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I am going into my freshman year at the Grand Prairie Fine arts academy this fall and so far I love it the atmosphere is great the teachers are awesome and they offer great academic skills as well as fine arts
The academics, extra-circulars, and fine arts courses and opportunities were advanced and life changing, and the community was diverse, however, the staff was disappointingly close-minded.
I love the curriculum, and the teachers are very good. However, the accelerated block schedule with all AP classes is challenging and should probably be changed, and some of the student/teacher relationships are a bit too close for comfort.
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Grand prairie fine arts academy is a very diverse, accepting school full of good, talented kids that have a bond through their strands and ties with other strands. It helps you break out of your shell.
GPFAA is an amazing school that allows those interested in the arts to be with other students that are like minded and can express their uniqueness without being judged. The school not only has amazing talent in the arts but also has rigorous academics to prepare students for college.
This school is absolutely incredible. They have a great way of balancing the arts and academics. Everyone at this school is loved and accepted and here to do one thing: grow and pursue their passion.
Very great school for students in grades 6-12 to practice their talent in performing or visual arts. Highly competitive academically.
I attended GPFAA for nearly four years and while many good things came from it, I felt that I was falling behind students at other schools in academics and have ultimately made the decision to leave. GPFAA sells itself on its "academics AND fine arts" spiel but the facilities, teaching style, and general atmosphere of the school don't provide what is needed to reach that. The forced academic rigor they require every student to partake in results in watered down AP and pre-AP courses, and there is little to no room to explore any academic interest beyond the prescribed class schedule. Their arts programs are above average, however. GPFAA is a school that has a generally kind student body and supportive teachers, but I would only recommend it to those who want to pursue a career in the fine arts and don't have much interest in academics.
Definitely a good school when it comes to academics and, well, fine arts- you won’t find sports or athletics here unfortunately, if that’s what you’re interested in. The environment is competitive and challenging, as all classes are either Pre-AP or AP. While it did prepare you for college and such, it was definitely stressful and overwhelming at times. The teachers are really compassionate and genuinely care, I had some of the greatest in my experience. You’re definitely given freedom to express yourself here, it’s very welcoming and open to everyone.
The Fine Arts Academy is very centered towards fine art, as can be assumed by its name, but it is also very academically challenging. All honors and AP courses, the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy challenges its students to push themselves academically and to value their smarts in addition to valuing and pursuing their career and passion of the arts. Visual Arts, Theatre Arts, Jazz Band, Mariachi, Vocal Music, Orchestra, and Dance are the “strands” of Fine Arts practiced at the academy.
I like Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy because it is a safe place to be myself. The academy allows me to pursue my passion without judgment. I have lots of friends who are interested in the same art I am and makes me feel at ease being at school.
The core classes at GPFAA are subpar, and many of the teachers have alternative certifications with minimal actual teaching experience. The school is disorganized, and the teachers are not subtle about playing favorites. The teachers are unprofessional and have been known to gossip with parents about various students. Additionally, the school is not helpful with administrative issues and communication is seriously lacking.
My experience with Grand Prairie Fine Arts is one dedication and commitment to my art. The teachers and students vary in personality, but all genuinely care about each other's well being and encourage each individuals pursuit in their fine art. The schedule, however, puts stress on both teachers and students, and because all classes are Pre-AP and AP, it has been known to result in many of students developing anxiety and/or depressive moods. The schedule will change, hopefully, but otherwise, it is an amazing school and definitely helps it's students excel in any chosen direction.
I started at the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy my 8th grade year, and am now in my senior year. The academics are rigorous, the teachers are knowledgeable and compassionate, and the fine arts training is unmatchable. I would, however, like to see more thought and honesty put forth towards the students and their college readiness. Although classes are scheduled and taught similar to that of a college course, when it comes to applying and getting accepted into college, many students struggle as it is almost impossible to be in the top 10%. Most classes are under 100 students, making the top 10% less than 10 students. Since colleges must look at rank, they fail to see the rigorous academics and competitiveness that the students work through (most earning well above a 3.5 GPA), merely because they are not in the top 10%. I wish that this problem were brought to my attention before I became a senior, so that I could be prepared for the unnecessary hardships of getting into college.
My school is probably one of the most accepting schools around. You can genuinely be who you want and pursue your dreams and not be judged for it. The academics are great and it's extremely competitive because all classes are Pre-AP and AP. The teachers and faculty genuinely care about you as a person and want nothing more than to see you thrive. The general atmosphere is just so positive and amazing, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.
The teachers, staff and administration are by far the most involved, always going above and beyond what their titles call for. Lots of freedom of expression as you would expect from a fine arts ACADEMY. The only that I would change would be the building itself and as it so happens the school district is looking into to ways to make that happen.
GPFAA is a great option for any student. The teachers and administration care about the students and try to make the environment very welcoming for everyone.
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Of course, no school is perfect. This school, however, is the closest resemblance of a safe haven that I've ever encountered. I recently graduated after spending 3 years at GPFAA, and my experience has been nothing short of wonderful. The competition, encouragement, and opportunities offered here are truly endless.
I love the teachers, rigorous academics, and closeness of students within the strands (mine of which was orchestra). The atmosphere is small, yet welcoming and exciting.
Some students taking multiple AP classed found it difficult to adjust to the new accelerated block schedule. I am sure that as time passes, students will become better acclimated and seasoned to it. I highly recommend that anyone interested in furthering their artistic and educational abilities audition for this school. It's become a second home to me, and I'd love to see others experience that!
Come here if you want to pursue the fine arts for a living. If not, I recommend going elsewhere because the academics are decent but not outstanding. Come here if you want to blend in for the most part because everyone is the best at what they do.
What I like most about Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy is how there is always a close bond within each strand and an overall good relationship with teachers. I honestly have to say that this school is very competitive, which is a good thing knowing that it has been open for four years and in those four years each strand has won many awards. For instance the Vocal Music strand was able to take 10 All- Staters to TMEA in San Antonio. 10 was the highest in the district. Over all this school is amazing but like all other schools there is always flaws.
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