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Greens Farms Academy (GFA) is a tight-knit academic institution that encourages active engagement and participation in the classroom, creates strong teacher-to-student relationships, fosters a fun loving and communal atmosphere, inspires athletic excellence, and caters to those who wish to expand their horizons. GFA offers a cornucopia of different programs, courses, clubs, and extracurriculars that set it aside tremendously from other private, suburban high schools. This includes concentrations in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), concentrations in Global Studies, study abroad programs, online courses, a multitude of Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities, a required International Relations course, clubs that reach from a LGBTQ+ alliance group to a Young Conservative group, consistently recruited student athletes to higher education institutions ranging from division three to division one with every senior class, and so much more.
Excellent school and experience for our family! The teachers know their students very well. We had 3 children begin GFA as kindergarteners and graduate. 13 years x 3 children is a lot of first-hand experience with the school grounds, administration/staff, teachers, arts, and athletics. Each child found their voice in the classroom as well as extra-curricular activities to participate and excel. In addition, our children, who went to 3 different colleges, all commented on how well their experiences and time at GFA prepared them for success in college and beyond. It is a tight-knit, caring community built on high academics, trust and following your passions.
Greens Farms Academy blends academic rigor with character-building in its education model. GFA students are thoughtful, responsible and productive members of the community. The faculty is top-notch and the head of school is fantastic! I love everything about this school.
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Greens Farms provides an incredible environment for learning! The academics are superior, the faculty amazing, the community welcoming and there is an extracurricular for everyone. I have two children at GFA that each learn differently and they are both excelling due to the teachers commitment to each student.
Greens Farms is a vigorous, inclusive, open-minded environment. While traditions are adhered to, the Administration is progressive and interested in finding ways to evolve with the times. The Teachers are supportive and supply appropriate encouragement to the students ---creating a safe environment to learn and push the limits in. The school puts fine and performing arts on the same level as their sports...and thus, the students are uninhibited to be expressive and creative in all they attempt.
This is an awesome school that prepares students for college and life. My Son was a lifer and graduated as a confident, strong and educated young man. This school is the best. He will be graduating from Clemson on the Deans list and has a job, due to the communicating skills GFA taught. Worth the investment .
GFA delivers an inspiring school experience. Speak w/students, peruse the Symposium Day program, read the literary magazine, attend sports, view art displayed in the halls, peek at lunch room dynamics, visit classes taught by passionate faculty, meet the inspiring new headmaster, walk the stunning campus. You will feel the wonder our 3 children do daily. The culture of inclusion & civility that is unparalleled in our area. Academically, GFA excels K-12. Middle schoolers are well prepared for high school rigor w/ round-table discussion, student-led problem solving, public speaking, research & analytical writing, & self-advocacy. Upper schoolers exceed expectations in & out of the classroom. Global field study opps abound, thoughtful discussion & inquiry is integral in every day's learning, students are leaders not followers. All superlatives & rigor aside, GFA is a place where it’s cool to be smart, but GPA does not define a student;each is valued for what they bring to the community.
My son has been at GFA for the past 9 years, and GFA has been an amazing experience for him. The faculty have nurtured his love of learning, and the school has offered him a myriad of opportunities to learn and grow. He has made interesting and supportive friends, challenging himself in the classroom, in the arts arena, and in athletics. He has blossomed as a student and an engaged citizen, and GFA's dynamic environment is a huge factor in his development.
I just love Greens farms academy! The academics are stellar, They pay attention to work load, while still offering rigor. The facilities are high caliber and teyh faculty are great!
The incredibly academic environment with teachers that connect and look out for your children. Small classroom settings that are innovative and foster every aspect of a child's learning. The opportunities at this school are endless. My children love to learn because of this environment and that is all I could ask for as a parent.
Amazing teachers. An exciting environment. Very dynamic and supportive. Really appreciate their thoughtful way of supporting kids in a rigorous academic culture
My daughter attended GFA for her junior and senior years. After skating through public school with little work, she found GFA to be extremely challenging and transformative (her word). Learning within an environment where it's cool to be smart and students want to be prepared to maintain a high level of discourse, was unlike anything she had previously experienced. Her two years at GFA prepared for very well for college.
Greens Farms Academy has been a wonderful experience for our 13 year old son. He entered in 6th grade and his world has opened to an amazing and rich curriculum, vibrant arts and music program - as well as athletics!
My children have attended GFA for the past seven years. We've been impressed with the rigorous academics. The faculty truly cares about students and wants them to succeed. Intellectual curiosity is encouraged and rewarded. The kids are pushed to step outside of their comfort zone and valued for their unique academic and extracurricular interests. They are encouraged to find their voice and work with their peers. Athletics are inclusive and team success is on the rise. Good sportsmanship is fostered. There is a palpable energy in the school and a feeling that the school is moving in a positive direction. The new headmaster has been a great addition and is making many excellent changes. There is a commitment to increasing diversity and financial aid. Overall, we've been very happy with the school and we are confident that our children are well-prepared for college.
I can't imagine sending my children to school anywhere else - they are known, supported and encouraged to succeed in every way at GFA. I am constantly impressed with just how well the teachers know my kids every year, even for that first parent conference! I have two very different children & find that, somehow, GFA manages to be the perfect fit for them both. In addition to our children loving it, we feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the incredible community - from the faculty & administration to the parents who make up the school, there is nowhere we would rather be as a family.
My son just graduated and I have two other children at the school in the middle school and the upper school. Our experiences at GFA could not be better. The close partnership between the students, parents, faculty and administration makes GFA second to none in my opinion. Students are encouraged to explore all of their passions and encouraged to take risks in going out of their comfort zones in terms of classes and athletics. I am highly confident that my graduated senior is well-prepared for his next academic challenge.
As an alum and former faculty member, I cannot day enough great things about GFA. It is a place that welcomes you in and makes you feel not only comfortable, but also valued, from day one. I loved the small class sizes and discussion-based classes as a student and always felt known and cared for by the faculty. When I returned to GFA as a faculty member five years later, I quickly understood where the warm community emanates from. The faculty work tirelessly to address the needs of every student and push them to be the best version of themselves. This is of course true for academics, arts and athletics, but is also true for character development. GFA teaches to the whole student and I feel lucky to have called it home for many years.
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I am always surprised when I return to GFA how much has changed and how much has stayed the same. The incredible facilities and innovative course offerings are world-class -- the caring teachers and focus on character are as strong as ever. My parents gave me an incredible gift and foundation in GFA.
I really enjoy GFA. Having been at this school since lower school, I have seen many friendship groups grow. In other schools, this may be an issue of exclusivity but everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I do not see cliques as an issue at GFA, if I wanted to sit at lunch with a group of people I do not usually hang with, I would be welcomed with open arms. I am friends with a very diverse group of people and feel that diversity in our school is great and continuing to grow. The small classes are amazing. They allow for a closer relationship with the teachers and a better opportunity to understand and learn. I highly recommend sending your kids to GFA. As my time ends at GFA, I see my future being a brighter place because of the education and opportunities that GFA has provided all of its students with.
Greens Farms Academy is a very academically rigorous environment. The students and teachers take education very seriously, and we all encourage and motivate ourselves to keep learning and being curious. Greens Farms Academy has a very supportive community, with teachers devoting their time to always be available for students whether it is for extra-help, advising clubs, or attending sports events and plays. I have had access to many amazing opportunities from attending Greens Farms. I was able to travel to South America and Africa, which were ecological trips that broadened my global perspective and increased my passion for Biology. In addition, joining the diversity club at Greens Farms Academy has enhanced my education about social justice and through opportunities like attending the annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference, my desire to fight for social justice and my appreciation for diversity has amplified.