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My son has had a good high school experience. He has some teachers that have gone above and beyond to help him.
school was great! wonderful teachers who were always there to help. great art teacher and great art program for those looking to peruse art in the future. all of the teachers u had were wonderful.
I feel very lucky to have attended this school. Although it is now the smallest in the area, the resulting sense of community is amazing. It is however lacking in facilities with much of the school resources being out of date and seemingly lagging behind the other schools in the surrounding area.
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I love this school because it’s filled with community and tradition. I wouldn’t want to go to any other school in Chesapeake. We’re small but have a lot of power!! #traditionandpride
I love my school! The teachers are dedicated to seeing their students succeed. It is clear that they care about us.
Like the teachers’ aid with students but don’t like students feeling inferior which I guess may be just a teen issue.
Great Bridge High School is one of the best in the area. The music program is excellent and the teachers truly care about their students.
Great Bridge is very chill but firm on the rules. They try very hard to be flexible based on your schedule. Teachers and staff are nice and understandable.
Overall my time at Great Bridge I’ve seen the connection grow within faculty and students in and out of the classroom for a great future going forth post high school.
Great bridge is the best school in Chesapeake and maybe even in Virginia. Lots of student involvement. I don’t buy lunch so I can’t really rate that poorly. Most of the teachers care about the students but, of course, there are a few exceptions.
I love my school but I think it was made in 1907 so it’s pretty old and we don’t even use the stadium at the high school we use the middle school one. This is because the middle school used to be the high school so they switched Bc there were so many kids from different zones. Other than that everything is awesome
I would like to see this school get rebuilt. the school is not in the best condition and doesn't even have their own football field. I would also like to see more funding go towards this school rather than some other new schools in Chesapeake.
At Great Bridge High School, many teachers offer help and want the best for their students. It is easy to be able to reach out if you need something for class or just want someone to talk to. Great Bridge High School is diverse and wants the best for its students.
My experience was great at Great Bridge, by meeting so many different students and faculty that were genuine. Academics is apart of the mission statement that brings tradition and pride to doing everything you suppose to do. Great Bridge pushed me and challenged me to do great and finish strong to get my diploma.
Overall my experience at Great Bridge was very interesting. I’ve learned a lot at this school and most of the teachers helped the students and really believed in us when no one else did. I was very happy to graduate from this school because it showed me I could go through so much and still have a great ending. Most things never went overlooked at this school and if it did it was because no one ever brought it to staffs attention. I will say this is a great school as far as academics and it is a challenge because you have to want to do better for yourself because the teachers will help you as much as they can, but the student has to want it for themselves, and that’s why I like this school because they truly did help every student who attended.
The teachers are very passionate about working and provide students the tools to be ready for college.
Even though I was coming from a private school, I still really love this school. I have made great friends who I will know for the rest of my life. The teachers and faculty are very dedicated to the school and helping the students. There is some technology issues and most of it is out of date; however, I still enjoy coming here and will miss it dearly.
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Personally I had a super rough start socially, but one thing I do like about GB is that there's tons of clubs and you're bound to find something that interests you. A big downfall is the huge differences with teachers. There's plenty of amazing teachers but at the same time there's the same amount of pretty horrible ones and it's a large gap, with not a lot of teachers hovering towards moderately "okay." In the first two years there's a lack of prep for having harder courses in junior and senior year if you plan to go into AP.
I liked how small it was, but I would like it if we were allowed more than 5 minutes to get to class.
Overall my experience at Great Bridge High School was good. Like every school you will face teachers that challenge you in a good way, encourage you and see your potential and help you to develop it. There are a few that do not realize the power of their words and their words can damage a student.
One thing I would like to improve is school culture and diversity. I would like for us all to strive for a family environment. Progress is being made.
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