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I like the student body and the plethora of clubs you can join, and I also enjoy the way they structured school for digital students. All of my teachers seem very engaged and are encouraging towards students.
For the time being, I was almost about to go to Brookwood, and I can't stand Brookwood at all. So coming to Grayson was the best decision, it was either here or South Gwinnett, so I chose Grayson and they really work with you at evrything.
It has been a difficult year for all students and staff pertaining to 2020, but as we face the upcoming year, I expect us all to have a great experience in these challenging times. I would like to see safety become the school's number one priority and putting the students first above all.
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Grayson High has a great community of uplifting students and pushing them to get better. The sports teams are very supportive and help build disclipine in their teammates. The teaches help reinforce the concept of responsibility and respect. An area of improvement would be the relationship between counselors and students. Student need to be able to know who can help guide them to the right colleges and help they need.
What I liked about Grayson High School is the amazing learning environment as well as the students. I’m also satisfied with all the clubs/extracurricular activities and athletic programs they provide to everyone. One thing I would want them to improve on is better student leadership within the school.
Grayson is a good school that cares about its students. there are a ton of classes to choose from for extracurriculars, and plenty of clubs. They have a great music program as well.
my experience here is amazing I love this school because it has many opportunities. i am in involved with this school so much
The school spirit especially when it comes to sports is amazing. The teachers are pretty involved and most of them really want the best for their students.
I liked that Grayson High School is very spacious and has lots of space for classes. However, they have a problem with not being able to accommodate the student population. They had packed classrooms and classes being help in trailers. I do know that they are now expanding the school, so that is something to look forward to. I also like how they try to invest in technology. They have incorporated Apple computers, Kindles, and new electronic white boards for teachers.
It is a very good school with limited space. An addition is currently being built on so we can get rid of the trailers. Nothing, however, compares to the pride at this school which is my favorite part of being a ram!
Very interactive and the people there care about each other. I loved how competitive GHS is because it pushes me to try my best and be my best academically. What I wish would change is the racial discrimination I endured and that many of the staff let happen.
Honestly all you have to do is find the people you genuinely enjoy talking to. Otherwise it's alright.
Grayson High School has given me a unique experience that I wouldn't have traded for anything else. The staff is full of caring individuals and the students have become some of the best friends I could ask for. My time at Grayson couldn't have been better and for that I am extremely grateful. Some of the decisions regarding athletics and coaching staff were poor but my experience was still amazing. Differences in athletic staff could prove to be good for the school.
Grayson is a very good school. The teachers are fun, relatable, and good at teaching. They are easy to talk to and make students feel comfortable. The sports teams are very good, as well. The football and basketball teams are highly ranked. The school gives students opportunities to obtain high school credits starting in 8th grade. Academically, the school excels. In fact, the entire county does. As a freshman, I can say that the school set a good first impression and I hope to finish my high school journey here.
My overall experience at Grayson High school was tremendous. The teachers at my school really have a way of challenging me to go further and to learn at a faster pace but still being able to understand. I enjoyed the clubs and activities the most because it had a way to bring students together. I was in an amazing organization called deca and I learned how to become a leader and ways I can project my voice in the future world. The whole motto of Grayson is " First comes learning" meaning no matter what education is important and well valued.
Grayson High School is a good school with good academics. It has a lot to offer in classes. A good place to learn.
I am going to grayson highschool as a freshman this year and I am so excited. I heard that the staff and teachers are great there, the students are super welcoming and all the classes, sports, clubs, academics help prepare students for their life after highschool and I expect nothing less.
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Grayson high school is a school that everyone in the state of Georgia wants to come to. Grayson offer sports and great academic classes. They offer classes for just about anything. The teachers are very friendly and are amazing at their job. I’m glad i change schools to come to this one.
The teachers care for you a lot more than you'd expect. In the gifted and advanced programs, with fewer students, the teachers are golden at addressing your needs and concerns. While you won't strike lucky sometimes, the experience rarely falls short. Additionally, students are why this star falls short. There's a good bit of discrimination and prejudice among the students, though that's definitely to be expected.
My Overall experience at Grayson High School was amazing. My Favorite year would have to be senior year Although it sadly got rudely interrupted by corona. Our Football team had an amazing run 11-2 Record almost becoming state champs. Same goes for our insane basket ball team who was led by Devion Smith, Caleb Murphy, Toneari Lane. Our team broke records in that last season and we almost became state champs but were (Myself and many others believe cheated out of our win) sadly sent home after a very intense game. The overall record being 30-2. Senior year sadly would be cut short as after march 12, 2020 we never returned back, and forced due to the corona virus to finish and complete the remainder of the year online at home. Luckily for my classmates and I we were able to have a sort of going away parade around the city of grayson. I really enjoyed and cherish that final parade because i got to see many of my school friends that i dont normally talk to outside of school.
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