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Discriminatory, bad teachers. Most students I know have horrible mental health due to school. NO available resources. Awful food.
Overall, GVHS is a school that is professional and prides itself in its strong academics and other opportunities. The teachers, at least most of them, are genuinely passionate in the fields they teach in, and want to see their students succeed. The student body, however, does consist of some rude students who do not care about their academics and find chances to make fun of teachers frequently.
its not for most people, mainly for people of color. People dont really understand other peoples cultures. Also i know school is for academics but it dosent always have to be about that. its like they embed that into your mind , and no one has a personality.
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Most of the teachers at Great Valley are good and passionate about their jobs and educating the students, but I know that there are some teachers who are not the best. Also, I believe that there are certain things that my school could improve in terms of curriculum and teaching structure in order to make sure that students are prepared for the world and their future, instead of just teaching us to memorize facts. The student community at Great Valley is pretty diverse and welcoming, but there have still been reports of racism and bullying that have not really been addressed.
not a lot of diversity- all the teachers are white bread... provide good education but high emphasis on testing and test scores moreso than learning and lots of pressure to take multiple AP courses
I liked my time at Great Valley but there are some aspects they could improve in. The administration could be more organized and responsive to students' complaints and wishes. I found the teachers to be supportive and willing to help each student.
Good School, But Kids Are Not Very Excepting. Which can make it hard for kids who are new. Kids are either really smart or falling behind and their isn’t much middle ground.
Great Valley High School is a very interesting type of school. There is a close-knit community and it is obvious that the teachers and staff care. That being said, the students can be extremely competitive and close-minded. There is a rift between administration and students. It does, however, prepare you for the real world, college or whatever future pursuits students may have. The staff is dedicated to keeping students safe and no one should feel endandgered in the environment.
Great Valley has a great reputation for being very strong academics wise. Their athletics are very strong as well and provide students a great opportunity to enhance their skills. Most teachers do care for the well being of their students and they will take time out of their day to make sure you succeed. It is unfortunate that they changed the weighting system however because it places students at a disadvantage when applying for colleges, since the other schools in the area continue with the previous weighting system. Overall the experiences and learning that I received there, helped me immensely in college.
GVHS was great - I had a lot of involvement in the music department, as well as the television studio. In a time where a lot of elementary and secondary schools are losing out on music & arts to STEM, Great Valley still shows their commitment to music and performance education as well as academics.
Overall my experience at Great Valley was great. I feel like I’m getting a really good education for a public school. I love most of the teachers I have had and I feel they have my best interests in mind. Whenever I am struggling with an assignment I know my teachers will be willing to help me. I’ve grown tremendously during my time at Great Valley, both academic-wise and personal-wise. My teachers and counselors have noticed my growth and have given me steps to continue to grow. One thing I feel they could have done differently is to stress the importance of getting involved in the Great Valley Community. I really wanted to join clubs when I entered high school, but I found it difficult to find out what clubs they offer and how to join. I think they could fix this by setting up stations at freshmen orientation where the incoming freshmen can learn about all the clubs and ways to get involved in Great Valley.
Very high ranking school. Lucky to be in such a privileged environment. I do not like the way the administration handles some issues. Counselors and social workers are readily available, which is important. I have an IEP that has helped me a lot. Many nice teachers who care. Some not so much, but you get that anywhere you go.
Overall Great Valley has prepared my children well to move on to college. It offered them plenty of opportunity to take advanced level classes.
Even though I've had my misgivings with the school at some points in my life, I can't help but admit that it has shaped my life in a significant and positive way. The school provides great resources for students interested in different clubs and activities. What makes this school different from others is that they don't simply just help start the club; the teacher or advisor for the club will help guide students to take advantage of opportunities. Furthermore, Great Valley's counseling department is second to none. From my experience with my counselor, she has always been very supportive of my high school career and is a very caring and sweet person who I can rely on. One quality I've seen in Great Valley that no other school has is the student body: no matter who you are, whether you're a lacrosse athlete or a Quiz Bowl competitor, you will always appreciate the various facets of student culture at Great Valley. If given the opportunity, you ought to go to Great Valley High School.
Great Valley is a good school district for the academics, but teachers don't push you as much as they should to help you succeed.
Just an all around great school, all the things I would change are either out of their control (Like Diversity, since it's a public school), or otherwise inconsequential
My experience at Great Valley High School has been mediocre. The educational foundation at this institution is satisfactory, however the instructors can at times fall below expectations. The school environment is also compromising at times. The faculty and staff are generally nice, although most of the students are insolent and jaded. The courses offered at this school are beneficial to any secondary student, given that the student takes advantage of the courses. I would rate my experience at this school as perfectly average.
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The school has very great teachers and the counselors really helps with the college process. The only thing I don’t like is the student atmosphere.
One thing I liked about Great Valley High School was the education. The quality of education was especially good because the teachers always worked to push kids to try their hardest. The reason Great Valley has always been ranked at the top was for the quality of education that it provides to their students. For example, they always prepare their students for college and help is always provided to those who need it. One thing that Great Valley High School can work onis diversity within the community. Something as simple as making clubs for people in the minority and to help them feel included is a good way at spreading diversity. I have been a victim of much racism while I went to the school because something as simple as a lack of diversity was seen and diversity was not very common. If Great Valley keeps doing what they are doing in terms of education and creates a nice environment for those in the minority, this school will be even better.
Very intelectual school, students involved in lots of activities, teachers involved in teachers life deeply. Math and Language department could improve in it’s delivering of the curriculums. English and Social Studies departments accomplish a fantastic job.
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