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I had 1 amazing teacher, a few good teachers and the rest either didn’t care or were super mean . We also had a problem with teacher racism & picking favorites. Some teachers only liked athletes or just boys or boy athletes. The dress code was based on body type and not clothes.
My experience at Grand Junction High School, was interesting to say the least. My class was struck with many tragedies and bonded over mutual grief. The administration did their best to help the students. However, the culture of the school, and perhaps the entire community, Is not a loving, safe place. I hope the school is making an effort to change that.
I had the typical high school experience. Played sports and took my academics very seriously. Most the of the teachers I had were superb at their jobs, while some were alright. The school is old and noticeably in bad condition. Most of the textbooks are really old. I would like to see it receive more funding in order to update the school to a modern era.
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I liked how connected all the students were, there weren't really any outcasts nor bullying. It was a very diverse school considering personalities and backgrounds. The foreign language departments were great and the art teachers were amazing. Music teachers were very good and the performing arts department was adequate. The food was crap but students were allowed off campus since the school was surrounded by various food choices within walking and driving distance. The sports were awesome and decently competitive, especially with surrounding schools.
Looking back at my high school experience, it was overall the best four years of my life. I was given the opportunity to travel out of the county twice, be the vice president of NHS, and the historian of the Drama Department for two years.
In all honesty it’s an average high school. There’s good and bad but nothing that makes it a shining example except for one thing. The teachers. All the teachers I had went above and beyond to make sure I was being pushed to my potential and being challenged. There wasn’t a day where I didnt think a teacher cared about me.
I loved this school. I mean it is like your average run of the mill public Highschool. I put in four years here and I can’t any help but feel sentimental. I’ve been in tons fondles clubs and now that I’m on my way to put its hard to let them go even if they already let me go.
There are a lot of amazing teachers who make the school community welcoming and encourage the students to be their best.
Like any school Grand Junction high schools has it's pros and cons. Overall I enjoyed coming to school and being apart of my team. The teachers cared about me and our principle wants to make a difference.
I have been at Grand Junction High School all 4 years of my high school experience. Throughout these years I have had my ups and my downs just like any other teenager. What made my downs worse though was the lack of quality teachers and caring providers there were at GJHS. Rarely did I feel like any administration cared enough to check in on me. Also the school itself is very run down, causing mice in the school, mold infestations, pipe leaks, clogs, and many other problems. Not to mention almost all of our sports teams are awful, maybe due to the lack of commitment from the athletic director and coaches. At GJHS you truly see the importance of money because that it all the adults there want. Overall my experience could've been a lot worse, but it also could've been a lot better, and I am hoping college is able to fulfill my hopes of public education.
The teachers are great. We get to chose what classes we take. Administration is helpful and kind. Even with the losses in the school and community, the school still comes together as one. The counselors are not always the most helpful and it can take several weeks to get in to talk to them. The school district pays and provides for high achieving students to take college classes.
I have been enrolled in Grand Junction High School for 4 years now and I can say that teachers and staff genuinely care about their students. Teachers are especially dedicated when it comes to helping students succeed. There is also great, challenging classes available for students who want to earn college credits. Some of these classes are courses from Colorado Mesa University taught by Grand Junction High School teachers. However, we get the opportunity to take them for free. As for sports, clubs, music/theater ect. there is something for everyone. There is a great selection of exrtacurricular activities. If I could change something about Grand Junction High School it would to have more emotional support for those who are suffering mental illnesses.
Overall, I am quite pleased with Grand junction High School. I have two students there currently, one a senior and one a Freshman. I am pleased with our current counselors, administration, and most teachers.
Grand Junction is very diverse. The diversity doesn’t cause a problem, yet drugs and alcohol is a large issue. Not necessarily just at parties, kids bring things to school and take them for themselves or share with others. There are many very good teachers at the school, some quilified to teach college courses.
Grand Junction High lacked resources for college preparation and the mental health of the student body was poor. New administration has made changes that isolate the freshmen from the rest of the students and teachers are uneducated to help the students who are struggling to succeed. Student council has been effective in raising school spirit after a year of tragedy but the school still lacks mental health resources.
Grand Junction High School was built in 1956 and has had many additions since the first building. GJHS is like many high schools with its numerous clubs and sports. The high school is known for having national champion debate teams and one of the largest high school marching bands in the State of Colorado.
The building is outdated and there is not enough support for the sports programs. However, I have made great friends and learned a lot.
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While I was there, I had a good time in my classes. I especially enjoyed eating outside in the grass-the school had a lot of open spaces which was nice. Although the administration was not up to par, the teachers made the school the amazing place it is. There were these terrifyingly creepy tunnels from the Cold War era that run from various places under the school to the mortuary next door. Pleasant, right? Also, in the spot light booth above the auditorium, there's a series of eerie rooms you have to walk through in order to get there. One of the times I went through there I found a dead bird mauled in corner (and there was no way it could have flown through a series of six closed doors into an an upstairs room with no windows) which confirmed my beliefs that the school is haunted. So overall, my experience with the school is pretty average.
Grand Junction High School Tigers was our school of choice, legacy and history of excellence. Unfortunately, we experienced a lot of administration turmoil and teacher turnover that effected our student negatively during her 4 years.
Highschool is hard not homework and you shall pass. It is a safe environment.and i doubt ill get 1000 dollars off this survey
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