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Grassfield is a very good school, but could make minor changes to improve it even more. While the school tries to implement student involvement heavily in school activities they do not do a good job of listening to the feedback given by these students.
My school district lies in the Oscar Smith zone but I decided to apply for the STEM Academy before I started my freshman year of high school, granted I got in wanting to learn more about coding/programming the STEM academy taught me new talents and showed me that programming is not the route I should take as far as pursuing a career. The best part about going to Grassfield is the STEM academy, it challenges you to take part in advanced classes that not everyone has the opportunity to get, its only for those that work hard enough and they deserve it.
I liked that the teachers and staff were very involved with their students. It felt like one big family.
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Grassfield high school is one of the top 500 high schools in the country. I have taken almost all honors classes and one AP class and have met some very very good teachers. Unfortunately there were others Teachers at the school that are very petty-and quite unflexible-my recent experience is wanting help in math and the teacher said because I did not text her during certain hours she would not answer my questions-I feel personally that I am here to learn and to ask questions I was away the entire weekend so unable to text her during her hours. I like that the school has no fights but I do not like the manner in which some teachers and staff speak to the students
I love the school because the teachers are nice, the students are welcoming, and the counselors get what you need to graduate. I really enjoy my time here and I feel like this school knows my best interest.
Great for academic opportunities and resources, but not guaranteed inclusion for every student, but growing in this area.
I came from private school to this school. The transition in and the transition out into college was a lot smoother than expected
The staff and teachers along with their extracurricular programs always tried to be inclusive and diverse. Students and stuff supported all forms of expression in the arts and were huge with sports.
Grassfield High School provided all the resources I needed to take a full load of AP courses so that I could spend less time, and therefore less money, in college while having enough student support that I didn't struggle in those AP courses.
When I arrived at Grassfield the fall semester of my Junior year I noticed an unusually large amount of cliques and did not feel I was given many opportunities to meet other students with common interests upon my arrival. Since I had transferred in the middle of the semester, I was unable to join any fall sports and consequently felt like I was missing out on many of the activities many of my other classmates were able to enjoy. Many of my teachers however worked very hard to create an open and welcome classroom environment making it easy to make good connections within the school.
My experience at Grassfield has been a very average high school experience. The teachers in this school are very great and helpful with anything you may need help with. Also, the school building/atmosphere are very nice and up to date. But, I would like to see the school do more events for all grade levels and better pep-rallies.
Grassfield is a very privileged school, but that brings in much parent involvement and many resources. The academics are phenomenal, as it is a STEM school and the teachers are ready to help and teach every day. Many teachers stay after each day to help their students. I only wish the sports were better advertised so individuals knew when games were. The sports are not terrible, but it is difficult to find information on when and where games are. Overall, I love my school and am grateful to have the opportunity to graduate with so many AP classes under my belt and a wonderful education.
Grassfield High School is a wonderful school to attend ! The teachers and students are very welcoming and help you adapt to the next four years of your life ! I will always talk very highly of Grassfield …. Go Grizzlies !!!!
I enjoyed the band program of Grassfield. I would like to see the attitude of administration change as some were unacceptable. I would also like for them to watch the teachers more closely as some behaved in any fashion and others simply did not care.
I liked that you could be friends with anyone there, some of the teachers you formed good bonds with. Since grassfield is a newer school than all the rest they just need to build up on everything
I went to Grassfield High School for all four years of my high school career and have enjoyed it very much. At times, it felt unsafe with gun and bomb threats, but this also has become, sadly, a common thing among high schools in the United States. I always felt I had someone to go to, as the teachers are very easy to talk to and get along with. Grassfield offers a variety of classes so everyone can find something that they are interested in. I do, however, wish there was more diversity at this school as most of the school, to me, seemed to be either Caucasian or African American.
I love going to Grassfield. I have been able to make a lot of friends over the years and its an enjoyable place to be!
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I moved to Chesapeake sophomore year, and I was very scared of coming to this school in the middle of my high school career. I was afraid of being left out or not making friends, but that is not what this school is like at all. This is the most inclusive high school I have seen. No matter your gender, race, or sexual orientation, you will be treated fairly. The large variety of clubs brings students together, as band and chorus did for me. This is an absolutely wonderful school.
Best public high school in the entire region of Hampton Roads. Everyone is enjoyable to be around and most of the teachers are really engaging and teach beyond the required curriculum for our enjoyment. As a member of the band program, I can surely say that we also have one of the best music programs in the entire region as well. The whole school is a great community to be in, hands down.
Grassfield High School provided me with a great high school experience filled with great social interactions as well as excellent academic opportunities.
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