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My experience at Great Valley High School has been mediocre. The educational foundation at this institution is satisfactory, however the instructors can at times fall below expectations. The school environment is also compromising at times. The faculty and staff are generally nice, although most of the students are insolent and jaded. The courses offered at this school are beneficial to any secondary student, given that the student takes advantage of the courses. I would rate my experience at this school as perfectly average.
The school has very great teachers and the counselors really helps with the college process. The only thing I don’t like is the student atmosphere.
One thing I liked about Great Valley High School was the education. The quality of education was especially good because the teachers always worked to push kids to try their hardest. The reason Great Valley has always been ranked at the top was for the quality of education that it provides to their students. For example, they always prepare their students for college and help is always provided to those who need it. One thing that Great Valley High School can work onis diversity within the community. Something as simple as making clubs for people in the minority and to help them feel included is a good way at spreading diversity. I have been a victim of much racism while I went to the school because something as simple as a lack of diversity was seen and diversity was not very common. If Great Valley keeps doing what they are doing in terms of education and creates a nice environment for those in the minority, this school will be even better.
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Very intelectual school, students involved in lots of activities, teachers involved in teachers life deeply. Math and Language department could improve in it’s delivering of the curriculums. English and Social Studies departments accomplish a fantastic job.
Great Valley is a good school, I received a good education from there. There are some issues with the school, such as untrustworthy administration but overall a good school.
I graduated from GVHS in 2011. Overall this school is a good one. They are no-nonsense about violence and are very focused on academics. The only real downsides to this school are that it isn't very diverse and over the years they have cut many of the more artistic classes like black and white photography, dance, etc.
I had a great experience at Great Valley High School. The teachers care about their students and will work hard to help them through high school and beyond. I have created life-long connections with many of my past teachers. The one downside of the school is it's art and music programs, which continuously tries to downsize the programs to the determent of it's students. Overall, I had good time at Great Valley High School and think it is a wonderful school.
It's a pretty awesome community! The academics are good as well as the people there, including the teachers and other talented students that you meet. Let's get better!
It was a really welcoming place. Everyone accepted me, and was a fun first few days. Completely recommend!
I had a wonderful time at Great Valley High School! The school has a great atmosphere! I was always surrounded by great staff and students!
The Great Valley School District is more than amazing. I am a second year College student and when I look back at my times in high school, I am very grateful. I had some of the most driven and dedicated teachers that wanted to make sure I was prepared for College. The school also makes sure to allow the students to have time to enjoy themselves with numerous clubs and sports. It is becoming more diverse each year and really makes sure to make everyone feel equal. Because of Great Valley, I have become a hard working, organized, and studious student.
The teachers supported me throughout my time in school and encouraged me to pursue higher education. I would hope that this was generalized for all students.
Great Valley High School is very high ranked, and has the potential to be a great school. Most of what makes a school great comes with what the students make it. Unfortunately, most of the students I engaged lacked an open mind and friendliness. Finding friends was a struggle for my best friend, my boyfriend and me.
Great Valley was a good school to go to. Although being public school, it had its downfalls. But it is also like many other public schools in the area.
Great memories made from this school, caring teachers and coaches and overall a great school to attend
Most of the teachers are amazing and I feel like I’ve learned a lot in most classes. Some need change, but the thing that needs the most change is the school board, I can’t think of one good thing they’ve done. Everyone hates all of their changes.
I think that Great Valley is an excellent educational facility. It has teachers that are dedicated to preparing their students for a successful college career and care deeply about the well-being of their students.
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GV is a great high school. I had an excellent four years here, despite the massive amount of homework teachers gave. This school is the perfect mix between being competitive and being relaxed - it just depends on the type of student you are or want to be. Sports are a big priority while sometimes activities like those in the music dept come second. Relatively diverse for the Main Line area, which is cool. Overall, pretty cool teachers, lots of clubs and activities, and nice students. Prepares students well for college if they take a lot of
Honors and AP classes.
It’s pretty good. Some teachers aren’t great. They should offer more APs in the underclassmen grades.
Great school with great staff. My main problem throughout my four years here was the extreme stress on grades and the ridiculous homework amounts. They claim that they are working on it but it hasn't gotten any better. However, I love all my teachers and they all work to help me when I need it.
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