for the district music event two years in a row.
Since the beginning of being at Greenway I have found it to be an accepting and accomplished school. From the many extracurricular activities to its abundance of different sports programs, Greenway has been awesome! My experience with extracurricular activities has been nothing but amazing. When I first joined robotics club, the leaders have been nothing but encouraging and kind. Not only the out of school activities, but almost every teacher has been helpful to their students and they have always tried to give their 110% when teaching. Overall both the students and teachers are kind and awesome! You can never find a rude person in Greenway.
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Greenway was the place were I found who I am. The teachers there are amazing, compassionate, and encouraging. The students are all pretty relaxed, and I have not had a single problem there during my four years.
Its a decent school and has good academics. The school is more invested in their sports than music programs but the music programs do better than the sports teams. There are good teachers and crappy teachers.
I like that Greenway is looking into how it can become more accepting. we have a thriving GSA and I plan on a Garden Club so that students with families who don't have enough money can donate an hour of service in exchange for food.
Greenway is like home for me. my friends care about me and I feel like I've built a strong foundation for growth with a thriving support system. I feel as though my teachers like me and I like them.
However, there is still much work to do. there are still homophobic/transphobic students who bully me. There are still racist students who bully others. We are not out of the woods yet. The good thing about Greenway is that it does not stand with injustice, whether on the basis of sex, gender identity, sexual preference, race, religion, or ethnic background. I look forward to watching this community continue to thrive.
I am very pleased with my decision to attend Greenway. Overall, the teachers are not only good at their jobs, but put in the effort to connect with their students to help get them through high school. In addition, the coaches are very good and encourage the students to grow. For a public school, I believe that Greenway is an excellent school that encourages growth in students. In conclusion, the school has a positive atmosphere where all students can excel.
I like the spirit everyone has there and the teachers are really nice and help you with your work. The assemblies are always packed with energy from mostly everyone and the atmosphere around the whole campus is inviting.
Being able to attend Greenway High school has been such a tremendous blessing. The people who work there: the administration, teachers, counselors, cafeteria workers and so many more, have shown such dedication in making my education mean something. Their hard work has allowed me to be successful in my education and many life skills that I can apply to my career journey. I have also developed such close bonds with my fellow students, were we are pushing each other for success and teaching each other valuable skills that we can apply to our own lives. And that to me is something beautiful. The Greenway spirit I have been influenced by will continue to glow brighter.
At Greenway, everyone is doing something. The participation is stupendous. The community is so strong and caring. Not to mention the A rating and excellence in academics. 10/10 would recommend.
Overall, Greenway High School was a good school with well picked teachers and administrators. The only improvement that could help the school be more appealing would be to have nicer bathrooms and more space when it comes to athletic events or lunch.
Greenway High School has helped me succeed and continue with my education. I have had various opportunities: such as being a state officer, being a classroom officer, and being in honors classes. Our honors programs are very informative and teach us a lot to prepare us for college classes. However, I would like to see more lessons on how to prepare for scholarships, financials, etc. This way we will not only be prepared for college, but for our adult life too.
i love this school it has brought me so much success, all the teachers here are extremely caring and it fells like a second home here. i actually love school since this school is so welcoming and loving of everyone.
All the classes I've been in feel very structured and guided with good teachers, but I know I have some friends with some not so great teachers. They have a lot of help for scholarships and colleges which makes the graduation process easier.
Greenway is small and family atmosphere. Everyone takes care of each other at this school. The administration really cares about the students. The athletic teams are top notch. There are many resources and clubs to be involved.
Greenway High School was a great high school. I got to make many friends and I definitely got the high school experience I wanted. My teachers and other staff members have helped me quite a bit during the years I attended. I would recommend Greenway High School to anyone!
Greenway high school is a great school and is very well maintained by the facilities. The sport teams are amazing with most teams as region champs. Some teachers there are not that great but there are always people to help you if you are struggling.
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I have awesome teachers that encourage me and I have made friends that share my same interest. The school is getting more programs that focus on gaming and esports and I was able to take Japanese for two years here. I think these subjects are unique because most schools do not have them available.
Greenway High School is a great school for learning many skills. They are very welcoming and understanding with students.
I love the kindness the teachers and staff bring into our high school community! I do wish they would fix the eating habits at the school.
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