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spent two years at Greensboro day and have enjoyed my experience. The school is beautiful and all the staff members are loving. The teachers love their job and are willing to help you in anyway they can so you can succeed at school and in life.
Greensboro Day School is making me more prepared for college! I have been at the school for years and I have loved every minute of it. Definitely recommend!
Greensboro Day School really does build a community for its students, and the teachers are some of the biggest contributors to that community. Students feel open to asking questions, exploring their interests, seeking out help when they need it.
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As private schools often are, the racial and socioeconomic diversity leaves much to be desired, the latter being nearly non-existent. The high school has some phenomenal teachers, particularly in the English department, but the Chinese program is incredibly understaffed with only one teacher in the high school who also teaches in middle, having 7/7 classes for most days.

Something that should be understood is that GDS excels in academics and college preparation, but you will find that students are heavily anxious because of this competitive nature as well as parental pressures. And though the school has taken steps to address this, it has been largely ineffective as, in it's very nature, a private college-prep school is a source of significant stress.

It should also be noted that 2019-2020 is seeing a new Head of School, replacing Mark Hale, so hopefully positive changes will be made under her leadership.
It’s a lovely school don’t get me wrong, the teachers and faculty are amazing and there are some great students but GDS has an extremely toxic culture where it’s cool to be more stressed then everyone else, you’re so great if you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown. And there are tons of coverups as well where people either asked leave the school or are told never to speak of incidents again because they don’t want it to tarnish the school’s reputation. The students are never informed of such incidents either, it’s just ignored and the victims of these things are left to simply deal with it. The higher ups don’t care about these things, they’re off playing golf and getting paid for doing nothing. Maybe this will change after I graduate but the toxicity likely will not and it sucks because I know this school could be great but the amount of issues it has are just too much for me to give it anything but 2 stars, which is honestly pretty generous.
Overall a good school with great academic qualities. The people do lack some realization of entitlement, but overall a warm and friendly school. Most teachers are superior at their jobs and the math teachers are much better than most in the Guilford County Schools area. The campus is beautiful, with a new middle school and an excellent theatre. The library is enormous which a state of the art computer lab and two art rooms along with an outdoor cilm. They also let the students of the different levels converse with each other and help them to become closer through things such as the Bengal Games. Go Blue Team!
My children started at Greensboro Day School in Kindergarten. They are excited about school and learning every day. This is due to the quality of teachers, individualized instruction, and the care the teachers take with all students. Students are being prepared for the next step in their educational careers and in their lives.
Greensboro Day School not only provides a great education but also does a fantastic job of preparing students for the academic and social transition from high school to college. Having spent most of my education in public school, it is in my experience that the teachers at Greensboro Day have a much deeper care for their student's success than their public education counterparts. This level of interest in student success promotes an environment that allows students to be the best they can be. Because of the foundation laid by GDS, I felt as though I had a leg up on my friends during my first year of college. I only wish I would have enrolled earlier!
Both of my children have received a high quality, challenging academic experience. My older child is now a sophomore in college and doing incredibly well academically because of the excellent preparation he had in high school. Reading, writing in the content area and meaningful feedback from teachers were a daily part of the school day. Work habits, learning how to organize yourself - all these things were taught alongside academic content in each discipline. Those ‘soft skills’ are as critical to success as anything else, and I attribute each of my sons’ ongoing development in these areas to their experiences at GDS. Highly recommend.
I have attended Greensboro Day School for twelve years. The school offers a great education, but the student population tends to be relatively the same.
Its a amazing school. You have people who are very well hard working people, in fact all the students at Greensboro Day School are hard workers. The staff and teachers at this school are very encouraging and educated not like any private or public schools i have ever seen. The students are so helpful and kind. The food could use some work. But other whys this would be a best school for your son or daughter.
Greensboro Day School is a very good preparatory school. The workload is heavy, but fair. Many teachers are very skilled, although there are some that lack connection to the students. There is definitely a focus on athletics, especially boy's basketball. The arts program is wonderful. There are many resources available for students. The campus does lack diversity, but that's almost unavoidable when at a private school.
I really like this school, as it's actually pretty small. You can walk around the campus and everyone will recognize you. Teachers are willing to help you if they got a free period, they will tell you to come to their office. As an international student, Greensboro Day School provides ESL class with professional instructor, that really helped me get around.
I wish this school had more diversity.
Most of the teachers are very nice and helpful.
There are a ton of different options for students to get involved in clubs, sports, and other organizations outside and inside of school. Teachers are involved someway in every activity which creates a more community feel for the school as a whole.
My overall experience was great. The majority of the students and teachers were very friendly and made me feel welcome. The various sports and clubs at the school also made it easier to meet new people and stay involved. I would definitely chose Greensboro Day again because it had some of the best educators and programs a school could offer.
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Overall, the teachers are very friendly and do whatever they can to make sure everyone in their class understands the material.
I have been at Greensboro Day School since my freshmen year and I have not come across bullying toward myself nor anyone else I know. This also pertains to safety and security measures. I have never felt unsafe, worried, or concerned for my safety. The resources are always available, and taken seriously. I am thankful for my high school years at GDS.
Greensboro Day School offers basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, to name a few sports. They also offer choir, arts, drama (we have amazing plays). There are many talented people that come from Greensboro Day School.
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