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Grand River Preparatory High School Reviews

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Grand River Preparatory High School, in just a few words, is a diverse, challenging, and friendly experience. The school is very diverse, with people of all ethnicity and all cultures found in great proportion to the whole population of the school. The school challenges you to do the best you can by requiring that you take and pass two AP classes and volunteering for 60 hours. There is a wide array of available AP classes, allowing you to have freedom in choosing what will suit your interests. In addition, to graduate, you must be accepted to an accredited 4-year college or university to ensure you can succeed should you choose to go to college. What could change for the better is the seriousness of completing work on time. Almost every class accepts late work, and many give no severe penalties (greater than 10% deduction). The school has most popular sports, the ones missing being football and baseball. Altogether, it has been a great experience and there are no regrets.
I love how well this high school has prepared me for college. The academics and teachers there are amazing and I feel very confident and ready to start college. It is a smaller school so it does lack some high school experiences but overall it is a great school to attend!
Grand River Preparatory High School excels in academics. They offer a wide variety of AP courses. They also partner with Davenport University to offer dual enrollment opportunities. The staff is willing to stay after or before school to tutor and answer questions. I compare with other schools in the area and the only faults I see in Grand River Prep comes down to sports. Sports are almost intramural. They do not have ceremonies or praise sports. This is an academic focused high school. If you plan to go to colleges or universities after high school, I would definitely recommend this school to all that question me.
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It's a small school so it's easy to get a lot of personal attention and the teachers are all very nice and there's many resources provided. There's also a great variety of after school activity and the atmosphere is very positive and motivational.
Grand River was a calm and warming environment. The staff want nothing but to help you succed, they are caring and make sure you know that in many ways. Their high standards are for you to challenge yourself and becomer better.
I really loved the feeling of being a part of such a diverse community. We really are a GRP family. Nobody is ever left out!
My experience at Grand River Prep was amazing. My staff I found to be some of my best friends and supporters while also teaching subjects they all seemed to love. I had the blessing of going to this school and academically achieving great things do to, in large part, the dedicated teachers. I played three sports and would have loved to see the students at my school fill the bleachers in support. Unfortunately I can’t say that ever happened. This is a great school academically. I just wish it could find more pride.
My time at Grand River has been a blast! The teachers are so nice and genuinely care about each and every student.
I loved all my teachers at Grand River. I felt they all truly cared about my education and success in life. However, I was always doing homework. Being a newer school, there were only a few sports and clubs to be part of.
What I liked about Grand River Prep is how they prepared me for the college academic life. Giving me the tools I would need to succeed in college after I graduated. The environment feels like family and the teachers want to see everyone succeed. They push you to do better and never give up on you.
Grand River Preparatory really helps you get ready for college and helps you understand and find out what you really want to go into.
The reason I gave Grand River Preparatory 5 stars is because they fulfill the title "preparatory". In college I noticed a wide variety of students that didn't understand the material in class. My teachers noticed that when half of the class received a bad grade, I didn't. I think going to Grand River Preparatory made college sort of "easy" for me. I expected college to be way more difficult. Thanks to Grand River I ended my first semester with a 4.0 GPA.
I've been at Grand River for the entirety of my high school career, and the education that I've gotten has been awesome. I've met incredible teachers at my time here and amazing students along with them. Although, sometimes it feels like the school does not have much compared to others. For example, we don't have a football team and we don't have the same amount of money as other schools.
My experience at Grand River Prep has just started as I am just a freshman there. But overall the school is very positive everyone knows everyone and teachers really go the extra mile to help you if your feeling down there will always be someone to pick you up weather it’s a teacher or a fellow student.Academics wise being honest everyone just wants to make it but at the same time everyone strives to achieve their academic excellence.
Grand River Preparatory is a very diverse and cultured high school. Grand River is smaller than the other high schools around, meaning the students and teacher can create a bond during school and keep that bond after the students graduate. Also, it gives a chance for all the students to get to know all their classmates. The teachers spend time after school to help their students in tutoring and also help them outside of school with emails.
The teachers are all really great and the students aren't bad. However, I feel like I didn't get the best education I could have because of a lack of funding and resources in the arts and sciences programs. Also, we wear uniforms which I don't feel is constructive.
What I like about Grand river prep is the different courses that can be taken at the school. There’s a lot of diversity in the school and everybody is always welcomed. There’s a lot of communication with the teachers and staff and everyone is always positive. Something I would like to see change is the amount of sports offered because there’s only 4 sports offered and there would probably be more participants in sports if there was a variety amount of sports.
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I have had a very thorough and strengthening academic experience. Grand River goes above and beyond to make sure that you are prepared for life after high school. It is not an easy school, but if you put in the work, you will not be disappointed.
What I loved about GRP is the college readiness program and volunteer requirements needing to graduate.
What I would like to see shall I send my younger children there is dual enrollment for college classes.
I walked into my high school on the first day feeling like I was surrounded by family. Throughout my time here, I have been introduced to teachers who will do everything they possibly can to ensure that their students are cared for and classes that have been challenging yet incredibly rewarding. I have been offered so many AP classes that have helped me prepare for college education programs in addition to learning how to be responsible with my schoolwork. The sports available here have also enabled me to build strong relationships with my teammates as well as learn how to properly exhibit good sportsmanship. Coming to GRP has been the greatest decision I have ever made in my life.
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