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Great Plains Lutheran High School Reviews

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My time at GPL has been amazing so far. All the faculty and staff want to see their students succeed. They work hard to help us understand the learning material, and go out of their way to help and answer questions. GPL has also provided me and many other students with a firm foundation in our faith, which is the schools goal. One of the things I have enjoyed most at GPL is being involved in sports. Here the coaches push us to be the best we can while constantly encouraging, and teaching us many lessons. I am beyond thankful for my time here, and can't wait to start the next semester!
I love my experience at Great Plains Lutheran High School! The student to teacher ratio is very good which allows me to get a lot of one on one time with teachers. The community at GPLHS resembles that of a family. Everyone is super supportive and friendly to one another because of our mutual love for our Savior.
It has a great Christian atmosphere and allows students to grow in their faith while being nurtured mentally by teachers who know what they are doing!
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I love how interactive all the students are with each other and the teachers. With the small school, we are like a family. The student to teacher ratio is great. Another thing I love about the school is how flexible we can be. We are able to be involved with multiple activities. For example, I can do all my sports while being in our Honor Choir at the same time.
Great Plains Lutheran High School is a very small school in Watertown High School. There are pros and cons of having such a small school. It is very easy to make friends! It is especially fun to have kids who live there in the dorms all school year too! Classes could be a little more challenging to prepare for college, though.
Great Plains Lutheran High School was definitely a great blessing for me. My Christian faith was nurtured on a daily basis and I received a great education as well. Great Plains feels like one big family. All the teachers care about you and are always ready to help you if you're ever struggling with sometimes. The student body is amazing as well. I found it quite easy to make quality friends while at GPL. Overall, I don't think I could've asked to attend a much better high school.
It's a great place to be even if you are not christian. The school is not big enough to not know everyone and for everyone to know you. There aren't cliques so everyone just drifts from group to group.
The first feeling you get when enter GPL is home. Unlike most schools, our small atmosphere binds all together meaning each and every one of us is able to be themselves. Our teachers are more than teachers to us. Since we have a small number of students, we're able to connect more with the teachers and students.
The teachers connect with their students, the dorm is a family, and the time here is a joy. I regret nothing about my time here. there is no better place for christian high school education. Is it without its faults? No. I've noticed on several occasions (in my opinion) questionable decisions, but none so bad as I've seen in public schools.
I loved how I could be having an absolutely awful day, but I could be walking down the hallway and receive a smile from everyone who passed me. The teachers genuinely cared for me and want the absolute best for me. They challenge me, but also offer their guidance throughout the day. Every single day my principal stands outside the school and welcomes every student that walks in with a smile and greeting. I live in South Dakota, but even on -30 degree days you can still find him standing outside ready to greet every student and start everyone's day off with a smile.
The number one thing I love about Great Plains is that every day I get to hear about God's word there. I have chapel and religion classes every single day. It's such a comfort to be surrounded by peers and faculty that believe the same things as me and this creates such a comfortable atmosphere. Great Plains is a smaller school and so I am very close with everyone there. It's like we all are a big happy family. Less students also means we have a lot of one on one learning opportunities from the teachers and they know us well enough to know how to help each one of us specifically. One thing that I would like to see change about Great Plains is that because we are a smaller school we don't have as nice of facilities. We have a really nice gym but being a theater person I would really like to see my school get a nice theater and better music equipment. Overall, I really love and appreciate everything my school has done for me.
Great Plains Lutheran was such a blessing to me. It was a small school centered on Christ, so I got the chance to do so many things from sports, to music, to plays, and lots of other activities. Got to meet people from all over, that shared my faith, because it is a dorm school. The teachers genuinely cared about you and how successful you were. They were fun to have us in class, made every minute fun. I was given guidance when it came to picking a college and applying for colleges and scholarships. They were ready for any question willing to help.
I like the Christ centered atmosphere: the chapels, the Bible studies, the religion classes, etc. I also like the family atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming and treats everyone like a family. It's really nice to know that you can make friends here and that those friendships will last a lifetime.
We have just gotten key cards for the school and the dorms. The faculty has done a lot to make the campus secure and safe. We don't really have issues with bullying. Everybody loves everybody else.
The extracurriculars at this school are very relaxed on the entry commitment. We let everyone "try out" and play on our sports teams. However, they may not get much playing time. We push our athletes but always put God first.
I love this school. We accept everybody here and get along with everybody. We all hang out with everybody. Every grade connects with kids from the different grades. They do not worry about what others will think of them for hanging out with other aged kids. We all do it.
The teachers really care about how the students really do in the classes. They don't want to fail a student. They will go above and beyond what they need to do to help the students in this school accelerate and pass the course. I am very happy that I went to this school because they teach you so much and bring religion into everything as well.
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I only participated in choir for one year, but most of the school is either involved with choir or band.
My time spent at Great Plains Lutheran was amazing.
The teachers at Great Plains Lutheran are simply wonderful.
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