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Great Hearts Academies - Chandler Prep Reviews

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Chandler Prep is great school with many benefits. The faculty is amazing and classes are exceptional. The teachers are what make this school great; they truly care about the students' education.
I appreciate the high level of academic rigor at Chandler Prep in addition to the overall excellent teachers and connected school community.
Chandler Prep prepares students for college by challenging students to be the best they can be. Though the work load can be intimidating for someone entering from a public school, those that grow up in the charter school system typically thrive. In CPA, it is a close knit community where everyone knows everyone, and each student has a name and personality, and isn’t just a number. This school is great for anyone who is ready to work hard and try their best, and I’ve personally heard from many people that to adjust to college after the Chandler Prep curriculum is not as hard as many others students from other schools. There are plenty of clubs at CPA. Many athletes from CPA have gone on to play in college, and CPA’s no-cut policy gives everyone a chance to enjoy any sport they like, and learn fundamentals from the amazing coaches.
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Chandler Prep is a charter school based in Chandler, AZ and it follows a traditional liberal arts curriculum. The faculty here are all very kind and enjoy seeing students learn. I enjoyed all six years I have been a student here because Chandler Prep has a good learning environment.
Great Hearts is a challenging school to go to, however, it prepares you for college. I wish my time here was better.
The academy is very well organized and runs very efficiently on a daily basis. Once integrated into the school, academics and sports tend to overlap with practices and extended homework hours. Teaching styles vary from class to class which makes it difficult to gain a clear understanding of the test material. Just like some schools, funding seems to be only sent towards sports, which results in severely damaged textbooks and an outdated book list. With some books no longer in print, some can cost upwards of 50 dollars, which is hard on some families.
I've enjoyed the education my school has provided for me, especially the fact that I can take Latin and Greek as my high school language. I also enjoy the fact that the school is small. That way, I can get to know my entire grade pretty well along with other students in other grades. The school doesn't cut anyone from sports team, allowing everyone to try playing a sport.
I do wish that there could be some leniency in the dresscode.
The curriculum is challenging and I feel the students are in fact being prepped for college. Students are well rounded and leave with a solid foundation for entering adulthood.
As a graduating senior, I found CPA's intentions are to better students and make them more well-rounded. I believe that this curriculum has a lot to offer. It helped me finds subjects I am now extremely passionate about and am going to pursue in college; courses I personally would not have chosen. This school also offers numerous sports programs and clubs. If you are looking for a school that has a rigorous curriculum that attracts the attention of colleges and a decent sports program that is welcoming to all, this is the school to go to. However, if you are someone who wants to be more active in things such as feminism, GSA's, take AP courses, or have a more intense sports program, this is not the school for you. Although CPA has its pros and cons, I have been extremely grateful for my education here. The environment is small, but inviting. The faculty is also extremely understanding and kind. I personally enjoyed the courses, faculty, and extra curriculars this school had to offer.
Amazing academics for hardworking, college-bound students. Variety of creative extra-curricular activities. Not for everyone, but great for those who love learning.
Chandler Preparatory Academy succeeds at giving its students a base education. They have a focus on western cultures and literature. Some diversity in the heritage of texts would be a nice way to make their students well-rounded.
It is a very academically challenging school that really pushes one to seek answers and learn. I specially like the atmosphere. That is welcoming and small and it really makes you feel like a tight knit community. Because it is so small you know everyone and are able to make deeper connections not only with friends but with teachers and the staff as well.
Chandler Preparatory Academy is a strong academic school with a welcoming, inviting community of students and teachers
Chandler Prep is a great school that students a lot of opportunities for success! The teachers for the most part have degrees in their fields and are very helpful and knowledgeable. Counselors try to find time for every student. Colleges visit and provide information to Chandler Prep students. The school could use an upgrade in technology, however.
Chandler Prep is a part of the Great Hearts schools, and offers a rigorous k-12 education. If students are able to keep up with the work, they will receive a great education. Although the classical education is great, the world is changing and I think the Great Hearts curriculum should reflect that.
Chandler Preparatory Academy is the kind of school that is great in retrospect—strict dress codes, disposal of modern culture, and lack of electives tend to blind current students of the rigorous program. But while some of the school's arbitrary restrictions are a tad unnecessary (some even actively prevent students from preparing for the social skills of college, which is ironic given the school's name), it helps students develop a critical acumen: it guides one to a thought process that facilities independent and analytical thought, which is indispensable come one's college career. Given the sociopolitical, separatist origins of the charter school system, however, the school's diversity leaves a lot to be desired.
I enjoyed attending CPA very much. It was rigorous curriculum and a place where you will learn how to deeply appreciate knowledge. The extracurricular are great because you are never expected to put them before academics. The teams you are a part of will become your friends for life. However, I will say, CPA is not for everyone. If you need to go more at your own pace or value taking electives, CPA might not be the place for you. Either way, I would still give it a try.
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When I played basketball there I was never given a chance to play. I would always give it my best in practice and I would beat the other guys when I played them but my efforts would always fall on blind eyes. That being said when I was on the track team I had some of the best moments in my life. The track coach gave me a chance to work my way up and I was able to become one of the fastest runners in school history.
I feel very prepared for my future, as a senior I have learned throughout the years study habits which work the best and feel prepared for most of my tests. I have got to know almost all of my classmates very well, and enjoy to being friends with some many of them. and the clubs are all so fun to be a part of, Key Club is by far my favorite, and one of the biggest, around 60 people are involved.
They not only teach your child but they actually know your child. They do their best to not only teach them the curriculum but also how tp succeed in actual life outside of books. I would never send my children anywhere but a Great Hearts academy. Chandler Prep is amazing and nothing I could say would truly express my experiences here because there are no words to explain the extraordinary education my child recieves every day.
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