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I feel that school spirit is very good and there is a lot of opportunity for socializing. However, I think that the teaching styles/motivation need to change.
I go to this school currently and I think the teachers are great! The learning environment is good and it is very easy to find a place where you belong at Grayslake Central.
Throughout my 4 years at Grayslake Central High School, I encountered multiple staff members who made themselves available for students. They were administrative members or teachers that ran extra curricular activities. I believe they were more in tune with our needs since they dealt with students who did more than only go to class.

Public Service Practicum or "PSP" was a course instructed by a teacher who was heavily involved with students on all levels. PSP intertwined community service, school events, fundraisers and professional development. I believe PSP gave students the chance to be apart of special experiences that will never be forgotten. Most importantly, PSP gave opportunities to obtain responsibility and thrive. By mixing students together on projects that were bigger than homework and quizzes.

I was able to see the bigger picture of life from my surroundings and experiences in high school. That is why my time at Grayslake Central was exciting and humbling.
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For the most part Central is a great school. When I need help, I know I can get it, and the school pushes for students success. They offer classes that I'm actually interested in and on top of that, they offer free tutoring. Normally, I would think this is pretty much the standard for any school. The thing that makes Central above average is the teachers. Every year there has been at least one teacher (usually more) who really leave a mark onmy life and teach me valuable lessons for the real world, not just the basics they are required to teach. Teachers genuinely show interest in you and care about your wellbeing. Having that safety net of support is super comforting, especially when students are struggling.
I believe that Grayslake Central High School does a great job at not only preparing kids for life after high school, but making life in high school bearable. We have activities and events of all kinds that are all inclusive to everyone, nearly a hundred clubs for any type of activity someone would like, and an overall great environment where the teachers are there to make sure the student's health is good.
Grayslake Central High School is a great school and has an amazing Fine Arts program. The band/choir and theater groups have gone to Disney to perform and train with professionals. The theater program has made is to State competitions, have performed Les Miserable and have a large theater company. Grayslake Central is a very friendly yet competitive school in academics.
Great education in a small suburb north of Chicago. Have truly been happy with my experience at this school!
It's now my last year at Grayslake Central and I have loved every minute of it! They offer so many clubs and activities. My favorite experience has been Mr.GCHS. It's basically a show of 7 juniors and 7 seniors that compete to be Mr.GCHS. It's so much fun and I have gone every year. I also love the school because it's clan and I feel safe.
I've enjoyed my experience at Grayslake Central High School. I've liked all my classes and I like the number of AP classes offered. The teachers are great and I had a good experience learning from them. The only downfall is the clubs and extracurricular activities. They have everything normal schools have, but I felt like they could have been more diverse.
The community and school comes together as one. There's so much love and support for each other, especially in extra-curriculars and sports. Sure there's some cliques within the students, but when it comes down to it everyone is friendly!
Grayslake Central is a challenging, yet rewarding school. It offers many interesting options in terms of classes and extracurriculars. There is plenty of time to meet with friends throughout the day as well. I would like the hours to change as it goes from 7:30-2:45.
I love this school but I wish there were would be more recycling facilities, especially within the cafeteria. The sports teams are pretty good and the arts are amazing!
I have loved my four years at Grayslake Central! I will be majoring in a science program and the classes I've taken at Central have really allowed me to grow as a student in the direction I wanted. But I was also given many different opportunities to try new things. For example, I would have never thought that I would enjoy chemistry, but it turned out to be one of my favorite courses. The teachers are all very supportive and really try to form a connection with each individual student to help them to the best of their abilities. There are also so many different clubs and after school activities available. There is a chess club, a debate club, art honors society, psychology club, and many more. Overall, I have been very happy with everything Central has done for me and how its allowed me to succeed.
I enjoyed the many educational and extracurricular activities that GCHS had to offer. There were options for everyone’s interests.
GCHS is a wonderful school. Being surrounded by a lot of larger schools, we get tons of chances to play high level athletics. There are wonderful student programs, passionate and friendly teachers, and a fantastic community! The academics are superb and I cannot praise this school enough. Of course there are plenty of ways to improve, but the administration has always made me feel valued and welcome and it has made for a memorable and enjoyable four years. Go Rams!
I really enjoyed all of my teachers, especially English, who were all driven to create lesson plans that worked for each and every student to ensure our success. I love the leadership opportunities as well as the freedom I was given as a student there. A super welcoming student body made for a great high school experience. Plus the food was pretty good!
Throughout the almost four years I have been at Grayslake Central I have created so many amazing memories with friends and teachers. I have met people who have changed my life in such a positive way and I am forever grateful for them. I have been lucky to get to go to such a great school.
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My experience at Grayslake Central was an overall good experience. I had a good time with teacher and friends while getting a good education. I really felt like I achieved something once I graduated.
What I like most about Grayslake Central is the fact that they put the safety of their students before anything else. Even if their protocols are not very cherished among the students the administration is dedicated to upholding those rules to keep us all safe. The other thing that is really enjoyable about Grayslake Central is how much the teachers care about making sure the students succeed. They are always open to working with before, during, and after school just to make sure you know the material. The only thing I would like to see changed is how clubs and extracurricular activities are advertised around the school. They do advertise them over the announcements and in the bathrooms on posters but I can see that most kids don't pay attention to either of those things.
I loved Grayslake Central. I am very thankful for my time there. I had incredible teachers, a wonderful social worker, and lots of opportunities to volunteer. However, there is definitely favoritism played by teachers, and a lot of bullying went ignored by sports coaches.
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