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I love Granite Hills High School. Granite hills is a very open, accepting, and opportunity-filled place with all kinds of people from all backgrounds and we all come together as one. I love our school spirit and how much the students connect with the teachers. We offer a lot of arts programs such as dance, band, guitar, strings, choir, drawing and painting, and so much more. I feel my school really encourages me to grow and build myself up as a person, wanting to try new things any chance I get. We all get so close and your friends start to feel like family. My school also offers many resources for our improvement like after school tutoring, SAT prep, councelors are always available and wanting to help you. My school also offers a bridge program with our community college where you can take college and high school all in one and being part of that program is the best choice I have ever made. I would not change a thing about my school. I am very lucky to be able to attend it.
It was a good school, the staff was pretty nice(for the most part) and the students were very different. I’m glad I went there instead of Apple because high school wouldn’t have been as fun
There were a lot of fights and mishaps during my high school career, but there are also friends and teachers I am grateful to have met.
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Granite is a great school, the teachers really care. An agriculture department would be an awesome addition!
Great teachers and elective staff. All sports teams were well equipped, and helped me through my high school years.
It is a decent school out here in the High Desert. It is always improving year by year and there are great teachers here who do care more a lot for their students. There is also a great after school tutoring program which helped me a lot when it came to finals week. Our sports are decent when it comes to Tennis, Water polo, Volleyball, Soccer, and Cross Country.School Food could be better, but its free for everybody, so what is there to complain. The AVID Program is great and the teachers for each grade level make the years so fun and memorable. The Diversity is good here since there is a mix of every race on the campus. There is also many cool clubs and programs that students can join which will help you during the long run when you are planning to go to college. I got a good education from here and I have stayed in this high school for four years. I also forgot to mention that we have many interesting courses like Baking, Cooking, and AP Seminar which is cool
Granite Hills High School is a great academic and sport filled campus that enforces valuable morals and ethics implementing them into their classes and students.
My experience here is one I will never in my life be able to forget. I went to this school for two consecutive years, and they were the best years of my life. The people are friendly, and the teachers teach very well, the honor classes are really really great. I adored the principal, and the band director.
Granite Hills was the perfect High School for me. There is very much needed diversity of students where you wouldn't find at other schools in Apple Valley. We know we aren't the best or richest school, but we have fun with what we have and do quite excellent with the limited resources we have both in academics and athletics. If I were to change one thing that would be more support from the district. A lot of the current employees at the AVUSD office are Apple Valley Alumni and don't give us the same opportunities as they give Apple Valley High School.
My name is georgetoria nze and I moved to apple valley at the beginning of my junior year of high school. At first, I thought the school was good because I had decent teachers and people were very welcoming. My biggest issue with the school and what I would like to see change is the safety not only for the staff but the students as well. Multiple times weapons have been brought onto campus by students, multiple physical fights between students, etc. One of my missions before I leave granite hills high school is to increase the level of respect between student and teacher and building good communication between all students and faculty.
I Liked how there were many events Seniors get to participate in. I also enjoyed my Avid class me Junior and Senior year. We were able to work on our leadership skills and being professional. It definitely was the best class/programs took at this school because of how well it prepared me for College. I also enjoyed playing Basketball my Freshman year it really helped me become more open and less reserved. The team I played with ended becoming really good friends of mine. I also liked how there were events to help Seniors and Juniors study for the SAT.
I am a current senior at Granite Hills High School and I must say that the more involved you are the better. The teachers that I have had are very helpful and supportive, so are the counselors. Although we may struggle with having school spirit, academically we have excelled. Our school just keeps improving each year, administration and staff have worked hard to create a welcoming environment for all students.
During all my four years here at Granite Hills High School, I've experienced all kinds of things while being here. This includes activities at the school and the friends that I've made here. This school is really diverse and fun and it has many activities throughout the years here. So far we've only been improving on how things are done at the school and what is done. It's been a rocky road for me but I still found it fun and exciting to be here. I somehow met the love of my life here and people may say it won't work out in the end but I believe it will. The school has a lot to work on still but it is still a great school to attend. I've played volleyball and helped out in AVID and it's just been a great ride for the four years of my life and it's something I won't ever forget.
What I like about the school is how diverse the students are and how much the school has to offer between academics, clubs, and school activities.
I enjoyed being at Granite Hills High School I got to bond with people I never knew I would and the Teacher. Everyone is welcoming at Granite Hills High School.
I am a Senior at Granite Hills High School and after being there for 3 years I am proud to say that school has helped me in so many different ways. The learning environment is excellent most of the teachers know how to get past the disruptive behavior and carry on as if nothing happened. When you are in a history or government class the main focus is not learning about the teachers beliefs it is about how the government works or how history was in the past. Teachers have certain rules in their classrooms and the students must follow them. One of my teacher has a saying it’s “if you cooperate you graduate” and that is very important to understand. Students on campus always find a way to be included and stay involved. The ASB team is always thinking about having some fun event to participate in or having a week of showing school spirit. When I first started attending Granite I was scared to start high school because of the stereo types I had heard of.
I enrolled into Granite Hills High School as a sophomore and from the start I found the teachers to be very helpful through their teaching and resources they provide for us. Aside from all that, the campus itself seems well taken care of and the environment felt very welcoming. My academics definitely excelled from the previous school I attended where I did poorly. I'm glad that I was able to find a school where I am able to learn and engage with the school activities that they set up for us. I can confidently say that this school is a great place where students can immerse themselves with their education.
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I would like them to know that Granite HIll's is a school of trend setters. What I mean by that is there are often times when the school comes up with unique events, programs, opportunities and more that other schools from our district take inspiration from. For example, our AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program created an event about two years ago called AVID Forum, that was highly recognized. Now the AVID programs from other schools in the district have made their own. You make great memories here, you will never forget your experience, and we are the most supportive and opportunity-abundant school when it comes to the success of the students futures in careers and education.
when I first start coming to the school three years ago I have had a okay experience at the school. there are a few teachers ready to help and give students the educations they need after high school, while some teachers really don´t care and do not help in any circumstances. Some of the learning material presented to us students doesn't help with anything that we need in college and is kind of useless/ waste of time . But overall I like the school and a handful of teachers and how they give us the right material and will finish my senior year there.
Overall, many individuals tend to say how Granite is bad because of this and that, but it really isn’t because it’s just the students who don’t care about their education and just want to ruin the experience for everyone else. As long as you’re being yourself, nothing will happen to you, unless you’re loud and ignorant around others than you’ll have a bad time. Lunch is pretty bad, but I don’t blame them because free food doesn’t mean it’s going to be good food, so for me personally, I’d rather eat at home, unless you’re in sports which most practices are after school then you would probably have to eat up buddy. Sports wise we are known for our track, tennis, water polo, and cross country, while the rest are like somewhat decent. We do have pretty good teachers, but as long as you try and create a good relationship with them, you’ll be alright. Our diverse campus mostly has Blacks, whites, and Latino/Latinas with lil mix of everything else.
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