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Overall, Greenfield High School is a pretty good school. They have a variety of AP and Honors courses along with a variety of different electives from photography to lifeguard training. I also liked being able to have a good selection in classes throughout my four years of high school and being able to get involved with many different clubs.
My experience at Greenfield High School was good. I took some great AP classes, who were taught by awesome teachers. The relationships built with the teachers will be unforgettable. I think Greenfield offers an okay selection of AP classes, but should expand and offer some more choices.
The teachers have content that they're supposed to teach you like alot of other schools but most the time they give to much homework for teenagers expected to get A's, work, have a social life, keep up with hygiene, as well as get 8 hours of sleep. Despite this teachers are relatable and try their best to keep kids not from failing. We look like a college campus with size and furniture but despite this we take clip boards to the bathroom.
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I believe that Greenfield is an overall accepting place to go to high school. You don't really see any bullying, and the only fighting there is are they occasional spats between people. Some of the teacher really care so much about their jobs and the students and they try their best to teach all their students to the best of their ability. I wish the administration would have easier ways for student to give their input and their ideas about how to better the school. Teachers always talk about going to School Board meetings if you want change, but those dates aren't common knowledge to the students. I also believe that the administration could take more consideration into things that bother their students, as far as academic integrity and really take it to heart, instead of just blowing it off.
Some things that I liked about my high school is the class size. The class sizes were small enough that the teacher could get a one on one relationship with each of their students. Some of the teachers I had were always willing to help their students learn to their best of their abilities, others did not offer help so easily. I did not like that teachers were not understanding of when students were stressed with their other classes. I did not like the strict rules during lunch period or the strict rules on switching classes. I think its unacceptable not to be able to drop a class that you aren't interested in or aren't doing well in. The school should provide you with the best ways to be successful and I think these are stopping that from happening. The lunches were not that bad.
Greenfield High School has a lot of room for growth for the students and the teachers as well. Greenfield High School can evenly divided up enough money for each programs at the high school, so everyone can get a chance to explore a different activity. The only downfall is the students interaction with one another, or the uncooperative behaviors towards each other. So, one day I hope students can cooperative with people with different personalities and interest.
In my very own high school, Greenfield had a lot diversity throughout the halls. The teachers and overall education provided at Greenfield varied throughout the walls of the building. I loved the freedom of which a teenage had to choose and weave a path through their lives. I wish they would change the direction they were teaching and provided more options.
Having not gone to their middle and as a Hispanic going into a predominantly whote school, I was nervous at first. However, on the first day I was at the school before the semester, I saw that there were other Hispanics there as well. Not to mention there were other minorities there which allowed me to realize it was an opportunity to expand my circle and experience other cultures other than my own. Because of Greenfield High, I was able to find myself
I am going to be a high school senior in the fall of 2018. Greenfield High School is a very decent school to go to. The campus is quite beautiful and modern, since it was remodeled in 2009. The sports facilities are awesome! There's a lot of clubs and activities to join, so there's something for everyone. It's mostly white in demographics, but there are a number of African American, Hispanic, and Asian students. We have a good reputation in sports and in our theater department.
What i liked about high school is that its a very calm place, thier are rarly any fights in school. Also, many its a very small place where thier are may people that you including others now them.
I love everything about the Greenfield School district. Every single teacher I had, I loved. The wide range of classes offered are very beneficial especially in preparing us for college. I would not change anything about this school for the world.
It was nicely laid out however, the ceilings were always leaking when it rained. The teachers by and large were good. Loved band!!! The administration was not supportive of students. Definitely needed a change of principal and vice-principal.
It's a good school with a lot of diverse and different people so you will find people to be friends with or do stuff with wherever you go. Also greenfield high school has a ton of sports and clubs for everyone. I like the emphasis they put on education along with reaching future goals and I am very happy I got to be a part of the greenfield school system all my life.
Greenfield High School is the perfect school to go to if you are new and get the chance to come here! When I was new, I was welcomed with open arms from not only the teachers, bus truely by the students! The students are open to diversity and love to learn about other cultures. I would recommend going to this school 10/10! I have been accepted into both D1 universities, because Greenfield High school helped me get there.
The preparations for college need to increase. The classes should be treated more like college classes, and not what college classes are presumed to be like. The teachers need to be more understanding of the students' needs, also. Overall, I think that Greenfield High School is a good school and I would send my child here.
this school required the students to have their school ID at all time, because of the danger and the safety of the students.
This school provide many different clubs, and all different kind of teacher that will get students the best educations that they need to go to college.
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So far there wasn't many parent supports in most events, however, some time they are there.
The teacher in this school are all great they are there when you needed help with a problems in your homework or if you don't understand the lesson.
There are some great teachers at GHS who really care about the students and do the best they can to help them succeed. The scheduling process is fairly easy and the workload can be challenging at times, but is managable.
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