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Grayslake North High School Reviews

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Very good school, some of the students aren’t the nicest but it is overall a friendly environment. I like that there are many different classes to choose from because students can pick what specifically interests them. The school prepares you well for college and provides resources if needed.
Whether you like a teacher or not, they are always there to help you. So many activities and ways to get yourself out there and meet new people. Academics is also very important at this school and teachers encourage students to take classes that challenge them. Oh and by the way,, we’re better than Grayslake Central.
Grayslake North High School is a good high school that challenges students to become greater than they are and helps each individual reach their own potential. This school also focuses on the mental health of students and promotes it; thus leading to an incredibly smart student population that holds determination and strengths strong enough to change to future for the better.
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All of the teachers at GNHS really care about the students and take time to listen to their problems or questions and help them. There is a wide variety of courses to help you explore and figure out what you want to major in at college.
Academics are very important at Grayslake North. When doing sports, academics come first and when a student is struggling, there are a plenty of resources to help them better their grades. They provide many different tutoring sources and an area in the school library where a student can ask different teachers for help.
School was average. Had some really great teachers in there that genuinely cared about the students. It was easy to make friends the first few days of high school.
Most of the teachers are passionate and committed. There's a great diversity of classes and flexibility around what students can take. One thing I'd change is how hard they push for students, even freshmen, to be in AP classes.
The school is pretty good. The teachers are all good and have interesting classes. There's plenty of different paths you can take with courses and you can choose what you want to do with your time here.
Grayslake North is a great school. Overall, my high school experience was filled with opportunities to get involved and school spirit. Some sports coaches I feel are unqualified, but I enjoyed playing volleyball.
offers classes of all smart levels, also, the diversity is great and people actually accept you for who you are. when the teachers teach you, they do so in way you can actually learn and remember the info. plus the mini corn dogs on Tuesday and Thursday are amazing
I find that the counseling department is very good at helping guide and prepare you for college. The school clearly has your best interest in mind and is set on preparing you for college. The teaching is very depending simply on who you get. I have had amazing teachers that have taught me so much and made subjects I usually hate fun and interesting, but I have also had the opposite. Some teachers also prepare for college more than others, but the AP teachers are very good at preparing you for the exam.
Very inclusive oriented school, makes everyone feel like a member of the school. Great teachers that are super passionate about what they teach and ensure that every student does their absolute best.
Beautiful school with tons of resources and opportunities. Had plenty of teachers who went out of their way to help their students.
I enjoyed the sense of community in this school, but sometimes, the teachers seemed cliquey. We, as students, tried to show respect and effort, but some teachers ignored the work we did and only looked on the negative side. While this was hard to deal with, all of the other teacher made high school feel much safer. Some teachers are always going to be rough at any school, so we got pretty lucky. We leave much smarted than when we came.
Attending Grayslake North, I felt that I was an important part of a large and diverse community. The faculty, no matter which department, always cared for us as students and went out of their way to ensure that our experiences were as involved and pleasant as possible. This school helped me greatly with college readiness and preparation to move onto higher education. The only thing I would change about Grayslake North is the limited amount of facilities and space provided for the fine arts.
GNHS has good academics. They offer a variety of classes and as an honors/AP student, it has helped me expand my classes as well as learn at a higher level. I've taken a good amount of AP classes and they were all taught by amazing teachers. Not many schools offer as many AP classes as North and I am forever thankful for it.
I loved attending Grayslake North High School. The teachers and staff were always supportive and helpful.
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I liked Grayslake North High School because it allowed student to create a community with school staff that felt natural and allowed them both to work with each other to improve school life to students and staff. All students were involved always in school activities and assemblies and everyone would display great pride in the school.
I really enjoyed my 4 years at Grayslake North. It is a very accepting community that includes everyone in everything. One of my favorite things that we started was the inclusion revolution basketball game that we did yearly. It is an eye opening experience that is always very moving.
At Grayslake North my teachers have helped me to prepare for college and have shown me how to believe in myself and my educational skills. Making the Grayslake North baseball team has helped shaped me into who I am . Being on the team has given me communication skills and has given me an opportunity to mentor younger players. Mentoring younger players helped with my leadership skills and I know these skills will get me to the next chapter in my life. The college career center at Grayslake North has guided me thru my college process and gave me access to information and how to use it. I did early application and was accepted to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln into their forensic science program at their CASNR campus. Grayslake North has given me a clear path for my future.
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