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Granite Bay high school is a good school. The ap curriculum helped me acclimate to the workload of college. The teachers were nice and there were quite a few good electives to take. However, the administration wasn’t very understanding and I felt they put too much stress on their students going to college
Granite Bay High School is a great place to get a great education. It is competitive and the teachers hold you to realistic standards to push yourself without setting you up for failure. There is a lot of amazing opportunities in sports, classes, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. Everyone at Granite Bay has a lot of pride in the school.
This school is highly competitive in academics and sports. The teachers are great for the most part and want to see the students learn and achieve their potential.
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I went to granite bay a few years back and felt that it has prepared me for college quite well. The teachers are overall pretty supportive. Athletics are fun and once you have your friend group things are good but I would say that when I attended there were many cliques.
Granite Bay High School has several opportunities, such as sports and advance placement classes in many subjects. The school has about seventeen AP classes in total. They also have extraordinary activities and sports, such as their band and football team. It's great how they have study sessions every year to help students. The only thing that I believe they could improve on is not making school just about the grades because a lot of students have a mindset on that currently.
The faculty is extremely motivated to make sure their students are ready to go onto the next steps of life, whether it is college or the work force. There is not a bad teacher at the school, every teacher is very good and gives the students a positive learning environment. Clubs and activities are diverse and plentiful, every student on campus feels safe, and the students attending are extremely motivated to be successful.
Granite Bay highs school was a very good school academically. They taught students how to work hard. Most teachers made classes fun and easy to learn for students. Some were very hands on some were not. I wish they would evaluate teachers more closely to see if they were actually a good fit.
I like the tight atmosphere at Granite Bay and the faculty members are always very friendly. The teachers are very well educated and do their best to help students excel in school. The students are very nice to one another and the culture of Granite Bay is one that can't compare to other schools.
There was a heavy influence of parents or students with money. By this I mean, many students got away with not following rules because of their family's influence. This is very unfortunate for those of us who come from middle class families. This administration doesn't enforce rules. Although, the teachers are amazing. I only had an issue with a couple teachers during my 4 years attending GBHS. The art program is beyond anything you would expect from high school level classes. The art program over prepared me for college.
I enjoyed Granite Bay Highschool due to its excellent academic system and high academic success rates that allow many to succeed.
The only thing that I would recommend altering is the limited amount of time some courses have to learn the material.
I would love to see it become a more inclusive school. While minorities are welcomed, they are few and far between. The students and teachers are great and the parents love it all. The sports was a large part of my social group here and I made tons of great friends who I continue to communicate with well into college.
Granite Bay High School is an excellent school with a strong focus on academics. Everyone at the school values their education, and the teachers and administration do an excellent job at pushing students to be their best. In terms of resources and facilities, it really is your standard public high school. However, the whole community is very involved in the school and it shows in our school athletics and activities.
Granite Bay boasts top athletic programs in the region and top academic programs, making it the perfect fit for student-athletes.
As a recent graduate moving on to a 4 year university, their is truly a strong effort to motivate students to pursue education after high school. The goal is not only to graduate high school, but to be accepted and attend universities and colleges all around the country.
The AP classes offered truly prepare you for college, as well as their IB program. Many alumni have connections to prestigious schools and you have higher chances of getting into top schools, especially with the rigorous classes offered. They have many resources for classes, as well, especially in the science department. The athletic department is one of the best in the area and the clubs offered are diverse. The professors are educated in their works and care about their students. Many students are as equally motivated in their schoolwork and professors are very supportive. However, the school does lack diversity as well as the area.
Granite Bay High School has absolutely prepared me for college next year. The rigor and challenge of the school has maximized my intellectual abilities and has been a great environment to learn in. With all of the clubs, activities, and ways to get involved, I have loved my experience and Granite Bay High.
GBHS is an excellent college preparatory public high school. There are a wide range of AP courses offered, as well as honors and IB. There are culture problems with a high anxiety and stress environment that is not worth it for a lot of students. The school overall has great teaching faculty, with a handful of standouts.
Granite Bay offers a wide array of academic programs and classes to choose from. They offer excellent extracurricular. However, the only thing stopping GB from becoming 5 stars is their adminstration.
Definitely a fantastic High school. Elite academics and athletics. I graduated from here and was almost over prepared for my college classes. This is definitely the best high school in the Sacramento and Placer County area. The community supports the school in a fantastic way as well.
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Lots of bullying and drugs. Kids at this school will get racist insults IN FRONT of teachers and they won’t do anything. Everyone at this school drinks and smokes and if you don’t you’re seen as a loser.
If academics are what you're looking for, this is the school to attend. If you don't fit into the Granite Bay stereotype, you're going to have a hard time fitting in here. The students generally are very competitive and superficial. The school administration has occasionally been racially profiling students throughout the years that I attended. There is a big party and drug culture at Granite Bay as well. Some of the teachers were by far the best that I had ever had, and many of them are very caring about their students. If you want your child to grow up in a friendly, supportive, and open minded environment, this is probably not a good school for you. But if you want your child to have some of the best academic resources available, Granite Bay is the place to go.
I like that I feel challenged with the curriculum being taught, but I want my education to be more about what I learn, not what grades and test scores I get.
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