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Green Meadow Waldorf School Reviews

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Green Meadow is an incredibly special place. We sent our daughter there for ten years and our son is currently a sixth grader. Waldorf education is very different from mainstream education, so if you are considering this school, that’s the first thing you need to figure out. Waldorf education focuses on the body, mind and spirit - with the arts considered as important as other subjects. They teach math and science in really exciting, creative ways. The kids get a LOT of outdoor time, which is wonderful. Green Meadow is a particularly strong and well-established school. It has an amazingly gifted and dedicated teaching staff, and a thoughtful and responsive administration. Sure, there are some small dramas that happen, but in general, this is an excellent school with a dedicated and supportive community.
I have attended Green Meadow for 12 years.
As a rising senior, I reflect back on my years here with gratitude and amazement. The carefully thought out path of learning which I have been led on has prepared my for so much. I feel that I am fully ready and equipped for my academic years ahead.
Green Meadow provides a unique education, with an uncommon emphasis on creativity and the arts while also pushing the hard sciences and, in a general sense, exposing students to a wide variety of subjects and potential futures.
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An amazing place to come to work every day. I am constantly inspired by my colleagues, the students, and the parents here. Grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.
We are a newish family to GMWS (parent-child, then Kindergarten and now 1st grade) and the education is grounded in age and developmental appropriate approaches and is founded with such lively, daily intention. The community aspect is phenomenal and the communication is open, the decisions transparent, and the leadership evolving.
My daughter is now in 4th grade and has been here since she was in Parent & Child classes at 11 months. Thanks to her education at Green Meadow, she is already an avid reader, very agile and athletic, capable in math, a skilled knitter, a beautiful singer, and is learning German, French, and viola. The teachers are dedicated and the campus is beautiful. There's real community here, and the graduates are well-rounded people.
I've had a great 13 years at Green Meadow. (Including kindergarten.) The block system really lets you learn in an in-depth manner, and the philosophy behind the methods used to teach are fascinating, and very effective. The teachers care deeply about the student's well being, and the classes are built to Inspire and strengthen the pupil's world view.
Waldorf kids are unique in the best possible way. Children learn "how" to think not what to think. They study two languages, play an instrument, make things with their own two hands, experience the natural world, plus a solid academic curriculum, all in a beautiful, caring, respectful environment.
It was very easy and stress-free.